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  1. Mother Jones? You might as well have posted an article directly from the DNC. You're still trying to blame everyone except Clinton. Sad!
  2. Once again, I only used it as a rebuttal. I was only pointing out the truth of the ratings. Me saying that is not an endorsement of Hannity, try as you might. That's not any different than me saying the saints clubbed the Lions last weekend. I have no vested interest in either the Lions or the Saints.
  3. I wasn't the one crowing about Maddow . I simply used the ratings as a rebuttal. I could care less if Maddow beats Hannity or not.
  4. This is bad. It's worse than I thought. If you can't see it you might be lost forever to the Dark Side.
  5. I'm asking you where is YOUR outrage? Where is it? Suddenly now you're all concerned with the victims? you never were before.
  6. This is funny coming from the outraged all day, every day crowd.
  7. Sure. I'm just wondering where the REAL outrage is from your side of the aisle. When it's a conservative on the hot seat, you're not so concerned with victims. Where are the all the new threads being created every 30 seconds? Where are the jokes? Where are the jabs against liberals for covering for this guy? I have to say, I'm surprised that the forever outraged crowd isn't very outraged at all. Lots of excuse making and muted responses.
  8. Nope. Just waiting for you guys to go nuts about it like you do when there is a conservative in a scandal. Seems pretty muted - only 8 pages so far.
  9. He would, but that guy was a huge bundler and fund raiser for Obama and Hillary.
  10. It just further validates what everyone already knew. The big pedophilia scandal is coming next.
  11. If that is what he said, then it is a bit callous. But, technically, he's correct. Anyone who joins the service knows what they are signing up for. Didn't you know when you joined?
  12. Absolutely nothing, Henry. Absolutely nothing. Pretending to be outraged after the fact looks so much better.
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