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  1. Surprising few (1) listing of Wentz in Bottom 5 and no mention of Tua until compared to Hurts in last post. Top 5 has the same names listed a few times, but if you put it on 2nd half of season, you need to add Baker Mayfield as a consideration (purely from a stats). Not sure how many of the "bottom 5" can elevate their game like Buff Allen did in 2020.
  2. True. I do like Mims. And I agree Tee/Mims side was better deal (consolidated assets effort) but I can see the value in the move. some have faith in JJAW still, so Harry might produce with a more acclimated Passing QB after his early learning curve indoctrination to the NFL.
  3. Best player in deal is Tee Higgins but a good margin. But 3-4 players with good potential (high ceiling) is a nice haul. If you have faith in their "growth", I can understand this deal. I was big on Shenault, Reagor & Harry start of last year so I think it was a good deal.
  4. Maybe my experiences were an aberration, but he went between 1.08 - 2.04 in my 4 leagues. (again small sample size). But I don't see his value going down now that A Jones is a FA (UFA?). ETA: I don't own him anywhere! Wanted him in 2.08 range.... missed out.
  5. Most owners paid a mid-1st and are expecting to get that in return. With A Jones potential FA, AJ Dillon could fetch a lot more than a high 2nd. I doubt you can get him for anything less than top 4 pick. But how the A Jones situ works out will determine if it pays off ...
  6. The North Durham area has really developed nicely. The commute avoiding I40 would be a nice rural drive. I would avoid I40 and spend the extra few min at traffic lights.
  7. I admit I have not been downtown Greensboro recently, but only on the Wendover/I40 region where traffic and congestion are terrible. My exposure to downtown is all related to Moses Cone hospital visits on North side of town. Wendover is a nightmare near I40 for traffic and panhandlers. Jamestown is a nice area & I agree there are some nice food places!
  8. I could flip #1 between Houston & Jets - Coaches & Front Office all confusing how they keep employed (Owners involvement only adds to confusion) #3 would go to Philly IMO ... They needed to rebuild last year and now it's too late and the market has shifted. Poor management skills. #4 is Chicago (trade history being a big part of the issue)
  9. Agreed. Visit in-laws in Greensboro / Jamestown & the area needs renovation.... too congested and poor development efforts.
  10. Been in Cary/Apex area since 1994. Love the area compared to my relo from Philly/DE area. Moved to NC in 1991. Cost is much lower compared to Boston area, but relatively the same to Delaware. If you will be working in Chapel Hill area, there is a growing area near Pittsboro where things are developing (if you plan to buy, this is where I suggest). I really like Holly Springs & Apex area too. There are plenty of medical providers all over the area. The commute up the 540 Toll Road is easy, but the congestion on 40 can be rough. Wegman's Cary is 2 miles up the
  11. I can certainly believe it... there was no substance in the notice. And rumors out of Chi-town are "no on Cohen going" in a deal. Not sure what will happen, but any bidding war only helps the Eagles, but with all the respectable QB's available (Wentz, Carr, Cam, Darnold, Winston), I just don't see any real separation. Unless somebody says "they can fix Wentz" (like Indy & Frank Reich), I just don't see a large haul in a deal. The contract is another albatross like Goff's and Det won that shuffle big. But their disfunction won't know how to capitalize.
  12. Yeah, the makeshift OL did him no favors as a pocket passer. His strength would be in Indy or Minn with their OL stability. Indy has been looking at QB options.
  13. With >6000 entries, I am glad no free week. But I never made it back to update my roster and it has all Packers & Cheifs! So I am gone too!
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