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  1. He may be in a crowded corp but he is looking good in otas. I haven't missed a snap of Lsu football since the early 90's so I'm pulling for him. He certainly wont see worse Qb play than he did in college even with Bortless throwing the ball. https://jaguarswire.usatoday.com/2018/05/27/jimmy-smith-believes-d-j-chark-will-be-a-very-good-receiver-for-the-jags/ https://blackandteal.com/2018/05/29/dj-chark-is-the-right-fit-for-the-jacksonville-jaguars-wide-receiving-unit/ Hope he spends a little more time in the weight room to help him deal with press coverage and I'm sure McCardell
  2. I have watched tons of video on Booker and here's some of the issues I saw that I mentioned earlier in the Collins thread. In this one he fumbles after a catch. He swings his arms around trying to maintain balance and gets the ball away from his body. Fumble vs Cal Same thing here on a reception. Utah vs Cal Fumble vs Oregon My first time watching everything I could find I noticed numerous plays like this. Most seemed to come on pass plays or when he was in space. 2nd time through I didn't take as much stock in it. I think it was just so prevalent in my mind and
  3. I intended on adding a little commentary on the Allen trade I posted but had an emergency call come in from work and had to run out. The Allen and late picks for 2.03 that i listed was done during the fantasy playoffs. I only posted it after i saw his to show what people were asking for Allen. I thought a mid second was fair with a few later picks coming back for IDP purposes but the main reason I took the deal was that we were playing for draft position and I was near the bottom of those who didn't make the playoffs and I needed another rb to plug in. It actually helped bump me up to third pi
  4. I find it rather difficult to not hedge on alot of these guys. When I'm working on my rankings I go in with the intention of not hedging since I haven't ever shared my personal rankings with any else. I want to come out with a product that I feel comfortable with and I find that as I start dropping some of the older guys down that brings up some younger guys that I don't necessarily love and I end up saying man that guy is to high and adjusting. A guy like Rawls who I have at 11 right now has looked really good but was a later draft pick and doesn;t have a long track record so I will move him
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