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  1. I need to pick my WR3. I am starting Bradin Cooks & Zach Ertz already. We have a WR/TE combined position. My other options are: Kenny Golladay vs CAR or JuJu Smith Schuster vs JAX I also have Sammy Watkins but I'm very hesitant to put him in since the game is tomorrow night. Who would you start? Thanks in advance. i will be happy to answer your questions J
  2. I actually like Enunwa over Shepard. He is the main target for the Jets while Shepard is #2 at best. even with McCown starting I believe enunwa will be the better option this week Thanks for answering mine. Good luck
  3. Thanks for the votes & feedback. I did forget to mention it's a standard league. I also should have mentioned that I'm "That guy" who got busy this past week while traveling for work and forgot set my lineup prior to Thursday night's game. I left Big Ben & smith Schuster on my bench ? Anyone else? J
  4. I need to pick one of the two RBs for my RB2. My RB1 is Gurley. Standard/ Non PPR league AP Vs TB - Washington lost two starting linemen last week which makes me nervous Duke Johnson jr Vs ATL - He is now being used as expected after the Browns fired Jackson & Haley Thoughts? I will be happy to answer your question. Please leave a link to make it easier to find Thanks in advance & good luck this week J
  5. I need to pick 3 of the WRs listed in the poll question to start today. Thoughts? Leave a link and I will answer your Questions Thanks J
  6. Thanks Travdogg. Great point about Big Ben at home. Thanks!!
  7. I have both Brady (Vs BUF) & Big Ben (Vs CLE). They are both projected to get 20 points for my non PPR league 7 are ranked right next to each other I am leaning towards Brady because they play Monday night and I like the ability to come back after Sunday (if needed). Thoughts? Please leave a link and i will answer your questions Thanks in advance & good luck this week J
  8. Thanks for the responses. Links responded to. Anyone else care to share an opinion? J
  9. I like Sanu just a touch more than Jones because of the Monday night factor. Thanks for answering my question. Good luck J
  10. Standard scoring league. We start 2 RBs (no flex). My RB1 is Gurley. For my RB2 who should I start: Latavius Murray vs. NYJ TJ Yeldon vs HOU Thanks in advance. Leave a link & I will be happy to answer your questions Good luck this week J
  11. 8 team Standard league. Need to decide on my RB2. My full roster is: (QB) Roethlisberger (I also have Brady but not starting him this week) (RB) Gurley, Dalvin Cooks vs GB OR Adrian Peterson vs IND (I have Yeldon and Hyde on the bench) (WR/TE) Gronk, Cooks, JuJu Smith (K) Lutz (D) MIN Thanks in advance for the opinions. I will be happy to answer your questions. Please leave a link to make it easier to get to Good luck this week J
  12. Great thread!! Looking forward to more updates I am headed to Vegas next weekend for opening NFL weekend I am staying at The Mirage - I have walked through the poker room but have not played there yet. How is it? Thanks J
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