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  1. Necessary overpay, maybe? Depends on how Zeke is valued in your league. Getting Akers is huge.
  2. Not a biggie. Just popped up on my screen and I was thinking "Didn't I take that?" I think I said something about Green Day ripping it off with "Warning," which cribbed its bass line.
  3. Tough to deal Chubb for you, but you came out ahead with the first this year. That's actually sort of a rout.
  4. Nope. . And many others disposed towards the right won't be voting for them, either. They're running on nothing but vapors at this point right now.
  5. I love quoting this so stop me if you've heard this one about Charlie Casserly...Oh, nobody's heard it? Okay, then. "Nobody's been more wrong more times than Charlie Casserly" - Bill Belichick Seriously. This guy spearheaded the Jets search for Mike Maccagnan as GM. Do you know how many second rounders in his three years that still play in the NFL? Probably one. Maybe not even. Just went off like a bomb in NY without any results but a pocketful of cash and a resume shaper, that's for sure. https://www.ganggreennation.com/2019/5/17/18629056/new-york-jets-how-bad-was-mike-mac
  6. Well, they can't all be sure-fire winners like Journey's '81 output, can they?
  7. Round 215.xx Category: Eightfold The Noble Path Song: Heartbeat Artist: Wire What this lacks in punk ferocity, it makes up for in slow, intense burn. A little bit off of the punk beaten path, but still qualifies. Nobly. Difficult to choose something off of anything other than Pink Flag, but not today, fellas. Chairs are missing.
  8. I'd agree with this. Somehow it held up through the years. I've played it so much that I prefer others off of the album. The opening strains are instantly recognizable, but so is Franz, The Strokes, and others. I think this one had the most crossover appeal because of the lyrical twists involved.
  9. Almost picked Screeching Weasel's cover of this during the covers portion of our program. Clocking in at a whole thirty-three seconds, Ben Weasel encapsulates Del's anguish in condensed punk rock form. Why why why why why
  10. I've read Paul Fussell's Class and his Thank God For The Atom Bomb. I'd say that the book Class, along with The Closing Of The American Mind, are two books that actually completely changed my worldview and life. That's saying something for a book. As for the modest proposal (is it Swiftian or serious?) I see an interesting ragout of things there, don't you? I would say that his analysis about what Republicans should be doing is indeed what they are fumbling (and greatly fumbling) their way towards. They're just not hyper-intellectual enough to know they're already doing it or how to do it
  11. It seems like it borders on performance art, doesn't it, these overtures by Trump and his supporters? Or they have such a defiant attitude that they embrace the mockery and turn it on its head. I'm not sure they're that meta, or that smart, but they could be. Some awfully smart people have voted for this guy and continue to defend him so long as they get what they want.
  12. Yeah, just saw some of this. Easy to dismiss as a gathering of the unfit to govern. If that's the modern Republican Party, no thank you and twice on Sunday. Next one up.
  13. I still think going QB then WR is actually the best move. Get a guy on the outside to pair with Mims. Then I'm all for saving about ten million in cap space by cutting Crowder and letting Berrios play slot.
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