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  1. 255.80 and 16th this week. I suppose this is a good sign that the squad has upside, but the extra points don't count yet! Survive and advance. Given week 1 results, a couple of potential regrets: Thought there were going to be too many mouths to feed in TB and faded Godwin. He should be a super value at $6. Ryan (and consequently Hooper) are looking sketchy - think my potential Ryan swaps were Big Ben or Stafford, so not sure those would be better decisions with what we know now.
  2. Prior to seeing pricing, my biases were to target 23-25 players and try to go light on RBs. Final roster hit the high end of the # of players, but spent more on RB then I planned on. It looks like I have 12 of top 18 most commonly owned players, so took value where I though it made sense and then built around it. Matt Ryan $13 8.75% Patrick Mahomes II $11 28.07% Andy Dalton $6 19.60% Dalton is a screaming value to me. I had various iterations without him though since I didn't know if it made sense with ideal roster construction. For example, had Roethlisberger and Ryan only for a while. Hesitated on Mahomes given playoff schedule, but rostering 3 QBs made that more palatable. David Johnson $34 12.40% Mark Ingram $20 4.50% Peyton Barber $8 41.12% Matt Breida $8 26.99% James Conner $4 35.84% Rod Smith $3 1.98% Surprised Ingram didn't get more love. The first few weeks *should* be relatively easy to get through and his pricing seems relatively attractive compared to other comparable PPG RBs. Wasn't necessarily planning on a top-end RB, but DJ's projected points per $ seemed like a better bet than slightly cheaper options. More generally, didn't like the value proposition of RBs in the 20s and high-teens. I don't love Breida and Barber, but thought I better have them in case they blow up and should provide decent baseline production to hold me over for Ingram and bye weeks. Was planning on Conner even before Bell didn't report, so think I would have preferred Bell to show up - basically a potential injury play for late in the year. Similar rationale on Rod Smith. Julio Jones $32 3.70% Tyreek Hill $23 18.50% Keelan Cole $7 36.48% Michael Gallup $6 15.09% John Brown $6 21.05% John Ross $5 24.43% Jeremy Kerley $2 0.97% Started with the cheap guys then picked a couple higher priced guys that should provide some consistency/upside. There seemed to be a lot of good value propositions in <$10 range this year so was hard to trim that list. I like the ownership % on Julio. Rob Gronkowski $26 15.43% Jared Cook $8 4.63% Austin Hooper $8 9.80% Played around with various iterations here. Originally was going to go 4 TEs in the sub-$15 range. Figured I might have more weekly upside (and downside) if I went with a top-3 guy and 2 mid-range guys. Surprised on Kelce's ownership relative to Gronk - might have swapped them if I knew those figures. Ryan Succop $4 2.54% Adam Vinatieri $3 16.65% Kaimi Fairbairn $2 18.33% Wanted to go cheap here and largely succeeded. Ironically, the 4 AFC south kickers were my top 4 candidates. Chicago Bears $5 26.26% Tennessee Titans $4 5.07% Cleveland Browns $2 22.17% Bit on the Bears after the Mack trade, Browns are obvious cheap play. Titans seemed like a decent dart throw. QB $30 RB $77 WR $81 TE $42 K $9 D $11
  3. Because if you pick a random point in his career, you're almost guaranteed to have ended up with a point in which he was awful. But we're not doing that. We're picking him right now in his career. You can't compare his 2014 to his 2015 as it's essentially a brand new team (coaching staff, QB, WR, defense). The team looks be built around running the ball and defense. They are one of the few teams rushing (31.5 per game) more than they are passing (29 per game) - and winning. I'm not saying the guy is top 10 by any teams, but I think a solid #2 type isn't out of the question. Possible solid #2 in re-draft? He is already 27, so a solid #2 in re-draft should be lower down in dynasty rankings. I could quibble with certain players ahead of him, but could also say that for certain players behind him. Think ZWK has him in the right range. I don't think he has shown that he is awful at any random point in his career, I think he has shown that he is injured/more banged up than average at any random point in his career. I would like to see him go a long stretch without any apparent injury troubles. Reports are that his groin was "very sore" after Monday's game. Over/under to next missed game? Week 5?
  4. 2 other teams with Romo/Miller/Julio/Calvin/Gronk 1 other team with Stafford/Miller/Julio/Calvin/Gronk Each is <20 players. Uniqueness shouldn't be an issue if I am still alive late.
