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  1. The ravens should have to give the Steelers their checks.
  2. Finally got it done today for a 30 yr 2.875% re-finance. Didn't end up using Chads guy but it was good to know what else was available. Got a better rate with current lender but probably paid a little more to close. Just glad it's over and thanks again, Chad.
  3. Hey all, My family is acting as an elf for a less fortunate family (2 kids, 2 adults) this year. They all need winter coats (one 6T-7T, one 9-12 mos, one large adult female and 1 extra large adult male) and winter hats. Some of the other items needed are warm nightgowns for the 5 year old girl, warm pjs for the 5 month old, long sleeve onesies, sweatshirts for the dad and the 5 months old and size 11 sneakers for the 5 year old. I have already begun the search for many of the items that they requested, trying to save money to maximize the number of items we can get them. I figure
  4. Yeah, I have a feeling that his agent may be giving him some bad advice, too. I get it. He wants to get paid but he simply does not have any leverage in his current situation. Now if he starts playing like a man possessed, it's a win-win for him and the team.
  5. I just picked him up in one league where I had been trying to trade for him all season. He's my 7th receiver and I can't help but think that he'll eventually become a bigger part of the offense. He needs to get his head on right and start doing the little things it takes to become successful.
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