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  1. Which one would you start ? I need as many points as I can get, since this is my championship game . Giovani Bernard @ Miami Allen Lazard vs Philly Noah Fant(1.5 PPR) @ KC Denzel Mims vs LV Jamison Crowder vs LV Cole Beasley @ SF Latavius Murray @Atlanta
  2. I made it to finals in my league. This is the last week to do any waiver wire for the year. After the title game, which is this week, I will be in a 3 week tournament to win a very large prize. I'm looking at picking up a Defense and possibly another WR. Need to figure who to drop. I'm looking at Arizona Defense and Denzel Mims(NYJ) to pickup. I was thinking of dropping Akins for Arizona Def(decent schedule 14-16 Would drop either Reagor or Crowder for Mims Here is my team: DeShaun Watson, Philip Rivers D. Henry, N Chubb, A. Gibson, L Murray, G. Bernard AJ Brown, K.
  3. Cole Beasley vs Seattle Jamison Crowder(Coming off injury) vs NE; No, I don't have a backup that night if Crowder doesn't play. Normally this would be a no brainer and Crowder would be my pick, but with the coming off injury gets me nervous. Beasley does have a good matchup vs Seattle though.
  4. I have K. Golladay hurt(not sure when he'll be back) and Jamison Crowder still out. I need depth at my WR position. I don't need to start anyone I pick up today. Here is who I have: AJ Brown, J. Jefferson, Jalen Reagor and Cole Beasley. Here is whose available, Allen Lazard(Coming back very soon), Darnell Mooney, Keelan Cole, Marvin Hall (Protect Golladay), Braxton Berrios (Protect J. Crowder), Kendrick Bourne (Short term use most likely) Who would you pick up and please rank, if possible since other teams in my league also need wr's Thanks
  5. Who would you start this week? Cole Beasley vs NE Jalen Reagor vs DAL Noah Fant vs LAC (Gets 1.5 PPR)
  6. Full point PPR! First, here are my receivers on my roster: K. Golladay, AJ Brown, J. Crowder(INJ), J. Jefferson, C. Beasley and Keelan Cole Here is who is available: Rashard Higgins, Allen Lazard, Jalen Reagor(Coming back from injury)? Would you stay put, or would you drop Cole for one of these guys above?
  7. Who would you start? Keelan Cole @ LAC 1.0 ppr or Noah Fant vs KC: 1.5 ppr
  8. I need to decide on who I'm going to start at RB, WR, TE and Flex Starting D. Henry already; Need to start 1 other: RB: Antonio Gibson, Gio Bernard or L. Murray Starting Golladay already: Need to start 1 other: WR: AJ Brown (Tough matchup vs Pitt), Jamison Crowder(QUESTIONABLE TO PLAY), Keelan Cole, Cole Beasley Need to start 1 TE: Noah Fant or TJ Hockensen (1.5 PPR) Whoever I don't start at the other positions I can use for Flex. I need to start 2 Flex (RB,WR, TE): Available would be those 3 RB's, any of the other WR's I mentioned or the other TE. Any help would be ap
  9. I need a defense this week(INDY on bye) and also don't have depth at RB. I could possibly could use another TE. Here is my team: DeShaun Watson, Brees D. Henry, Chubb(IR), A Gibson, L. Murray, D'Ernest Johnson WR: Golladay, AJ Brown, J. Crowder, J. Jefferson, K. Cole, Cole Beasley TE: Hockerson, Fant(INJ), (J. Akins(INJ), C Brate) K: Lutz & J. Sanders(Dropping Sanders for one of my needs.) Def: INDY(ON bye) don't want to drop. I'm looking at dropping Sanders for one of these defenses: PHILLY, Seattle or LAC I also need RB or possibly another TE. I am looking at drop
  10. My kicker is on bye this week(Will Lutz). I don't want to drop him. My problem is figuring out who to drop. TE's are big in this league. They get 1.5 PPR. The rest get full point PPR. Here's my team DeShaun Watson, Drew Brees D. Henry, A. Gibson, Chubb(injured), D'Ernest Johnson, LaTavius Murray and Gio Bernard(This is who I'm leaning towards dropping.) WR: Golliday, AJ Brown, Crowder, J. Jefferson, Beasley and Keelan Cole(This is another option) TE: Hockenson, Fant(INJ), J. Akins(INJ) and C. Brate. K: Lutz DEF INDY Who would you drop for the another kicker?
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