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  1. A bunch of FBGs doing that would be epic. But my wife is big on social media promotion so if some pictures make their way to the winery's FB/Insta feeds, don't say I didn't warn you. 😉
  2. I love it - but there are some caveats to my answer. I do things very differently than most. I have no employees - it's just me and my wife - and you won't find my wines in shops or restaurants (even prior to COVID). My business is 100% private seated tastings by appointment and I only take 1 group at a time. So I'm not getting tour buses or bachelorette parties - I'm getting people that love wine and want to spend time getting to know the folks actually doing all the work in a more relaxed setting. We view all of this as relationship building with each customer. It works because I'm mak
  3. Don't want to hijack OP too much and we can gladly take this to PM if they would prefer. This is me: Bells Up. I'm literally a 2 minute drive up the hill from the Allison so you'd better come see me at the very least. 😉 Can give you a ton of recs but I need to know 3 things to fine tune it: 1. How long you'll be here 2. What type of experiences you're looking for. Some of the Napa-type experiences described above with expansive food pairings and such don't exist here to that extent - it's mostly about the wines and the people behind them. There are plenty of places in the area
  4. Ken has achieved a Godfather-like status here. It's well earned given all he's done for the Valley but he's a little more commercial now. I opened my place in 2015 and even in just that time, Oregon's reputation for producers across the board has elevated significantly. Hard to find wine here that isn't beautifully made - just depends on what style you're looking for. Totally agree on Yakima and I'll add Prosser and Walla Walla for the most authentic experiences with fantastic wines. Woodinville has all the fancy tasting rooms and all the big names but they're all getting their grapes
  5. I might be the Oregon winery guy you're thinking of as @Quintand I have collaborated in some other wine threads here. He's obviously well dialed in on all things Napa/Sonoma. On the other hand, if you want a more laid back vibe but super fun and much less pricey, come see us in the Willamette Valley.
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