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  1. The integrity of our elections is not in doubt. Listen to counsel.
  2. Do you mean the things you say or is this schtick? I'm genuinely asking.
  3. Right, the only complaints I saw was over the electoral college after yet another popular vote win by D's resulted in a loss. Even the collusion inquiries didn't suggest there were fraudulent votes. That I recall anyway.
  4. We know it must be rigged because we rigged it to win and lost.
  5. And that Trump's own lawyer's lawyer stated that nobody in their right mind would have believed the claims she was making.
  6. Also my buddy's roommate when I lived in SF was a drag queen at Asiasf, a restaurant where all the wait staff were in drag. Met Willie Brown there the first time we went. ETA: That's all I got on drag.
  7. Saw a great drag show in South Beach last time I was there. Forget the name of the place but it's on Ocean Dr. and runs outside everyday around 3.
  8. There was some fraud discovered. By Republicans. And then Trump and lapdog trying to coerce the GA Secretary of State to "find" votes for him.
  9. It makes it far more difficult for people spreading misinformation and ratcheting up rage in the gullible to be heard. Not everybody wants that kind of stuff associated with their products. Welcome to freedom. You're welcome to start your own platform.
  10. Do you think the election was stolen from Donald Trump is not a random question. ETA: According to his son, RFK believed there was more than one gunman.
  11. Attacking deliberate disinformation campaigns by people preying on the gullible is essential to preserving this country.
  12. One side needs to listen to their counsel.
  13. Breaking into the Capitol in a mob while beating cops with a hangman's gallows outside screaming complete nonsense about a stolen election is. I'm not sure why are you struggling with this like you are. A lot of people should have been shot.
  14. No, because of the nature of what they were doing. And calling some on the right animals is doing a disservice to animals.
  15. I don't think anybody ever expected these imbeciles to charge the building. The Capitol Police are not unfamiliar with protests. The President inciting unhinged protesters to violence... that's a new one. More people should have been shot.
  16. Pretty sure the message is follow your bliss and don't let the bastards grind you down. ETA: And ignore idiots.
  17. The laughing emoji has become the Ralph Wiggum I dress myself emoji here on the FBG.
  18. Not familiar. Does it rock harder than Midnite Dynamite?
  19. I would like to propose we begin the search for a new song with the Kix catalog.
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