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  1. Dallas really isn't that good. Week 1 they caught us with a team of basically either all rookies or guys in the first year of a system playing D. I think the defense has shown the past few weeks that they're progressing week to week and getting better. DeAndre Baker looked like a complete hack the first two games and you never even hear his name mentioned anymore (a good thing mind you). Carter/Golden/Ximines actually has the makings of a decent pass rush, especially with the push Dexter has been getting up the middle. I still think Jones is a huge upgrade for this offense going forward and I think we'll see that once Saquon is back behind the QB. Teams won't be able to sell out for the pass like they have been, should really open the entire offense up having Barry Sanders in the backfield rather than the second coming of Andre Williams.
  2. I'll honestly be shocked if Amazon doesn't buy out the rights to Sunday Ticket. They've been trying to find their way in forever now, they have the little test they've been doing with TNF, I think they're just going to outbid anyone who even tries to step to the table and probably make it an cheap addon w/ a Prime subscription or something. Amazon isn't interested in buying it to sell it for $350/year either, they just want it in their never-ending mission for world domination. I wouldn't be shocked if they buy it and just offer it as part of a Prime subscription.
  3. I feel like they have to give Allen the start against the 49ers. It'd be a huge test game for him going into Levi, 49ers defense playing out of their mind. If Allen still looks good and competent in that game, I'd seriously wonder how you could even debate pulling him for Newton, who really outside of 2 magical seasons has always been a runner who can throw rather than a passer who can run. The offense just seems more efficient from what I've seen w/ Allen under center than it's looked at any point under Cam really. Even going back to the MVP year, when you look at it outside a vacuum, Cam had a ton of short fields to put up the numbers he did in terms of scoring. This and Minshew/Foles are a really interesting situation right now. Curious to see how both are handled when the "starters" are back and healthy.
  4. Yup, these next few weeks leading into the bye are huge. Cardinals, Lions, Cowboys, Jets. If Giants are going to make the playoffs, goal here has to be 3-1 in that stretch. Put the team at 5-5 going into the second half of the season. Dolphins and Skins are wins, that's 7-5, from there you would have to steal 2 games from the Bears/Packers/Eagles/Eagles slate. Easier said than done, but that would be your path to playoffs for the Giants. The Eagles and Cowboys aren't that good. Giants defense has been getting progressively better week by week and they should only keep getting better as all these young kids have the game slow down a bit for them. What will be a defining factor going forward is if Saquon/Engram can get back and if they can actually participate in all the practices this week. Long week, extra time to prep, should allow for the offense to gel a bit going into Metlife Sunday against the Cards. My hope is with Saquon back, Shurmur starts to get a little more creative again, some more RPO and triple option type stuff. Jones doesn't have to be Lamar Jackson, but lets at least see if you establish some run with Saquon what he can do with some triple option plays where defenses have to be equally afraid of Saquon's legs, Jones legs and Jones throwing. Haven't really had a chance to see that much outside of the first half of the Tampa game, once Saquon went out the offense seemed to turn into more of a pocket offense with Jones making most of the runs on his own reads rather than being designed and schemed up.
  5. I think everyone needs to pump the breaks on both sides of the Jones/Giants Offense debates. So far Jones has played a game against the Bucs, missing the best RB in the NFL for the entire second half. And his #2 WR for the entire game. Jones was dominant without Barkley in that game, Giants went on to win. Jones played a game against the Redskins, missing the best RB in the NFL for the entire game and his #2 WR for the entire game. While not dominant he played fine, he wasn't asked to do much as they basically dominated this entire game, the picks were of some concern though obviously. Jones played against the Vikings, missing both the best RB in the NFL AND his backup who looked decent against the Redskins for the entire game. Again, Jones didn't look great, but there's context here. Jones played against the Patriots. He was missing the best RB in the NFL, his #2 RB, his #1 WR and arguably the most physically gifted (not saying best, just physically gifted) TE in the NFL right now. He's the only QB all season to put up a TD against the Patriots. Of his 3 INTs I'd argue only one was clearly his fault and that was him failing to recognize the underneath coverage on the throw on the sideline to Ellison. Go actually watch these games from a coaches film standpoint though. Jones literally has nobody open to throw too. There was a stat earlier on Twitter said that the Giants receivers had the lowest average separation per route run in the entire 4 year history of Next Gen Stats last night. On average at the point of Jones release, the receivers for the Giants had less than 1.8 yards of separation. It's easy to watch the game last night then look at his