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  1. Yeah, they broke heavily for Trump in the general.
  2. I haven't commented until now. I haven't seen the video. Don't really want to. All I know is that there seems to be a recurring theme of tasers/gun confusion running through the ranks of the police from various cities. This strikes me as hard to believe, or if not hard to believe, leaves me with questions about how these people are armed and patrolling our streets. It certainly makes me more afraid of the police. I don't see how things like this can't reinforce the notion that something is horribly wrong with our policing. And it's not just a racial issue, though that seems to be in the f
  3. People are forgetting how good McCaffrey was when he played last year. Still a cheat code. I think he averaged around twenty-eight points last year in Half-PPR. Yeah, he did. That's just insane. You're trusting Sean McVay a lot with that deal. And Akers, too. I don't know. The 1.04 is right after the tier break of the big three and you're giving up the 1.06 for the 1.12, too. Dunno. That's a tough one. The two second rounders might swing it the Akers way. Big boy trade, for sure.
  4. I live near L.A. and didn't hear a thing about them, actually. And I'm generally around for the news at eleven.
  5. They serve red herring in synagogues, I see.
  6. BLM and the DNC worked last election like peas and carrots. No amount of revisionism is going to change that. The DNC cast their lot in with Marxist race hustlers. Every stupid suburban white person that bought a stupid BLM shirt got hustled. So did black people. Everybody was in on the hustle, everybody got hustled but people who actually read their platform and knew they were a commie front.
  7. I'm glad that we've all come around to the fact that this always was a Marxist/socialist movement. Because I had a lot of trouble in these threads when I would say that is what they were. Marxists and socialists and communist fronts. Glad that's all settled. Now we can move onto the hypocrisy, so it seems. Which is also par for the course and was coming from two thousand light years away.
  8. True. Big guys get bruised ribs, too. My point wasn't so much that he was skinny, but that those hits still happen, and if they happen to the wrong guy in the wrong way, he'll miss time. Not that it should be the biggest issue with Smith, though it factors in. I'm with massraider on this one. It's not determinative. He's got analytic flags that strike me, too, so it's not just weight with him.
  9. I agree with the overall sentiment that collisions don't happen like they once did. That said, DJ Chark got hit so hard in the ribs last year by a defensive back or linebacker that he missed the next week. I mean, he got lit up to where I was genuinely concerned for his well-being. But he was able to get up. Still missed the game. He's also skinny -- nowhere near what Smith is -- and he wasn't the same the rest of the year. I remember him rejecting a Minshew medicine ball like it was a basketball shot. Never seem a teammate do that before to a guy. He swatted it down. People thought he was bei
  10. This, too. The organizational structure around him seems better, especially the coach. This isn't to pump up Darnold. It's just to say this is a second chance and a reprieve that many guys don't get.
  11. Oh, I'm not arguing Darnold will be better than Bridgewater. I wouldn't let the last few pages where I'm ardently arguing against Darnold be usurped by a post where I am mainly disagreeing with using the statistical measurements of the offense that you were using. Which you immediately recognize, and probably did so before you used them, it seems. IOW, Bridgewater may very well be better than Darnold, but he still stunk enough to where you can't judge the rest of the Carolina offense because of it, which is what we're judging when we say Darnold landed in an ideal spot in the pros, given
  12. Having a hard time thinking why you'd want to move down in the draft to get a presumably late first rounder next year. Looks to me like, if things stay constant, you've given up the 1.07 and next year's 2.07 for the 1.11 this year and the 1.11 next year. Not a big fan, really, unless you're looking at a late riser and someone at 1.11 that others might be grabbing late in the first after the draft happens and you don't have a tier break. Then I could see it.
  13. There ya go. I have to admit, I didn't know the others were taken besides "Alcohol," which I took for the wrong category back when I hadn't understood the year distinction between Classic Rewind and Classic Vinyl. Although, in looking up cassettes, they were pretty popular in the early '70s, even.
  14. You can't really use stats like that to prove a point where the quarterback is a dependent variable there. The stats become rudimentary because they're largely a function of Bridgewater. You have to look at the stats in a vacuum for the receivers, running backs, and offensive line. Look at things like accuracy of the QB (they chart it), shots attempted downfield, catch rates, drops, OL grades, etc. I'd charge that their ineptitude was largely due to Teddy. He got a poor PFF grade and was gotten rid of (well, presumably) within the year that he began. That's not a vote of confidence and Carolin
  15. Really, an ideal spot. Plus them picking up his option so he doesn't have to worry about that.
  16. Eephus, I think we're doing the ska list at the same time. Called it up on my phone. I'll leave it alone until you get through with doing what you're doing.
  17. Very much considered for a twist on break-up songs by me. I figured instead of tortured lament, why not celebration that they're gone?
  18. Lot of third wave ska in this list. I'm going to bonus up some original/first wave. Round 306.b Category: Rude Youth Song: Carry Go Bring Home Artist: Justin Hinds and The Dominoes Just a classic. Round 306.c Category: Rude Youth Song: Madness Artist: Prince Buster My favorite Blue Beat man. Desmond is my favorite ska man. Madness named themselves after this song.
  19. Today's news sucks then. Or you bought low on a young back!
  20. Round 306.xx Category: Rude Youth Song: Get Up Edina Artist: Desmond Dekker and The Aces Bonus TK tonight.
  21. That would have been the one that made it off of Hot Thoughts for me, I think. Probably not. The song is overplayed for me and is the only reason it isn't there off of the top of my head as a top ten song. That it got overplayed probably means it's a top ten song for me, just not now.
  22. Instantly popped in my head when I saw the title. He should earn a knighthood for that turn of phrase to have been so deeply embedded in our heads without paying rent. That's impressive. Wastin' the day away in Margaritaville...
  23. Yeah, I guess the only reason I wouldn't want him to succeed is to confirm what we already know? That the Jets were a tire fire under Maccagnan and Gase, and it took them a year too long to get their organization back in order and have the HC report to the GM to report to the owner? That is was mismanaged beyond belief doesn't change the fact that Sam, on the football field, was terrible even when given the opportunity to succeed. I keep pointing to Justin Herbert. Everything stacked against him, and the young man looked like Marino. Constantly. Darnold showed three flashes the
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