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  1. Sooo, after an outbreak hit a centralized dispatch location for the overnight air express giant that I work for (rhymes with DefEx) and sent everyone home (and after two states mandated the same) the powers that be are finally allowing all those dispatchers who wish to work from home to do so effective 12/28. Until 2/1. Because magic. The Rona threat will dissipate in 30 days. The email also detailed "New CDC Guidelines" regarding masking that in reality have been in place for months. Another example on how behind we are with regards to Covid: Our first official departmental email on ma
  2. MOP- take this from a guy who ran competitively into his 30's, then not so competitively into his 40's ...then thought that he could hit the roads any time he wanted to and hammer out some sweet little ol' 5K's....and ran himself into two meniscus repairs in his 50's, a battery of Synvisc injections and a stern warning from my surgeon not to run unless I wanted to go the bionic knee route much earlier than "necessary." So I walk. Work those quads (the brakes/shock absorbers for those knees in running dynamics) and think in terms of LSD, not "fastest." Be patient.
  3. Down a solid 20lbs (pre pandemic weight loss) and holding as "The Reluctant Vegetarian" in my house. 80-90% plant based diet. I "cheat" at lunch- running with my cold cut habit in the office- and we do eggs and cheese. But with all of the plant based faux meat products to help put old favorites- spaghetti and meatballs, beef chili, etc on the table- you don't need the real stuff. Just came across the most awesome plant based burger this past week- Beyond Burger. Try em'! Your welcome.
  4. Long time/first time. Only diet I ever went on was Atkins during it's heyday. Dropped 30lbs down to 160 with people asking me if I was okay. I began running again- something I can never seem to undertake gradually- which precipitated my first meniscus tear surgery. Second came a couple of years later. Like most of us, I slowly put some of that weight back on. And the knees don't like that. Synvisc shots helped BIG time. Mrs glock underwent two major surgeries this past summer: abdominal surgery- that delayed a scheduled hip replacement- to remove a football sized tumor that turned o
  5. Might be a majority but far from universal. He represents a great opportunity for those of us who like seeing the league discomfited. I like that.
  6. Is this thing on? tap-tap...

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