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  1. That's just bad play calling all around. 3 running plays?? Cmon
  2. The way the NFL addresses the playclock makes zero sense. Delay of games happen all the time and never get called. How can they not tie a buzzer to the back judge so it just vibrates a writ watch or something and he doesn't have to watch the clock??
  3. How does Houston not just put double coverage on Moore and make someone else beat them??
  4. Robby Anderson has fallen off the face of the earth. He was a good value last year.
  5. I hope so. Have him in a standard scoring league. Watching him getting tackled at the 3 inch line is getting frustrating.
  6. Down to Carolina or LV for me to decide. I'm surprised LV is only favored by 4 points.
  7. IIRC, you were beating the Gallman drum pretty hard as the RB to have.
  8. Think it's time to drop Callaway. He hasn't done squat since preseason
  9. I don't have a problem w hedging toward the pass, but you don't need that big of gaps on your d line to still defend the pass.
  10. Idk. You can't leave that big of a gap. Honestly, 23 seconds is prob more than enough time to get your kicker on the field before time expires.
  11. No. ATL only got in Eagles territory three times the entire game (that is being generous because one of those three drives only made it to the Eagles 49 yard line). Of the two times ATL got into goal-to-go plays, ATL called the following. 1 - 1st & Goal @ PHI 6 - Mike Davis for 3 yards, followed by two incomplete passes 2 - 1st & Goal @ PHI 2 - illegal formation, false start, making it 1st/Goal from 12 - followed by incomplete, Patterson rush for 3, incomplete. It was brutal to watch. ATL offensive penalties destroyed them and lack of any creativity for RZ play calling is still just as bad as it has been the past several years.
  12. I might take a flyer on him. I had ETN, with big hopes. Always felt Duke was underutilized at TX because Watson just always tucked it and ran versus hitting dump offs. Might be a good fit as Jax likely to play from behind ALOT this year and rookie QB
  13. What is the news you heard regarding Duke?
  14. Alexander is what worries me. I don't watch much GB games. Is Alexander a shadow CB or does he stay primarily on one side of the field?
  15. Why are you speculating BB bucks his 15+ year trend of fantasy FB roulette for his RBs? I haven't been able to watch either play yet, but I see Johnson has had two games getting reps with the starters. Has Stevenson gotten reps with the starters?
  16. Rushing yards favors Gus, but Matt Ryan won't be vulturing touches/GL looks. You've already touched on pass catching. Standard scoring I like Gus better, PPR, prob still take Gus, but much closer to a coin flip.
  17. IMO Tiers have much more utility for auction drafts more than snake drafts. Personally, I hate, hate, hate snake drafts but it still seems to be a part of the norm. But, like vinyl records, it just won't die. But to answer your question, it becomes much easier to see how dollar values are being assigned to a tier so you can easily gauge value. In addition to utilizing the "experts" tiers, I draw a simple line every 12 spots by position because we have a 12 team league. That also identifies where the average manager will at least psychologically be nervous if he/she doesn't have a RB/WR in that top 12 positional ranking, second twelve, etc. It never fails that when there is only one or two players left in a range, the bids go up significantly. It then becomes easier to predict bidding wars or conversely, when a value can be had. There is almost always a gradual dollar drop from position 1-10, and then a significant drop for 11-14. Likewise moving down the rankings. Everyone's league is different, but for me, I usually focus my homework on the players ranked anywhere near a multiplier of 12. Players ranked around a multiplier of 12 will have the most variance and is where you can scoop of value to allow you to overspend elsewhere. FYI, this thread seems to have gotten far removed from Mike Davis related matters.
  18. I found this website https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/wayne-gallman/ that seems to put together easily readable stats and efficiency. My biggest takeaway in comparing him to Mike Davis for 2020 was the large discrepancy in the passing game in favor of Davis. Not sure if Gallman is a bad receiving back or just never got the opportunity. Otherwise, purely on paper, their efficiency is negligible (on a tier system if you will). Is Gallman just not a good receiver/route runner? If so, it should keep Davis in the driver seat IMO.
  19. Every time I click on "PRINT A CUSTOM CHEAT SHEET" it keeps asking me to "Join" Are cheat sheets no longer free?
  20. I can't find it either. Whenever I click on the "print cheatsheet", it keeps asking me to join, even though I am clearly logged in.
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