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  1. Seattle refusing to call back to back run plays ever......... They are getting 4+yds on the first down run calls but won't come right back to it.
  2. Collins looks about as useless as Christine Michael used to. Runs like he's shot out of a gun but no vision or idea where he's going.
  3. At least two of his TD's have been on busted plays.
  4. If he starts as a WR, he will get a different coverage from the defense (DB v LB). I want to see if defenses adjust. They have 4 weeks of game tape in him now.
  5. Anybody braving the Bengals for survivor pools? I want to, but feels like a trap. Thursday games are always sloppy
  6. But is he a buy low or sell low with this coaching staff??
  7. That's just bad play calling all around. 3 running plays?? Cmon
  8. The way the NFL addresses the playclock makes zero sense. Delay of games happen all the time and never get called. How can they not tie a buzzer to the back judge so it just vibrates a writ watch or something and he doesn't have to watch the clock??
  9. How does Houston not just put double coverage on Moore and make someone else beat them??
  10. Robby Anderson has fallen off the face of the earth. He was a good value last year.
  11. I hope so. Have him in a standard scoring league. Watching him getting tackled at the 3 inch line is getting frustrating.
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