stats and say "15/31 with 3 INTs? Dude made terrible reads all night". I know last week this stat was also brought up saying on the season, since Jones took over in Week 3 the Giants had the least separation of any unit all year and that was BEFORE they broke that record on Next Gen last night. But the NextGen stat and just what you see with your eyes on a All 22 feed show you it's not that Jones isn't making the right reads, it's that there's literally no right ones. Nobody was ever open, when they were, Jones hit them in stride liek the TD to Tate. Otherwise, he was forced to throw into double coverage on nearly every drop back. You can't throw every pass away. Eventually you have to try and make plays and I think it's actually good to see that Jones was willing to try and make something happen. Other QBs (Eli for exmaple) would have just thrown the ball away and punted every time and just played horrible football and there's no chance they can win playing like that. To me, this all comes back to Saquon. With Saquon out, the Vikings & Pats basically just rushed 5 on every down and dropped 6 into coverage. There's zero fear of Jon Hilliman killing you and even if he does, both teams are MORE than willing to die on the hill of leaving Hilliman with running room. If Barkley is in that backfield though, you literally can't play defense that way as he will gash you to the heavens. Off the top of my head there were 3 plays I recall last night where Hilliman was too slow or lacked the agility to make one guy miss and if he makes that guy miss, he has a easy 50-60 yard run in front of him. If Saquon is in the backfield, both the Vikings and Pats are forced to play a completely different style of defense. Rather than playing Cover 2 or 3 all night they're probably in Cover 1 most of the night which opens up massive holes in the secondary for Jones to take advantage of and try to actually make the right reads. The tl;dr of it all is basically, saying Jones looks great or looks horrible or even looks okay is in my opinion, not something anyone should or can say right now. We've yet to really see him once with a healthy team around him and as a rookie that's devastation. I want to see him with a healthy Saquon + Engram at least on the field together before I go jumping to conclusions. He's basically playing with a bunch of practice squad players and Golden Tate against arguably the best defense in football. Imagine how Kyle Allen would look if CMC weren't active the last three weeks and while we're out of, Reggie Bonnafont gets hurt too? Or Teddy Bridgewater if Kamara was inactive and while we're at it Murray gets hurt after him? What about Minshew without Fournette active? You get the point.
  6. This is a laughably horrible take in general. For the most part Barkley avoids contact by virtue of being as shifty as he is... he doesn't 'throw his body around'. He missed two games in three years in college and this was a freak accident where he was mid juke and the defender grabbed his ankle and rolled his entire body over top of it as Saquon was mid step. This had nothing to do with him 'throwing his body around'. His foot got caught in the grass as the dude tackling him put his entire body weight onto Saquon's ankle and rolled it extremely hard. As for the Shaun Alexander take... most RBs could only hope to be as great as Shaun Alexander, you're talking about one of the best RBs in the NFL for the early 2000s and one of a few RBs in history to win an MVP award. And Alexander wasn't exactly injury prone, he broke his foot one year and then broke his wrist the next year and then he retired after that basically. That said, Barkley is more Barry Sanders than Shaun Alexander in terms of style of runner. Alexander ran a 4.58 he didn't have near the shiftiness or breakaway speed or lateral agility of Barkley. Alexander ran through people a lot more than he avoided people.
  7. It sounds like the MRI was 100% just to be safe cause his shoulder was a bit sore. The MRI revealed nothing which likely means it's just a slightly bruised shoulder and nothing more, they wouldn't be putting him out there when 90% of the team is already hurt if there was any chance they felt he could injure the shoulder further. So I'm not terribly concerned he gets hurt, I also think there's a TONNNNN of pressure on the Browns. They were the offseason "champs" came out and didn't just lose to a mediocre Titans team, they got used and abused at home. They've heard about it all week, if they lose this game things are going to get really really ugly in Cleveland and they know it. So there's a ridiculous amount of pressure on the Browns and they're on the road. If they god forbid come out and Baker throws an early pick or the Jets get out to an early lead, the Browns could start to devolve quickly on the sidelines and unravel. In that scenario, Bell gets a ridiculous amount of work and could put up a ton of points this week. The flip side is that the Browns come out and just look the part, what we all expected and the offense clicks like mad and the Jets are forced to throw a lot. Without Enunwa out and with Sieman at QB... Bell could conceivably catch like 10+ passes in this game as Sieman is constantly under pressure and forced to dump the ball off a ton to Bell. Way I see it, whether the Browns collapse or they pounce on the Jets, unless Bell is actually hurt and they're hiding it and he barely plays any snaps (which seems highly unlikely), Bell should be a top play this week.
