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  1. 1) How much money is in it for you? 2) I dunno, have you seen Matt Gaetz Twitter feed?
  2. The House of Representatives might be the most consistently petty collection of adults anywhere.
  3. Yeah, that was epically stupid and plays right into her hands.
  4. A number of my favorite restaurants around are cash only. Then I tip servers in cash. Don't really have need for the card, but still keep it with me.
  5. New England has had a great season. Pretty sure theyve had more powder days than I-70 resorts. One of my ski buddies’ wife won’t let him fly so we are looking at a road trip to Stowe next month.
  6. Was in SLC last week, PC Tue/Wed, Snowbasin Thu. PC Was epic. In Crested Butte now. Sunny day steeps. Should probably get back to work at some point.
  7. Possible thread retitle, "We Need to Talk About Ted."
  8. Are you sure you aren't mistaking character flaws for "politics?" And yes, the intolerance of the right long predates any of this. And is really the genesis of the move in recent decades of "the left" advising some to go be well.
  9. They are extremely lucky there weren't many more people shot by police. And I think the 35 cops now under investigation might speak to that.
  10. The chronic gratuitous use of rolling emoji.
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