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  1. This really smells dirty about how this was obtained and leaked. I don't trust the NFL nor any ancillary organizations involved with this. Yeah, all everyone cares about is the substance of the emails. But there are things going on here with leaks and releases of information where major red flags are going off in my head.
  2. That's a terrible precedent that isn't well thought-out at all. If we keep disallowing the private conscience of citizens because they serve in the public sphere, there's a possibility we won't get the politicians and public figures we really want, but rather, socio and psychopaths. Which we're close to having already.
  3. Sounds like it was his private email, sent to another account. At what point does your office gain the rights to records of your private emails used over their servers? That's awful precedent.
  4. Sorry. I was down twelve at the start of the game. That does it!
  5. Oh baby, I have Pittman going in a league. I NEED THOSE POINTS!
  6. Anyway, I don't want to get carried away defending Gruden. I just don't like this precedent. At all.
  7. That's an absurd and obscene (in the literal meaning of the word obscene, meaning "of the private sphere") standard to set. Let's ignore process and privacy and get to the heart of whether or not you're a bigot. That's what people seem to be saying to me.
  8. You're about tops on my list. Good work.
  9. One thing I do know: Fantasy will be affected greatly by this if you have any Raiders (I divested myself of all of them). Wonder what happens to Mayock?
  10. Because what society says is appropriate is a terrible standard upon which to base a judgment about the morality of things, at times. Those times (like black men smiling at white women at one point in time) should not be forgotten. Society is not the final arbiter of morality and justice. It is merely instructive, never foolproof.
  11. This is also not within the scope of his current employment, nor is it even out of the realm of anything but a private discussion. Imagine if you could get tired for views you hold that are unpopular. Then apply it writ large to society and tell there aren't problems with it.
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