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  1. I understand your perspective. This was a complete rebuild with only real 2 assets: 1.01 pick and AJ Brown (April 2021). My target to be competitive is 2024. Age was not my friend. I was happy getting CEH, Reagor and the 1st. I don't trust Rodgers landing spot in 2022. Marvin was a waiver wire FA; Gronk was a "throw in" from an earlier deal. Broken Down: I see it as Chubb for CEH & a 3rd then Rodgers for Tua, Reagor & 1st and Ertz = Gronk This article was influential in my move
  2. Continue my "REBUILD" efforts 12 Team 1 QB PPR (age rounded up) I GAVE: GB QB Aaron Rodgers (38 yo); Clev RB Nick Chubb (26 yo); JAX WR Marvin Jones (32 yo); TB TE Rob Gronk (32 yo) I GOT: MIA QB Tua Tagovailoa (24 yo); KC RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire (22 yo); Phil WR Jalen Reagor (23 yo); Phil TE Zach Ertz (31 yo); Year 2022 1st (mid?) & 3rd Going into 2022, Tua & Wentz (29 yo), CEH & Roundtree (24), DJ Moore (24), Pittman (24), Hollywood Brown (24), Van Jefferson (24), TJ Hock (24) plus 7 picks in top 30.... might move some of these for 2023 picks later.....
  3. Ever since Apple announced their new East Coast HQ location (Cary, NC - about 4 miles from my house), our housing market has exploded. We have seen a steep jump in home sales going for 20-30% above listed price, and some are selling sight unseen by out of town buyers and investors. Neighbors house went up last Friday listed $362,500 (bought it for $245K & they lived there 3 years). It sold for $402K within 4 days. Now if I sell to get the equity, I would not be able to afford anything in this area! I love the area and don't want to move but this is the harsh reality.
  4. Fair for both sides, but I favor Pittman long term. JAX has a long way to go to build that offense, yeah, they are on the right path --> Trevor, ETN, Chark & Shenault. The OL & Def need help before they take the next step.
  5. I feel you pain… had Fuller on the block for a few weeks in my rebuild… was about to get Gainwell until the recent news (missed time personal reasons) Other owner said “let’s wait & see after week 4”….
  6. Aside from the 19 targets to Waller and then 9 targets for Renfrow, when it was crunch time = Zay Jones for the TD. B Edwards was an "after thought" in Carr's mind or vision.
  7. THAT IS ABSURD! System generated Trade packages? WOW.... don't use ESPN platform, but not what I would use for a tool...
  8. 12 Team PPR 1QB.... from your list, only 3 were FA. $ spent out of $200 BB Pascal $61 Patrick $41 Roundtree $28 Osborn $15 ARZ Def $11 C Wilson $8
  9. 30 yo Hyde might be a more trusted face for Urban... and Robinson might be JAG, but there are no other viable RB on roster to consider and with weak Def, running game will likely be abandoned quickly. So they might get 15-20 total carries in games they fall behind early. Who expected the train wreck Houston Off to score 30+ on them? Not me!
  10. Nice work @Hot Sauce Guy... the hard question is do you have an Image for how you see the franchise in 2024? Youth, depth or targeting studs on the rise? I agree 2023 draft prospects are looking strong. I can see the value in the complete rebuild, but you did have some nice assets to work with and appear to have been a "playoff contender" but not enough talent yet for the title... Did you consider the potential of a single deal for getting you "over the hump"? Or was it too much of an obstacle in your league? Curious minds want to know!!
  11. TY ... Sensible... I offered Chubb & Fuller for Javonte, Rhamondre, Aiyuk & 2022 2nd prior to week 1 and was told too expensive "future" value I was trying to determine how much his value has slipped due to week 1 issues. Injury, Curfew, outplayed, Doghouse, all potential short term issues...
  12. While I like Edwards, his 1st catch was at the end of regulation! Why ignore him all game and then target him 9 times when the game is on the line? I am not sure I trust him yet, especially with Balt Def taking injuries.
  13. Discount Double Check has a whole new meaning on A Rodgers INT! Warning: colorful Language / careful of your audience
  14. Week 2 Offense = Green Bay (Used ARZ) Defense = WASH (Used JAX)
  15. Thanks....scored 172 and change, but lost Fitzmagic & Gus so down at the start. The Goose Egg from Gesicki hurt many Others losing Jeudy would hurt more, but I went Sutton as a lower cost option.
  16. Do you think KC missing the "Honey Badger" had any impact on Clev putting up points? Sorry, not the KC Team thread... but figured wth
  17. I gave up a mid-2nd in 2022 for Chark..in early August.. but then moved Chark, Lockett & Jonnu for DJ Moore & Gronk
  18. I think basing NE on last year when multiple starters "sat out" is unrelated to predicting 2021. LAR, SF & WFT are all likely Top 5 Clev & NE are my other 2 votes. I like Denver early, but don't expect them to sustain the course with KC 2x. Not sure I like Pitt or Balt as top 5, but certainly as Top 10
  19. And we can only use each Off & Def ONCE.... Correct? so the challenge is to pick the matchups each week! That is how I read it.... Should be a BLAST!!
  20. Virgin has entered the house .... never played this before... but I need to throw my hat in the ring... DEF = JAX OFF = ARZ
  21. Cam's Funky Friday Interview with his dad... Long talk, 43 min ...still playing so no summary yet ETA: Nothing of substance IMO
  22. I had Gronk thrown in on a deal last week where I gave up Jonnu, Chark & Lockett for DJ Moore & Gronk! Talk about paying dividends early! As I also have Hock, what is the market value for Gronk?
  23. So I have to commend you on your deal! You clearly got the better part of the trade and it appears to have only cost you "depth". You drove a hard bargain and did not give the "Reigning Champ" easy access to repeat. Commendable effort! As for his justification, I don't see the cost paying the dividends he is hoping for. I like Mixon. I just think he should have done more window shopping before paying Premium Price for RB2 value giving up gold bullion in elite WR1 Jefferson.
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