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  1. Sooo, after an outbreak hit a centralized dispatch location for the overnight air express giant that I work for (rhymes with DefEx) and sent everyone home (and after two states mandated the same) the powers that be are finally allowing all those dispatchers who wish to work from home to do so effective 12/28. Until 2/1. Because magic. The Rona threat will dissipate in 30 days. The email also detailed "New CDC Guidelines" regarding masking that in reality have been in place for months. Another example on how behind we are with regards to Covid: Our first official departmental email on masking protocol in our office went out on 8/3. No, not 4/3 or 5/3 or 6/3 oooor 7/3. EIGHT/THREE. But, hey- we are moving the vaccine now, so there's that. Essential employees and now being spun as "Heros."
  2. Anyone following this Sidney Powell "bomb" that's supposed to drop regarding a software "glitch" in Michigan that- when corrected- supposedly switched 6,000 votes from Biden to Trump?? Claiming 47 more counties to be "corrected." Sounds to me like all the rest of the nonsense being spouted by the GOP, but haven't seen anything up in here yet...
  3. How do those TV evangelists do what they do?
  4. What might one hit when this far off the rails??
  5. Not exactly a false equivalency in this case...
  6. It would be nice if we could just rip the bandaid off in one fell swoop, but that’s not how this works.
  7. My fav relevant linky: How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind
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