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  1. I'm gonna draw the ire of Dr. Octopus again because my category is up. (Faction.)
  2. I am so with you on this. We got this. I'm going to force my favorite band from high school into it. So there, folks!
  3. Oh yeah, eh. Definitely from Canada. Vancouver, B.C., if I'm not mistaken. Boo on the internet if the sites had any indie bent and didn't sort of immediately list them.
  4. Yeah, I was wondering that when I read it, too. Wasn't Speedy actually the reverse of the stereotype which his cousin personified for a moment?
  5. Round 224.xx Category: Oh Canada Song: The Boys Are Leaving Town Artist: Japandroids This one is dedicated to @Northern Voice and all his (slightly) rockist tendencies. Can't have a Canada category and skip these guys.
  6. Really, it's sad to see red/blue take primacy over citizen and country.
  7. Yep. It's part and parcel to the revaluing of values that the left has shoved so relentlessly down our throat. It's like wondering why church and state erosion happened under the auspices of a born-again president leading a born-again march through policy and court appointments. The libertarian/fusionist right had to own the reduction in church/state separation in the aughts because their coalition included those that were pushing church/state issues, and the left and their coalition cohorts should really have to own stuff like this since this is of the left's coalition own making. It's n
  8. You have had the good fortune. I think it might be a red/blue state thing. I live in a red county where they announced they weren't going to enforce the statewide mask mandate. Of course, our cases shot through the roof once we reopened from a curfew shutdown. No masks worn. I'm not perfect, either. I probably have put myself in situations where it's stupid to be in. But I've always had one or two on, at least assuring I don't spread it. I'm not perfect, and I still may get it, but I want to minimize the chance of getting it and spreading it before the vaccine comes to my particular demographi
  9. Yes. I had a guy stand in front of a two door entry way and feign like he was holding a door while he effectively blocked the exit while saying, and this is as best I remember, "Oh, you're one of those mask wearers aren't you? Well, come right on through," as he prevented safe passage instead of obeying any rule about six feet. I had to squeeze by him to leave and decided on rapidity rather than confrontation. This was at the beginning of the pandemic. The woman that cuts my hair had somebody say to her, after many people had died and she'd already been shut down, "You sheeple will see in Nove
  10. I dined with him at a restaurant at the end of a seeming universe once. Told him so long, and thanks for all the fish. Quoted him in my high school yearbook because Phish was so big at our school. School of Phish, as it were.
  11. The GOP is ####### stupid these days and will not get my vote for years because of this. I can't be the only one seeing how stupid and destructive their policies are for the well-being of many, many people. Good night, sweet princes. Your time is nearly up. Now to be filled with useless drivel. From useless vapid cups.
  12. People that obstruct you, making sure you can't get through a doorway before they breathe all over you in the middle of a pandemic because they think you don't need a mask and what the hell have you got to lose? Besides potentially your life? No. That's a punchable offense. Right there. Hands down. #### the #### off, that guy can.
  13. They don't make stationery like this where I'm from So fragile, so refined So I sniff and I lick your envelope And fall to little pieces every time I wonder what clothes you wear to school I wonder how you decorate your room I wonder how you touch yourself And curse myself for being across the sea
  14. It's about the spread of it. We're really back to Masks 101. Holy ####. They really should take away people's rights at times. I've become convinced that certain adults don't understand enough about what used to be civic responsibility to have certain rights. This board convinces of that every day, both left and right.
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