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  1. I haven't read the whole thread but have you slept with his wife yet?
  2. #### man what's your twitter name?
  3. She's also fairly active on the twitter.
  4. Btw every once in a while Christo swoops in the replies to one of my tweets and it still gives me flashbacks. Good times. And I'm not being sarcastic.
  5. Thanks, friends! That reminds me I really should be posting more photography. I really appreciate the kind words.
  6. Everything we predicted years ago in this thread has come to pass.
  7. My condolences, Chet. Seeing nothing but glowing praise of Paul Bauer today in the news from his family, friends, and fellow police. This is an unfortunate loss for the city.
  8. Edith runs into the room: "Daddy! Sam [our 6-month-old] said his first word!" Me: "Really?! What did he say?" Edith: "'New backpack.'" (Edith wants a new backpack.)
  9. When I finally saw one of the guys who stored his car on my block (his was a suped-up Honda Civic), I played the helpful neighbor and told him I saw some guys pull up and check out his wheels a few nights earlier but I asked them if it was their car and they took off. He never parked there again.
  10. I live near a train station, so like many areas of Chicago, nearby streets are permit-only. But MY street is not permit only. I don't mind commuters parking in front of my house—they're usually gone early evening and I have a garage so I don't park on the street very often anyway. But some of the people who live on neighboring permit streets "store" their cars on my block so they don't have to get permits. My neighbors and I are constantly making reports for abandoned vehicles (you must move your car after 7 days or it will be declared "abandoned" and marked for towing). Probably a #### move on our part, but it's annoying when your nice side street is treated like a long-storage parking lot by cheap neighbors. I'm a total hypocrite on this, because when I was younger I'd store my car on a rare non-permit/non-metered street in Lincoln Park. Actually got #####ed out by a guy who lived there who was sick of my car being in front of his house. But now I'M the old man.
  11. The root of this is the attempt to implicate Seth Rich in the theft of DNC emails.
  12. Trump playing himself by helping promote this vile, deplorable lie would be the only good thing to come out of it. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.
  13. Trump being personally involved in an effort to frame a dead guy for a crime he knew Russian operatives committed will definitely get Mueller's attention.
  14. I lurk every once in a while, but after the election nonsense and the continued existence of the repugnant Seth Rich thread, I had to take a break!
  15. How is a thread like this not locked weeks ago? Have some ####### decency.
  16. I think they should demand the lawful, legitimate Garland nomination is considered and not budge until it is.
  17. Crap. Our plan to fund massive voter fraud operations in California and New York appears to have been flawed.
  18. Donald is having his White House photos edited to make his hands look bigger.
  19. Well yes, I tend to know more about a person's actual actions than the actions of every person they have associated with in the past. I can only do so much.
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