  8. I always try to get as close to 12th as possible in my one league, this year I wound up with 9th and started David Johnson, Lev Bell as my 1st and 2nd round pick. Which, if we assume players play up to their potential in their offenses... to me? That's way better than starting say Saquon + Julian Edleman or something like that. DJ + Bell have it in them and have proven to have the ability to both be #1 overall player in your league. Saquon has proven that too but that guy you're getting at the 2/3 turn, most definitely hasn't proven that. Even from the 12 hole though you could be going something like Tyreek/James Conner which I also like more, I almost always prefer the look of my team from the later parts in the draft. Personally, if I were to 'rank' my choices though I'd go like 12, 11, 10, 9, 1, 2, 3, 8, 4, 7, 5, 6 Those middle spots in the round can be BRUTAL as it almost always feels like you're reaching for someone there once you escape the 1st round.
  9. Not sure how Samuel isn't reasonable at 7/8 round. Just look at the guys going around his ADP (which is 7.06). Dante Pettis, Dede Westbrook (who I like more tbh), Larry Fitzgerald, Geronimo Allison, Sterling Shepard. These are all the guys going off the board in the 8th round in PPR. I would argue outside of Allison and Westbrook, Samuel has the most upside of those guys going in that range. He's a lock to be the WR2 for the Panthers, he may potentially see more target share than DJ Moore if the reports out of camp are to be believed at all. He runs a 4.3 40 as well, he won't need a large target share to produce anyway, he could very easily put up one of those 2015 Ted Ginn style seasons if Cam stays healthy where he goes off for like 60 receptions, 900 yards and 10 TDs by just taking the top off defenses and letting Cam use his ability to scramble and throw a bomb to him at a consistent enough clip to make him relevant. Also, I'd say you should look at the first few weeks of the Panthers schedule... Week 1 - Rams - They were 12th in ppg allowed to receivers last year, probably no different this season, their defense isn't very good in the secondary and their offense requires teams to keep playing chuck it football to keep up. Great matchup. Week 2 - Bucs- They were 7th overall in ppg allowed to receivers last year and their offense could take another step this season with Bruce Arians in town could be very similar to the Rams situation where you're forced to throw a ton. Elite matchup. Week 3 - Cardinals - They were middle of the road in ppg allowed last year, but outside of Pat Pete their secondary is nothing special. They probably allow a lot more ppg to receivers last year if they had any form of an offense. Assuming the offense is better this year, they'll stay in more games and keep teams foot on the gas more often. Good matchup. Week 4 - Texans - Middling matchup, pretty solid defense, but they will put up a ton of points on everyone so again, a deep ball guy can always break through the top of the defense. Week 5 - Jags - Elite defense, bad matchup. Week 6 - Bucs again Week 7 - 49ers - 2nd best matchup for opposing WRs last year, nothing will change this year. I could keep going, point is, the Panthers have an insanely favorable matchup. It appears Cam should be healthy this year. Both Samuel and Moore could be in line for a big target bump this season. To me, Samuel and Moore basically have equal upside with Moore having a slightly higher floor. The difference being I can get Samuel 2-3 rounds later in drafts. Where as with DJ Moore I'm debating between him and guys like OJ Howard, Evan Engram, Tevin Coleman, Miles Sanders, Mike Williams types. All of whom I would prefer over DJ Moore. With Samuel you're seeing Rashaad Penny, Derrius Guice, Kenyan Drake, Wentz, Brees, Dante Pettis around his ADP and from that group, Samuel probably has the highest floor and arguably the highest upside.
  10. Lets be fair... <insert Broncos offensive player here> and Cecil has told us to draft them. Some were horrible (HIllman, Ball, Latimer etc) and some were amazing (Emmanuel Sanders, Julius Thomas, Phillip Lindsay etc).
  11. Man, I clicked this expecting a few possible things someone would call out FBG on... this nonsense certainty wasn't one of them though. There are definitely some things they do that I find to be slightly annoying over time (primarily on the podcasts though). But I wouldn't say they pat themselves on the back too much, if anything it's the opposite. They pat the entire fantasy writer community on it's back. Not themselves.
