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  1. Scoresman, I am knee deep in a Forno Bravo oven build right now. I went with the Casa 100. The foundation is poured and I am awaiting delivery. For years I have grilled pizza on my Green Egg, but I just can't seem to get the sustainable temps I desire for good crust. This is my Covid project. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  2. I sure can because I'd love to know if it is something we are doing?? First. We run an online auction with 15 second bid windows. I have never attempted a "Slow" auction on MFL. In both instances the engine was not capable of handling the speed of bidding. Coaches were complaining of their bids not being registered. I don't think we even got through the first round before we bailed. I want to be very clear here that I think MFL is top notch with absolutely every other aspect of their hosting.
  3. I have acreage and a 2008 Yamaha Rhino. I paid 5k for it and it is an exceptional work tool. I would not want to manage my land without it. Side by sides are considerably more safe than ATVs, but even more than that they are much more useful. I am with Ron, I have considered upgrading to a ROXOR or just an old CJ. The problem that I have it that the turning radius that is required to work around my grapes is too tight for these options. Honestly, if I did not have this problem I would have gone to a Roxor a while back. I might just add that if you have snow r
  4. Our league has been hosted by MFL for the last six years. We have tried using their live auction draft engine and have found it subpar. Both times we used MFL we had to jump over to CBS to finish out the auction. I cannot tell you what a pain this is. I am unaware if MFL has made improvements this season, but we will be auctioning again on CBS.
  5. I just started Disco Elysium, now that it is available for the Mac. I have no idea what to expect. I have tinkered around in the game for about 30 mins. So far, it's more like a good book than a good game. It's a promising beginning.
  6. I live in Boone, and I would not drive from my house to the ski slopes right now. We have been unusually warm. It is the kind of weather that give packed powder a bad name. You should trade your skiis for a mountain bike. You should still come on up the hill, there is lots to do. I second Simey's food list above. That guy has good taste. Enjoy.
  7. Morton, I agree. I am rolling with kielce, hill, and Patrick. I could substitute C Godwin but I think Hill's speed might be deadly today. Furthermore, if recent history is any indication weather reports these days are a little over dramatic.
  8. I am drafting Conner with confidence. Almost every single RB in the league will deal with some kind of committee, but they won't have Conner's OL. Plus I just really like this kid's heart.
  9. I am a lifetime Steelers fan and this makes me grin, but the whole thing is a damn shame.
  10. I’m am trying to get Freeman for him. The Bell owner is pondering it.
  11. Agreed. I am a long time DD user, but it just doesn't mock an auction draft as well as other tools.
  12. I'm curious. Trying to decide between HZD and FC5 for the upcoming holiday week. Anyone want to chime in with an opinion? Thanks.
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