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  1. I don't know about that. That is vintage golfer whine.
  2. More appropriately species-serving than self-serving, but sure.
  3. I think I found a bike I've been looking for finally through a retailer on the web. I guess you have it shipped to a local shop and have them put it together?
  4. Rattling off sponsors like Ricky Bobbie just won at Bristol. ETA: Have to wonder how the goons at ANGC would respond if he immediately went to shout-outs to non-Masters sponsors.
  5. I don't think they do. Did he get caught #####ing about the bunkers? Such a child. No idea what these guys were talking about saying there is no bailout on 17. There is no bailout on 17 at Sawgrass. There are bailouts everywhere on this hole. First of all the green is the size of a city block. Then you can miss short, left, and long. lol
  6. As has always been the case golfers are, by and large, epically lame. Present company excluded, of course.
  7. F Alexa. Though I did order a new scale this morning that is being delivered this afternoon. So freaking awesome.
  8. Yeah, this isn't getting you where you think it is.
  9. Why is context such a problem for some? It always seems to tie back to a need to reduce complex issues to binary. As if the world is beginning anew on an absolutely level playing field for all right now.
  10. First one in in a tie goes later, actually. ETA: unless that has been changed recently.
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