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  1. Not sure if either is worth it but if you have space you could pick up both and see what happens
  2. Off used - SF Def used - Jax Week 2 Off - Green Bay Def - Denver
  3. Really nice content. Very thorough. I don't agree with all the comments but they have merit. Very nice resource
  4. I am not heavily invested in Sermon. I have him in one league. I am basing my thoughts on the training camp news, draft write ups, eye test, etc. I am a Sermon believer as I like what I have seen and I do think he is a better RB than Mitchell based on college performance and news out there. As far as fragile Mostert and not believing that narrative because the coaches know Mostert's history and should have kept Sermon active if the was that far ahead of Mitchell..........well, they may not think he is that far ahead of Mitchell and they were fine with the risk knowing they were playing Detroit and thought their team was better suited with Sermon inactive. That is not a glowing report for Sermon for sure but I don't think it's the end of the world either.
  5. Mostert got hurt early. At the point Mostert got hurt SF had not needed any kick returners. Why risk your in game #2RB at that point after your starter was injured and out for the game.
  6. He is actually fairly reliable right now. You know he is not playing and can plan accordingly. This actually makes things easier. If he is still out through 6 weeks then I will start worrying. Right now he is on the short end of a return date from ACL surgery so I am willing to let it play out.
  7. Vigil would be #1 for me as a LB (think Wilson last year) unless you are in a big play scoring league and then I would go with Hollins. I would probably list them Franklin-Myers, HIll, and then Tuioti. Although the Vikes interior O-line is usually an issue and CIncy dominated them with Ogunjobi and Hill. It was a good matchup so it might be his best game of the year.
  8. More goes into deactivation than just the ability to run the football. Mostert was healthy and Hasty/Mitchell play special teams. Part of "beating out" Sermon could be that they play special teams and have a role that Sermon does not. I have seen situations before where the true back up RB is not active game day because he is redundant to the starter and doesn't do other things (special teams) so they aren't active on game days. I could be wrong but I believe that to be the case here.
  9. If it's a one person keeper it is basically irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. It wouldn't warrant keeping that many QB's or TE's. Anyway looks like you already dropped Gallup (who is a FA and may be elsewhere next year if you are concerned about an upside keeper). I would try and get him back if you can.
  10. I would drop Murray or Williams (take your pick) for Thomas
  11. I would pick up Reagor to see if he can do it two weeks in a row
  12. My thoughts are that Sermon was inactive because he doesn't play special teams and with Mostert there in line for the bulk of the carries Sermon was needed. They would rather have Mitchell and Hasty active for their special teams contributions. Now that Mostert is gone for the season Sermon will step into that role and Mitchell and Hasty will continue with their roles from week 1. Mitchell will get carries as he performed well given the chance (against a poor Detroit defense). However, I still believe this will be Sermon's backfield (70/30 split).
  13. I bid $53 and came in second to a bid of $70 For what it's worth I think Sermon was inactive because he didn't play special teams where Mitchell and Hasty do. Now that Mostert is gone for the year I think Sermon takes the lead role and Hasty & Mitchell remain where they were going into week 1. Mitchell probably played himself into more touches with his performance (even if it was against a terrible Detroit defense) but in the end I see Sermon with the majority of touches moving forward.
  14. Flip a coin. They are basically identical at this point and you really don't need them anyway with Brady.
  15. You don't need three TE's or three QB's. I would drop Henry or Cook. With Hockenson you just need a single week bye week fill in. Keep Gallup....once healthy he will put up some big games and if Cooper/Lamb get injured even better for him. That passing offense is elite.
  16. Are you just looking to add upside or do you need a plug and play starter? If you need a starter then drop Pittman for Beasley. If you need upside and aren't counting on them to start then I would drop PIttman for Shenault or Moore.
  17. So you are trying to obtain another RB "in case you trade away Carson"? I don't think I quite understand the logic here. Davis is going to have a huge year so I wouldn't be looking to trade him away......especially if it's a just in case you trade away someone else.
  18. I would drop Conner for Mitchell. I think Jones has a higher ceiling (if things break right).
  19. Accept as soon as you can. That's cheap for CMC
  20. I would drop Shenault easily to get Davis.
  21. Another terrible "IDP Sleepers" article on FBG. The guy that writes it doesn't seem to understand what "sleeper" means. IDP is the area where you can actually get sleepers because there isn't a lot of info and box scores don't tell the whole story. I don't know why it bothers me so much but the IDP Sleeper article is a regurgitation of who had a good week the previous week. So the week 2 content titled "IDP Sleepers" lists guys that did well in week 1. Shouldn't it list players that are sleepers to do well in week #2? It doesn't do a lot of good to show who put up good stats in Week 1. Those are obvious plays. The Dynasty Sleeper IDP article is a bit better but the other one is basically useless as a sleeper article.
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