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  1. If you ever wanted to make a team more collegiate, bringing in Tebow is certainly the antidote for anything professional. He might as well be wearing Belushi's generic "College" shirt from Animal House when he goes through his warm-ups. What a terrible quarterback. Decent enough guy, just terrible throwing the football. Maybe Meyer will bring back the jump pass with Lawrence or something. So many people love college football. He was its zenith for some people. I'll never, ever understand it. An awkward QB who can't really throw? What's not to love?
  2. Very smart. Optimist says, think young, stay young. Joie de vivre! We'll ignore what the pessimist says for now.
  3. Perfect idea. Round 370.xx Category: Mission Control Song: Little Dipper Artist: Hum If we ignore the signals that mission control will send It's one big ship ride anyway, this hell will never end We gaze out on what they left of the stars All we see now we can take as ours
  4. Oh, hot damn. Something inside said to check the list once you wrote that. Indeed, you picked it for Lithium in Round 112 and I complimented you on it. Sheesh. I'll re-pick.
  5. Round 368.xx Category: Featuring... Song: Special Delivery Artist: Keith Murray ft. Ghosftace, Craig Mack, G Dep Special Delivery...uh huh uh huh...Special Delivery Round 369.xx Category: Radio Alpha Song: Bandages Artist: Hot Hot Heat Bandages have advantages, too Round 370.xx Category: Mission Control Song: Stars Artist: Hum For a time, my favorite nineties alt band. This one reminds me of an old bartender named Jess with whom I was smitten. I think she was too, but I also liked Kathryn, Casarena, and I'm sure there were
  6. What are you talking about? The original post was nowhere near misleading. The quote from the administrative agency specifically said that this would "make prisons safer." There's nothing misleading about the OP. 76,000 prisoners, including 20,000 violent ones are up for early release. And I have no idea why Sea Duck is laughing.
  7. I think because when somebody sees a gadget guy -- or somebody perceived as a gadget guy -- they see a disconnect between the GM and the coach that actually has to use the player. It seems like high draft picks are littered with gadget guys that never truly broke out. Matt Harmon's Reception Perception, a pretty good model of receivers overall, has Toney lowly-related because he can't seem to beat press or man coverage at all. It's pretty bad, like at around 10-13%. Those numbers, he says, don't generally bode well for receivers at the next level, who are bigger, faster, and more physical
  8. Depending on what you think Julio is worth. I took Chase Young with the 2.01 last year, and it was pretty much right on the nose as far as where he was going in Zealots. His value has only increased after last year. And our DLs do not score that well. It's a strict VBD thing. Andy making deals, though. Probably due to DLs not scoring so well overall.
  9. More woke from HR. Hint: Don't ever write a book about yourself or say anything interesting if you want to work in Big Tech. Ever. https://taibbi.substack.com/p/on-the-hypocrites-at-apple-who-canceled
  10. The "Civil War" truly is over. This is an op-ed, but has some harrowing thoughts and statistics about how the Republican Party is in thrall to Trump. Not good news for those of us hoping for a splintering effect. If anything, Republicans seem to be rallying behind him. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2021/05/12/gop-civil-war-dont-bet-on-it-487192
  11. No kidding. Well then. I'm seeing that it's Austin Walter. I'm a bit disappointed (was hoping SF had released Gallman or Hasty or something like that, but why would they do that?) but not surprised the Jets went with a special teamer/running back that'll know the system. I was thinking they'll be poaching guys from the SF practice squad later on in the year, though I'm not entirely sure how those rules are going to be with COVID this year again.
  12. That's exactly what I thought when I read that. They need the fully-funded trade police for this one. 🚔
  13. Round 367.xx Category: Featuring... Song: Just The Two Of Us Artist: Grover Washington ft. Bill Withers Or, as my Twitter feed sometimes has, a guy named Trill Withers
  14. They're probably going to wait until San Francisco tries to sneak one or two of their guys onto the practice squad or something like that. I'm kidding, but I can see it.
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