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  1. I'd have to agree. What a gutsy performance by UNC last night. It's a shame they ended up loosing that game because IMO they wanted it more than LSU. They killed themselves with mistakes and you just can't do that and beat a team as talented as LSU. One that is for sure, that UNC roster is littered with top flight talent. It's been a good week for the ACC thus far. UNC was the only loss yesterday and that was too be expected with 13 starters out. The top tier teams were very impressive as Mia, FSU and GT all won easily. VTech can really make a statement tomorrow night. Really looking
  2. I think FSU has to be the favorite simply because they have the best collection of talent in the Atlantic Division. Man it is pretty striking how much better (at least on paper) the Coastal Division is this year. Anyone of Mia, VTech, GTech or UNC would win the Atlantic if they were over there IMO. They are clearly the best 4 teams in the ACC this year. We'll see how much they beat each other up over the course of the season.
  3. I can't wait to see how this Mia team play this year. I think they have a ton of talent but they needed some seasoning and maturation. They have a brutal schedule this year traveling to OSU and Pitt in their non-conference games. Should be a great season to watch for Mia fans though.
  4. In Chi's 5 losses Cutler has thrown 15 INTs, 3 per game. In Chi's 4 wins Cutler has thrown 2 INTs, 0.5 per game. Yet still so many people will minimize the effect of turning the ball over.
  5. He was also playing for a genuine offensive genius, which he definitely is not now.Very true. The play calling and overall offensive coaching in Chi thus far has left a lot to be desired. They simply do not run the ball enough and call plays as if they expect Cutler to win every game. On top of that his weapons aren't the best. His best weapon is the guy they hardly use anymore that lines up about 6 yds behind Cutler.
  6. I feel that he was horribly overrated as an NFL commodity and is not the elite QB we were led to believe he was. He is a good young QB with great potential and a lot of work to do.
  7. I'm sure it has nothing to do with having a QB who can't throw much of anything more than the 8-10 yard variety.They threw to him once in the first half deep and he tripped all over himself and fell down, thus allowing Reed to catch the ball, turnaround, and run 65 yards for a score the toher way. Ginn tripped so badly that he could not recover to even get up and make an attempt at Reed. Just wanted to inject a few facts from the game today.You should try and get your facts correct...Ginn was tripped by the Baltimore defender and the pass was terribly thrown (short and to the inside of the fi
  8. Visit My Website Pretty sick Whitney video.
  9. This is part of the reason why I'm down on guys like Charles, Forte, Smith, and McFadden. The BMI numbers don't trump what my eyeballs show me, but this year they align with my pre-established opinions almost perfectly. I always felt that Rice and Mendenhall looked like a RB should look when they ran the football, whereas most of the low BMI guys failed to win me over at any point in the process. I think I've been evaluating RBs long enough to have a rough idea of what a RB "should" look like. When a RB doesn't meet those standards, it concerns me. These numbers offer a clue about what I'm see
  10. You're right, that's ridiculous.Her voice gives me chills, amazing, to bad she likes the base pipe.... Here is a couple more for your viewing pleasure...Super Bowl Young and innocent?
  11. For anyone who ever wonders why the schmucks on American Idol shouldn't try and perform Whitney Houston....
  12. Amazing news!!!How long until they know the status of his brain?
  13. Does anyone have any actual news? Is this just a waiting game at this point or what?
  14. You make it sound like it was their plan all along for Taylor to come out of his bedroom and get shot in the leg. If it was a "hit", surely they hoped to break in undetected and find Taylor et al still asleep.No, I'm making it sound as though these were inexperienced thieves who panicked when they actually encountered people.
  15. You make it look like he was the target of some sort of "hit." I find it a little harder to believe that. If that was the case, these "robbers" wouldn't have only hit him once. In the leg of all places too.
  16. If I'm a robber, I would go in and subdue the people in the bedroom all quiet-like so that I could go about taking stuff. What I wouldn't do is go in guns blazing so that I have to leave without getting any goods, rational or not.Wasn't Taylor up and about "investigating" things at the time he was shot? From what I've heard he was. If that was the case, it wasn't likely that he could have just been subdued. Rather that he startled the buglers and they simply took action.
  17. Doesn't sound like robbery was a motive at all here.That doesn't tell us if it was or wasn't. They very well could have planned to rob the place but when they realized people were home they panicked. Shot a guy and fled asap.Most robbers don't proceed directly to the bedroom, burst in and shoot, then flee. Ruins the whole "having time to grab stuff" angle. Robbery may have been the motive, but like I said it doesn't "sound" like a robbery motive. Please not that "doesn't sound" is not the same as "isn't".Most people who shot someone are not thinking rationally afterwards.
  18. Doesn't sound like robbery was a motive at all here.That doesn't tell us if it was or wasn't. They very well could have planned to rob the place but when they realized people were home they panicked. Shot a guy and fled asap.
  19. As a long time PSU fan and person who has seen Morelli play since high school, I tell tell you this guy never should have had NFL "stock" to begin with.A. Woodson of Kentucky is a huge oversight to this list IMO. I think Trea Williams, CB of South Florida has raised his stock a great deal thus far.
  20. I take Smith over Ward rather easily if I do not need to worry about health. The major reason being that he provides a much more dangerous deep threat and can stretch the field with the best of any NFL WRs. Close to, but not quite on par with Moss IMO.
  21. Hold on. Steve Smith is not an example of someone having an edge in receiving. Smith has had two good years to talk about. Here they are: Rec Yards Y/R TD Pos. Rank 88 1110 12.6 7 15103 1583 15.2 12 1Here are Ward's top two seasons: Rec Yards Y/R TD Pos. Rank112 1329 12.9 12 3 95 1163 12.2 10 6I agree with this point. Smith however is no where near a HoFer at this point in time either though.
  22. Haven't really read through this thread so sorry if it's been brought up already.... but. No, I don't see him getting in as of now. I don't think he ever was a dominating WR or was ever percieved that way. Even looking at his stats, nothing really jumps out at you with exception to 1 season: | Rushing | Receiving |+----------+-----+--------------------------+-------------------------+| Year TM | G | Att Yards Y/A TD | Rec Yards Y/R TD |+----------+-----+--------------------------+-------------------------+| 1998 pit | 16 | 1 13 13
  23. Figured I'd check in, drunk and stupid right now. Just got back from a party drank about 12 bud lights and 6 or so shots of all kinds of stuff. Somehow managed to get a chick in the process. Wansn't the best in the world, but best availiable if you know what I mean. