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  1. first league was also give 16 SASE to commish. the year was 1991. USA Today for scoring. first overall pick was Jim Kelly at #7. i had never played before. the first 6 players taken were QBs and i figured id better take one at #7 too. (Emmitt Smith was taken #8)
  2. Jordan Howard made the ProBowl his rookie year in 2016 as a 5th round pick. (just sayin...)
  3. i like the updates Stompy. thanks for sharing for us guys with no TV. cheers. (Waller is my guy here and i was wondering wazzup? --you answered already. whoknows?)
  4. Take. That. Back. JohnnyU didn't get his rep by being wrong.
  5. he has his own thread now... the legend is growing... and Minshew is his QB... time to get on board
  6. I think that when I posted the article it was part of a free preview without needing a subscription; however, I can no longer see past the first paragraph.----------------------------------------------------------- cool. thanks for the try. appreciate all the work you share with us. thanks.
  7. awesome. 😊 (and you know you're really backing a guy when you get fuzzy feelings about him making th3 5E man roster!)
  8. hey Faust- do you subscribe to the Houston Chronicle? the page only lets me read the first paragraph without necessitating a subscription. curious.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tT2p4SOY7Qc the run up the middle at 1:13-- he seems pretty quick.
  10. be bery bery quiet. i'm hunting James Robinsons. shhhhhh....
  11. DAN ARNOLD (worth mentioning again in CAPS) basically FREE/ a WR in a TE body whose QB loves his skill set/ ask Kyler Murry who he targets in the RZ on Madden... go ahead... ask/
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