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  1. whats the deal, Joe? Roster, rules, payment? Might have 2 teams
  2. https://steelersnow.com/penn-state-te-pat-freiermuth-would-love-to-play-for-steelers-colbert-roberts-tomlin-at-pro-day/
  3. The ravens should have to give the Steelers their checks.
  4. Finally got it done today for a 30 yr 2.875% re-finance. Didn't end up using Chads guy but it was good to know what else was available. Got a better rate with current lender but probably paid a little more to close. Just glad it's over and thanks again, Chad.
  5. Hey all, My family is acting as an elf for a less fortunate family (2 kids, 2 adults) this year. They all need winter coats (one 6T-7T, one 9-12 mos, one large adult female and 1 extra large adult male) and winter hats. Some of the other items needed are warm nightgowns for the 5 year old girl, warm pjs for the 5 month old, long sleeve onesies, sweatshirts for the dad and the 5 months old and size 11 sneakers for the 5 year old. I have already begun the search for many of the items that they requested, trying to save money to maximize the number of items we can get them. I figure I'd place this here and if any of you happen to be coming across sales on any of these items, it would be greatly appreciated if you could direct me to the link. Thank you.
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