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  1. Yes, It saves you a fair amount of money. Besides Football Guys I really like the subscriptions to Rotoviz and Rosterwatch. Rotoviz for their waivers of the future section and Rosterwatch for the draft day cheat sheets, their weekly waiver wire cheat sheet and their DFS tool.
  2. I was just about to say the same thing, you don't use RB's as decoys. I'm hopeful he gets the goal line work no matter what happens in the rest of the field.
  3. Not odd at all, he has a high risk of being a carrier of the virus. The fact that Dexter Williams was put back on the practice squad Monday indicates to me that Aaron Jones is probably good to go.
  4. I'd prefer that they sit him and not worry about starting him and having him either go out early or sitting in the second half if they have a big lead.
  5. Royce Freeman sneaky add, especially if RB's are slim pickings in your league.
  6. Time to turn back the clock to 2019. The Lindsay and Freeman show. Freeman could be a sneaky add if Lindsay is rostered already.
  7. 1 pt ppr Flex-Pick 2 Jonathon Taylor David Montgomery Jamison Crowder
  8. He'll go in the first for sure. I'd even say in the top 7 in some leagues.
  9. Normally I would say you have to go with Watson who almost is matchup proof but against NE I would take a flyer on Winston....
  10. Carson has the better floor, Brown the higher ceiling. Depends on what you want/need.
  11. The weather is going to be bad in both games so I would go with Lamar for his running ability.
  12. Yes, do it. It was pretty even even without the pick but the 1st round pick puts it over the top.
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