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  1. Gally's post in Justin Jefferson Trade was marked as the answer   
    I am not a fan of Aiyuk so I think this is an easy accept to get Jefferson........however that may be tainted as I am a Vikes fan.  
  2. Gally's post in Carson or Montgomery was marked as the answer   
    I think Carson is the better player but higher injury risk.  I would go Carson but if you are risk averse then Montgomery would be the choice.
  3. Gally's post in Mahomes for Lawrence 2 1sts? was marked as the answer   
    So you are in a rebuild and have Lawrence, a top 5 2022 pick and a mid 2022 first?  That is the epitome of a rebuild start.  There is no reason to move on from that at this point.  
  4. Gally's post in McCaffrey Trade Offer was marked as the answer   
    I would go back to the original offer and remove the 1.08.  I would make that move to get CMC
  5. Gally's post in Variable Keeper question was marked as the answer   
    This is a very easy decision in a non-ppr.  Hunt's value for this year only is dependent upon Chubb getting injured in a non-PPR format.  Metcalf should take a step forward and I expect a big year out of him. 
  6. Gally's post in Is Zeke a sell? was marked as the answer   
    In an 8-team league having elite guys isn't as important as in a 14 or 16 team league because every team has a few.   Losing Zeke takes away your only known RB.  Having Taylor and CEH is nice with quality upside but they have done nothing and you never know if they will pan out.  They should but there is a decent chance they flame out. 
    You actually could use some help at QB as Jones is still a bit of a question mark until he proves he can take care of the ball.  I think he will but there is some risk there.  I would also want to get a chance at a Zeke replacement (stud can't miss prospect) to give him up and getting first round picks at the back end of the draft doesn't do that. 
    These offers are ok but none that jump out as gotta take offers.  If the middle offer was two firsts and a second instead of two seconds and a first I would give it a little more thought.
    I like the last offer but you take a big hit this year as Dobbins is at least a year away from having a chance to fulfill his potential.  I guess I would pass on all these offers as they just aren't enough.  If you do this you are punting on this year.  I don't see a need to do that.
  7. Gally's post in Dynasty Rookie Draft Options - Pick 1.4 was marked as the answer   
    Who do you have ranked as your 4th best rookie?  Don't force a RB if you don't have them ranked at the top of your draft board.  Take the best player on your board.  The point is getting starters and taking a lesser talent makes it more difficult to do that.  I think this is one of the biggest mistakes people make going into a rookie draft.  If you don't like the players there at 1.04 then try and trade that pick down to get more resources but don't force a pick just because you need a RB.  If you keep the pick take the guy that is highest on your combined draft board. 
  8. Gally's post in Trade review was marked as the answer   
    Where are Lindsay and Antonio in this deal?
    Tough to give a proper evaluation when I don't know the rosters, starting requirements, league type/scoring (PPR?), etc.
    In a vacuum I would probably rather keep the OBJ side because I am worried about CMC since Newton looks to be on the shelf for awhile.  Without Cam drawing attention defenses will load up on CMC and he is likely to be hampered by that. 
  9. Gally's post in Need help! Picking 1.1 in a 14 team, non-PPR, 2 keeper league. was marked as the answer   
    I take Cook out of those guys.  I am tempted by Tyreek but I think WR's are easier to find than RB's later on. 
  10. Gally's post in Waiver Bid was marked as the answer   
    Yes he is.  Sanu is just a guy.  Moncrief has always flirted with being worthwhile but really hasn't yet and Davis still has Mariota throwing to him.  Gordon is an improvement over all three IMO. 
  11. Gally's post in Second round pick was marked as the answer   
    Answered in your other thread:  PIck the guy you have highest on the board regardless of position.  For me that would be Hill and I don't worry about the stack.  Although Cook is a close second. 
  12. Gally's post in Second Round Pick was marked as the answer   
    I pair him with the guy I have highest on my board.  That is Hill.  I don't worry about the stack at all.  That only comes into play if you honestly have zero difference between the two players but even then I don't mind that stack.  It's a fairly easy choice for me to take Hill. 
  13. Gally's post in Too Much for Dalvin Cook? Dynasty Trade was marked as the answer   
    With the requirement to start 3 RB's I don't think this is an overpay.  I would prefer to swap out Ebron or Burton for Henry but I wouldn't let that be a deal breaker.  I send out a feeler trying to see if he would go for the TE switch but accept either way. 
  14. Gally's post in Keepers was marked as the answer   
    My answer from the other thread you posted:
     I would keep Lindsay and Kupp.  Edelmen doesn't seem like much value in the 4th to me.  I like the upside of the other two guys much more. 
  15. Gally's post in Dynasty final keeper was marked as the answer   
    I think Robert Foster is the easy choice.  Hamilton would be next in line. 
  16. Gally's post in Rodgers vs. Rivers was marked as the answer   
    Jeesh, what a choice to make.  I don't think you can go wrong either way but I would go with Rodgers unless the weather is prohibitive. 
  17. Gally's post in Chubb vs. Ware vs. Ekeler was marked as the answer   
    Chubb is the easy choice.  He is the best RB of the three and will likely get the highest floor based on touches. 
  18. Gally's post in Trade off for Bell was marked as the answer   
    I have no issue making the move.  Bell is a huge worry to me as I don't see him in Pittsburgh next year and his value will take a huge hit if he ends up in a bad spot. 
  19. Gally's post in Calvin Ridley and OJ Howard for Brandin Cooks and JuJu Smith-Schuster was marked as the answer   
    That is an easy accept. 
  20. Gally's post in Trade question was marked as the answer   
    Since you already have Kelce I wouldn't make this deal.  Fournette is frustrating but if they do the right thing and hold him out for a few weeks he could come back and give you a boost in the playoffs.  Unless there is a TE premium scoring that makes Gronk that much better than your current flex play I wouldn't give up Fournette for Gronk.
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