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  1. CONGRATS JEFF!!! You deserve it, you have helped so, so many of us! Thanks again for all the seasons and couple of Championships!

  2. Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate your input.

  3. Housh in 09 sucka!!!

  4. Congrats Jeff, I always value your input. You deserve the recognition and FBG is better for having you.

  5. Good for you, Jeff! I've always admired your efforts in the AC forum.

  6. Congrats Jeff... as others have mentioned - it is well deserved! - you always had a sound point of view on many subjects, particularly the AC threads... great find for FBG!

  7. Bia, I admire and appreciate what you and the others over there are doing. Come home safe so you can talk fantasy football more often.

  8. Congrats!! from wannabe to the real thing!!!

    Jeff that is Awesome!!

  9. Kudos on becoming part of the staff Jeff

  10. Congrats on the bump up to staff Jeff...Well deserved and another notch in FBG's belt..

  11. You the man, Jeff. Keep dropping all of your knowledge on us.

  12. Really enjoyed you AC thread, mostly gleaning invaluable dynasty information in my first dynasty season!


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