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  1. Screaming, "...and In n Out is overrated!!" as the go by.
  2. Vaccine Passport would be a good pornstar name in the year or our lord 2021. Or Maxine ***port.
  3. Def believe there is life out there. Are they visiting us here, nah. I'm with Elon Musk on this one... if they've come they sure are shy.
  4. Not hockey related but every time I see the title of this thread it takes me back to seeing Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, and Joni Mitchell on tour together at both arenas in May '98. Phenomenal shows.
  5. In conclusion, it would totally be fair play for Dems to use their majorities (see also: mandate) to somehow muscle a seat back. They won't but I wish they would.
  6. A roomate in Marin County announced that his cousin was coming to visit from Capetown SA many years ago. Turns out his cousin was a hot af young woman. He couldn't get off work so I took a day off and we went up the coast to Bolinas (shout out to @El Floppo). About five minutes after leaving the house she pulls a bottle of red wine out of her bag and a couple plastic cups. Okay, gameday player. Fast forward an hour or so and she whips a jar of vegimite out of her bag. Mind blown.
  7. Hated this song then and have only grown to hate it more.
  8. They would have never confirmed him because McConnell is a treasonous jackal and obviously had zero tolerance for independent thought under his leadership.
  9. This. The brazen way that seat was stolen is going to stick with some people for a long, long time.
  10. Nice, used to play King & Bear pretty regularly. Nice track as far as FL goes. ETA: As somebody who used to live in SA and traveled for work... F the location of that airport.
  11. I have to carry mine up two flights of stairs on my loop just prior to a half hour up uphill coming home. I think I have another season with 33 pounds before being ready to shell out for lighter frame and wheels.
  12. I've had a couple near misses with this recently. Thinking the chain may have stretched a bit since I bought the bike a couple year ago. No idea if that is a thing. Need to take in for a tune-up anyway.
  13. Perhaps waiting for the Toro/Kuboda/Rain Birds to come calling.
  14. Probably the most Stadium-like course in the area.
  15. That was cruel. Following on my phone Iowa hit a three with a second left to hit the over. Got home and it was taken off the board.
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