  12. As far as I'm concerned, Haskins checks nearly every box in what you'd want in a QB. Size - Dude's a prototype in this department, he's big, he's meaty, he's not going to be easy to sack and he has that nice thick frame where he can take a hit and get back up without much issue. Arm Strength - He's not quite Mike Vick, but he can throw it 40 yards downfield on a dime and displayed that a lot last year. I can live with him not being able to throw it 85 yards the 5 times a season that type of play opens up. Accuracy - Kids hyper accurate on short/intermediate throws and seems to have consistently improved his deep ball accuracy as the season progressed last year. Footwork - Good footwork, not elite, but really good for his age an experience. He can get a little sloppy sometimes with it when throwing on the run, but most QBs get a bit sloppy throwing on the run, I'm sure this is something that'd be worked on a lot in the pros. Pocket Presence - Natural. Fluid. Those would be the best words I could use to describe him in the pocket. He seems to have that spidey sense for the pocket collapsing around him. Release - There was a tweet yesterday I saw that he basically tested in the elite category for release time and you can see that in his tape too. He has an extremely tight, compressed release. Guy gets the ball out of his hand so fast it's almost hard to see it on film, one minute the balls in his chest, you blink and it's in the air. This is a HUGE part of the game that's really a lot harder to fix this late in your life. Having a naturally fast release is a huge benefit to him. Character - From everything I've read and interviews I've watched, he's basically Saquon Barkley of QBs. Straight A student his whole life, nobody ever had anything bad to say about him, seems like he has a great head on his shoulders. Football IQ - This is a bit tougher to gauge but from watching him on the field and watching a few of those NFL Network/ESPN interviews with him on the XOs he seems to have a really high football IQ. Couple that with his high character and it makes for an ideal pairing for a locker room leader at the position. Downfield Vision - Watch film when this kid is under pressure, early in the season he would look down a lot at the defender coming into his face, but after the first few games he really seemed to fall into a Drew Brees like pattern. When he's scrambling he never seems to take his eye off his receivers, always going through his progressions. He also seems to be really good at going through his reads, very fast, very fluid, has a natural ability for looking defenders off that you don't usually see from a college QB, especially a 1st year starter. Coachability - This is the biggest pro to me for Haskins. We saw him go from incredibly raw, to being one of the most refined all around QBs in college by the end of the season. He never really regressed, every game he was building upon an aspect of his game. If he's able to do that in a single season in college, imagine what he could do with the amount of coaches and support staff he'd have in the pros. He seems like a student of the game. There are countless examples of QBs with all the skills but could never put it together because they didn't take to coaching well. Haskins seems to have all the skills and the ability to be coached up. In the right hands, he could be a dominant force in the NFL in a few years. Speed/Mobility - His biggest con probably, he's a pocket passer, a lot of people want to see him run more and I do think he'll run better than the 5.04 he ran at the combine at his pro day. He was dealing with cramps and seemed to show better speed on tape than 5.04, which is Eli/Peyton/Brady levels of slow. I think he'll clock more in the 4.75-4.80 range at his pro day. Far from Kyler Murray/Michael Vick territory, but he can move when he needs too. Experience - Simply put, he's a one year starter. That's scary for some teams, you never know if he just had that one Cinderella season (ala 2013 Nick Foles) and then regress heavily from there. But as a Giants fan, I for one am hoping they're all in on Haskins. I personally like him about as much as I liked Darnold and Mayfield last year. If he had the tape he had from this year but came out last year, I'd have probably had him in that top tier with those two and above Rosen and Allen.
  13. I'd be shocked if Bell plays again in a Steelers uniform personally. After all that stuff w/ his teammates coming out publicly to bash him, I'm really not sure how he can return to the locker room and act like nothing happened. I've legitimately never seen something like that before, usually players stick together. Even if they are annoyed the word to the press is always: So that's #1. Only way he suits up for the Steelers in my eyes is if they bite the bullet and pay him, which is doubtful. If he does somehow show up after the bye though... I'd say he's like a 50% split w/ Connor. He can be in as much shape as he wants ,everyone knows football shape and conditioning shape are two totally different things. Having the bye week will help, but I'd guess he would be on a semi-snap count going into that game.
  14. See, I disagree. I think what we're seeing is Nagy realize that Cohen fits his scheme and style better than Howard. Nagy is from the Andy Reid school, where north/south running is secondary to a RB who can work with the ball in space. Howard is a great downhill runner, but he's pedestrian in open space. Something tells me you're going to see this become more of a committee where Cohen is seeing 10 carries and 5-8 targets a game through the air. That's not a ton of work, but with his talent, it's enough to make him a low-end RB2 at worst in PPR.
  15. I believe this to an extent, however guys like Randy Moss, T.O. and Jerry Rice were prepared for and it didn't matter. Sometimes talent/system trumps preparation. It is such a silly argument. Like NFL teams didn't realize Beckham was their only real offensive threat and didn't try to game plan against him. I know not all NFL coaches are geniuses, but come on they aren't total idiots. There were several games later in the season where he was triple covered on a few plays and still outran the coverage. It's like people forget that as teams had more and more tape on him, he became harder and harder to stop. He just got better after every game. And that was after being a rookie in the NFL and missing every single training camp, OTA, preseason snap AND 4 games. He had literally zero training with the team outside of meetings and book studying. Think about the chemsitry Eli and OBJ had last year when they had no real time to build that chemistry. This year? He's been there for Training Camp and all offseason. Anyone thinking that last year was his ceiling is fooling themselves. Even if he doesn't put up quite the stats he did last year, there's good likelihood that he bests his rookie season again in his career.
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