  5. Ended up with a 27 man roster. Didn't seriously consider anything less than 23 and floated between 25-28 for the most part this year. 2 QB - $32 7 RB - $61 8 WR - $79 4 TE - $48 3 D - $19 3 K - $11 Tony Romo $17 Matthew Stafford $15 Brady was on virtually all of my rosters up until last couple of days. Might be a mistake particularly with rostering Gronk, but thought this might give me some more uniqueness if I make it to final 250. I'm not all that confident in Stafford, but if he blows up along with Calvin - will like that stack. Lamar Miller $24 Isaiah Crowell $13 Ryan Mathews $8 Matt Jones $8 Christine Michael $3 Juwaun Thompson $3 Mike Tolbert $3 Strategy here was to skimp and hope for the best in weeks 14-16 if I make it that far. I had very good success several years ago with a similar strategy, and given the pricey-ness of RB points - thought it was a decent strategy this year as well. Had Miller/Abdullah/Martin for the longest time, but wanted to re-direct some $ to a 2nd stud WR. Julio $26 Calvin $25 Davante Adams $9 Phillip Dorsett $5 Eddie Royal $4 Donte Moncrief $4 Tyler Lockett $3 Danny Amendola $3 Julio if not on all of my iterations was on 95%+ of them. Calvin was a late add, but should be a bargain if he reverts to his old form. I actually love the IND WR3 and WR4 for $9, should provide some sporadic good games and could be huge if Andre or Hilton go down with an injury. Thought about trying to fade Adams, but the value is too good to pass up. Because I have Adams, didn't like the versions of my roster with Cobb as well. Gronk $33 Reed $7 Richard Rodgers $5 Jeff Cumberland $3 To Gronk or not to Gronk? That is the question. I think certain stud WRs are better pt/$ plays - but hard to pass up the points in the TE column when I have more quantity in WR. Thought about Gates briefly when taking Gronk out. Reed with Paul out was a lock for me. Injuries are obviously a question, but complete value at $7 when healthy. Bailey $5 Prater $4 Scobee $2 Cardinals $7 Dolphins $7 Colts $5 This more aggressive pricing on K/DEF is no bueno, forces some hard decisions. I started off with the cheapest options here and kept creeping up when I had extra $ and was comfortable with my offensive positions.
  6. Well, the best value in the contest is now out for the season...
  7. He went straight up for 1.4 in our FFPC 2500 dynasty league a couple weeks ago. It's like a mad crowd clamoring for tulips. Maybe I should dangle Kelce to see what I can get. I might be pleasantly surprised. Maybe, maybe not. I have Kelce on both of my FFPC leagues and the only interest I have gotten this off-season was from 1 owner and what I would consider low-ball offers. Not knocking the guy for trying, but nothing close to 1.4 value in my mind. But the hype train is certainly heating up, so could be good chance to get a price check. In 1 PPR, I think that may be a bit rich for him; but if so, not by much. Just based on positional value and longevity could understand rookie WRs #3-#5 being preferable in most situations due to higher ceiling. Though in those cases, you have bust risk that you don't have with Kelce.
  8. 3.5 in FFPC (12 team FA/Rookie draft with 3 veterans ahead of him, so 3.2 equivalent). Next rookie WRs off the board were Justin Hardy and Tre McBride. Basically, this guy is getting zero respect. I don't have high hopes, but just think his draft position dictates taking a shot where he is often going in drafts.
  9. I'm not saying you are wrong on your Jace Amaro ranking, just saying that I would like to cash out my shares at that implied price if there are buyers. Good list overall, though.
  10. If you need RB a pretty easy choice, if you need WR Perriman Agholor DGB. I would put Abdullah behind only Perriman over all. I passed on Abdullah. I am not sold on him as being a bell cow back. His smallish stature reminds me too much of Davante Freeman, Ellington, and Gio B. All 3 look to have had bigger backs brought in behind them. 2 of these 3 had significantly worse NFL draft position, so not surprising that they have devoted more resources to the position. In Gio's case, they brought in a new OC that installed a power run scheme. But the concerns are valid. I will say that personally, I think he can be FF relevant even if he isn't the bell cow. Lombardi seems to be modeling the Det offense off of the historical NO scheme, and they have been able to turn out multiple FF relevant backs on a yearly basis.
  11. Bell seems to be insinuating that he loves the weed. Is the implicit concern here that you think he is at risk for being a repeat offender? Given what we just went through with Gordon/Blackmon and all of the things they said after getting in trouble, it's a little troubling. Reminds too much of Blackmon's "I'm done drinking...for now". I hear you, especially given the minuscule thresholds we are dealing with respect to THC levels. I doubt he has a weed problem in the traditional sense, but now that he has been popped for it - testing is going to be a #####.
  12. Bell seems to be insinuating that he loves the weed. Is the implicit concern here that you think he is at risk for being a repeat offender?
  13. I agree. He may be solid, but saying he has that level of talent and that it is just the off the field issues is overstating it. I don't think he is as good as DT if he stays clean. That's a huge assumption.I don't think he's the athlete DT is, but it's realistic he can develop into a Burress, VJax, or Marshall type of player. And that type of upside is well worth the pick he has been going at in most leagues. If someone thought he had that Calvin/Moss upside, even discounted for the knucklehead factor - shouldn't he be going top 3?
  14. https://twitter.com/PRichJr10/status/598186835869716480 Paul RichardsonVerified account‏@PRichJr10Gonna be longer than I thought.. Relevant?
  15. Is anyone familiar with the bolded? I had assumed Wallace was going to be the X. Not sure Wallace is worth much as the Z in that offense.
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