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  1. Is there a reason of some kind for the Bears? Say the Cowboys didn't want Manziel. How many teams would want him? Fox and Manziel doesn't sound like a good match. eta: If Chip Kelley lands with S.F. I could see Billy Vegas there otherwise it's the Cowboys.
  2. This is in jest, but has anyone stopped to think that he may intentionally be screwing up in order to get himself a one way ticket out of Cleveland? After all the BBQ in Dallas has to be just slightly better than in Cleveland. He reminds me a little of Todd Marinovich, he has his demons and he probably won't ever be able to shake them. How many players with boatloads of potential ever amounted to anything after a start like he has had in the NFL?
  3. I think Johnny Football will be a Dallas Cowboy next year. Cleveland is fed up with him and Jerry Jones has no problems taking in problem children.
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