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  1. Excellent work on the reconstruction! Nice young talent acquisition! The only problem is I was my initial roster consisted of P Rivers, Cam, Carr, Lindsay, AJ Brown, Pittman, Marvin Jones & Cook plus the 1.01 pick. I have had to wheel & deal to even have a starting roster that scored points. With CMC going IR, yeah, it makes my deal look worse. While the "tables & tools" say it was a fair deal, I am now looking at it in hindsight with a bit of remorse. There was a reason his team was 0-5 (or soon to be 0-6).
  2. He's my RB1 with CMC & CEH out. No choices other than scrubs///
  3. Appreciate the feedback. I was torn on making the CMC deal at the cost of future value. The problem is I am #3 in Total Points scored this year. I now have a chance to compete and I think the risk was worth it, but yeah, it was expensive. I agree it was a "change in rebuild to compete" and I guess I lost sight of that. But this team started with so little in assets. My plan was to build a solid WR group - Ridley, DJ Moore, Pittman, Hollywood, Van Jefferson, Reagor, Josh Gordon were my WR. We can start 5 WR with 0.5 ppr so that was key to winning IMO. Yes, DJ Moore is a solid building block, and the Pass Def they have faced so far (3 bottom 10 - Dallas #30) is not what they will see coming up (5 of 6 Top 10). Age of CMC (25) was a key part of the equation in my "youth movement". I don't think DJ continues this high level of performance & his targets will be reduced by those going to CMC. And Hollywood is a by-product of Balt having no quality RB group due to injuries. I don't see his performance continuing to exceed the WR2 level of contribution next year. But another key contributor to making the deal is the lack of overall talent in 2022 draft class. I still have 6 picks in Top 30 in 2022 that I intend to move for 2023 draft picks. I see 2023 as the more valuable higher ceiling talent class. Every Rebuild is different. I started this will no design in March, but it developed into a WR talent acquisition. I still have quality WR group - Ridley, Sutton, Pittman, Van Jefferson, Reagor, Josh Gordon. But now I have RB1 (CMC) & RB2 (CEH). I plan to target QB1 & TE1 with my futures. I was not expecting to be "title competitive until 2024-2025" with this team. Getting CMC was not expected or planned. It just fell into my lap. They started 0-5 (likely 0-6 coming) and wanted to Rebuild.
  4. Week 6 (Current cumulative +60) Offense = LA Chargers (Used ARZ, Buff, Tenn, WFT, & GB) Defense = LA Rams (Used Dallas, JAX, Buff, Atl & WFT)
  5. We can only hope! He had 27 Targets in last 4 games while Maxx had 17 in 5 games. QB upgrade, OL upgrade, complimentary receiving weapons upgrade.... but Distribution will be key.
  6. OK... My orphaned Rebuild took a bit of a twist ... 12 Team 1QB/1-3 RB/2-5WR/1-2TE (restricted Flex) 0.5 ppr / 1.0 PPR TE When I took this team over (March 2021) it had FEW assets of merit: 1.01 & 2.01 draft picks & AJ Brown (Tenn WR) I have made 18 trades since then, partly selling the future and building for a goal of competitive in 2024 I TRADED AWAY: WR DJ Moore, WR Marq Brown, 2022 1st (early/top 5) and 2022 1st (late/def champ) I RECEIVED BACK: RB Christian McCaffery, WR Courtland Sutton, 2022 2nd (early/top 5) We went back & forth of several iterations of deals. I can live with this... While I do not have any 1st round picks in 2022 remaining, I have 4x2nd & 2x3rds I plan to move for 2023 assets. My Roster today: QB: C Wentz, M Ryan, D Watson, D Mills RB: CMC, CEH, DarrelW, Perine, Rountree, Gio WR: Ridley, Pittman, Sutton, Van Jefferson, Agholor, Reagor, Josh Gordon TE: Ertz, Parham, Kroft Did I sacrifice too much? We can start 5 WR at 0.5 PPR and I was building my WR well. But RB was weak. @Hot Sauce Guy --> Appreciate your input as we both had Major Rebuilds underway!
  7. WOW! I think that is robbery getting Lamb for that! Even with the 2nd included, you should be ashamed of yourself! Why can't I get offers like that!
  8. Thanks ... Completely unexpected! I never saw the Turk coming!
  9. WOW! I went to bed Monday night thinking I was safe... I had 172+ (with Pittman -16.6) with an expected Cut of 156 range... Come to find out I missed it by 0.05 !! MNF score really bumped the Cut! And I was OBLIVIOUS.... ASSumed I was safe! My score = 178.15 Cut = 178.20 GL to all remaining ... but I'm out! FYI - never used Fitzmagic, Gus & Sony... Wasted $$
  10. Selling Chubb short IMO. I like Aiyuk, but getting a late 1st is little compensation compared to Chubb's value.
  11. Looks like Ben did well! I stand corrected... (TOTAL GUESS) Floating around 155 with Pittman & Hardman yet to go (-10 for each)
  12. Some recent Trade Rumor being "day to day"
  13. As much I like this possibility, what are the realistic probabilities of him playing this year or next? I just picked him up as a "throw in" on a deal. How little info has been shared recently, was he trying to "settle out of court" and face a smaller league penalty?
  14. Yes, this is a rebuild dynasty team & while he has “legal & disciplinary“ issues pending, I am planning to field a competitive team in 2023 and he is only 26 yo. My view is “ a potential Top 5 QB” going forward was worth the move.
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