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  1. 12 team superflex, te premium ppr Team A gets: Russell Wilson Team B gets: Jared Goff, Amari Cooper, 1.08
  2. 12 team superflex, just traded the 1.08, Goff and Amari Cooper for Russell Wilson
  3. 12 team, TE premium ppr, QB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLX, FLX, FLX, FLX Two division leaders both likely to make playoffs. Team A receives: R. Jones, C. Kirk, E. Engram, late 2021 1st Team B receives: E. Elliot, J. Akins, 2021 3rd
  4. Recently traded him (before this trade) in one dyno for the 2.01 and the 2.10. Was happy to hold him in my either main league. Already gotten a few offers for him tho (less than two 2nds)
  5. In a two keeper 2QB league i attempted to trade antonio brown and drew brees for David Johnson just so i could draft Supermart tbh.
  6. I started a thread on Golladay a few weeks ago, I think the kid has real potential to be a difference maker.
  7. Last I heard, the league asked him to create a path to success and wanted him to personally meet with Goodell. Several possible speed bumps in that plan, but unlike Gordon, he looks like he is legitimately trying to make it work. If I had to pick a time, Id say during or just after the draft.
  8. I dont think Blackmon is worth mentioning and i think Bryant is better than Gordon.
  9. I have him as a top 20 WR, definitely have to ding him for his risk. But any time he slips a tier i would grab him.
  10. Never really thought about it like that i assumed it was an aspect of being penalized if a player were suspended but i guess everything is slanted against the players.
  11. Just read this, had no idea that if a player is suspended for a full season his contract is effectively pushed back a year, but thats apparently how it works.
  12. How do you figure? He was like a 4th rounder and this is his 4th year, his rookie deal shouldnt be elligible for a 5th year option. Trackers have him as UFA in 2018.
  13. I dont think fantasy owners are super concerned about what the Steelers think. He has transcendant talent, just very poor discipline - hes either changed or he hasnt. If he has, i care very little what offense hes in. Contract year, i doubt the Steelers resign him either way.
  14. Guess ill start this, Kenny is on my board for this coming draft. NFL comparison would be AJ Green, almost identical combines. Dynamic big body WR, was effective his 2nd year carrying out of the backfield, averaging 9.6 ypc. 6'4" 218 lbs, turns 23 24 in November. Combine vs (AJ Green), not sure how the NFL does combine grades cause they gave Green a 8.69 and Golladay a 5.49, seems like a huge penalty for being an FCS player? 4.50 forty = (4.50) 18 reps = (18) 35.5" vert > (34.5") 120" broad < (126") 7.00 3-cone < (6.91) 4.15 shuttle > (4
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