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  1. You are not alone on this thought process. Even if they had drafted/sighed a new WR2 of substance, would his value drop? This can go with Houston WR also now that the Watson situation has grown. But nobody would even put Coks or Coutee in Adams realm. Adams today came out and said Rodger's future "could potentially impact him". Obviously, his value is directly tied to a high passing offense with a quality QB who has a great relationship & trust built over years of work together.
  2. Agree but the caliber of QB play in Tenn is a far cry from GB (recently at least).
  3. Depends on your needs and league structure.... I recently move AJB but I was in "full rebuild" and my only 2 assets were AJB & 1.01 pick. Team I took over was a train wreck! In my 12 team 0.5 PPR, Not SF but 1.0 PPR TE, I moved both assets for Chubb, D Harris, M Sanders, TJ Hock and 2.05 I was happy for my ROI, but there is still work to do. My Thinking: AJB lost competent TE Jonnu Smith and decent WR2 Corey Davis. OC is Run first, but how much can Josh Reynolds do to make them not put 2 on AJB? Dez Fitz is a ways off until we know what he can do...
  4. I like Nico but a 1st for Darnold in SF is solid move. It’s the little deals that build you roster and add depth to make you competitive when injuries hit!!
  5. My turn to make a trade in this league... 12 Team 0.5 PPR 1-3 RB, 2-5 WR, 1.0 PPR 1-2 TE I gave up QB Ryan Fitzmagic, WR Mercole Hardman, 3.03 and 2022 1st (mid-late) & 2022 3rd (mid) I received QB Carson Wentz, WR Will Fuller, WR Van Jefferson & 2022 2nd (early)
  6. He had sold all his 2021 picks & most of 2022 picks for his playoff run. He also has J Taylor but is trying to start over.
  7. The owner who sold Henry & Hill now has acquired the 1.01, 1.03, 1.05, 1,10, 2.04, 2.05 picks. —> 1.01 for M Sanders & TJ Hock —> 1.03 for DK Metcalf & 2022 2nd He has decided youth & rebuild commitment.
  8. Ok ... it must be contagious in my league... another trade today 12 Team 1 QB 0.5 PPR / 1.0 PPR TE Team A gave up RB T Henry & WR T Hill Team B gave up WR Chark, 1.05, 1.10 & 3.05 Team A has gone full rebuild
  9. A couple more trades went down this week in my league .... 0.5 PPR / TE 1.0 PPR 1 QB / 1-3 RB / 2-5 WR / 1-2 TE Not involved in these ..... Team A gave up DK Metcalf & 2022 2nd (late?) Team B gave up 1.03 Team C gave up Mike Evans & 2022 1st (mid?) Team D gave up Zeke Team D gave up Jalen Reagor & 2022 1st (no idea) Team E gave up Antonio Gibson
  10. But the Lions defense will allow more than the Rams defense thus be playing from behind more often...Garbage time plays favor 3rd Down RB ....
  11. I always appreciate different perspectives .... I am expecting the value of the 1.01 to depreciate this year. I just don't see Najee Harris as a "clear cut #1 Dynasty Pick". I was leaning toward taking Pitts at 1.01 over Harris or Chase. My league is start 1-3 RB and I just picked up Chubb & D Harris. TE & QB are my major deficiency. So if I was taking Pitts, getting Sanders & TJ for Pitts was how I viewed it.
  12. I agree he will likely be the majority of 1.01 selections, but that does not make him or the situation any better. I think his "volume" will result is the only value. I was already leaning Pitts over Najee (while I had the 1.01 / traded).
  13. Care to elaborate why? I would appreciate the insight. I just do not have faith in Pitt OL and was not comfortable with Najee at 1.01 I was thinking TE Pitts was a possible move but I figured TJ was a quality TE and Sanders filled the gap IMO.
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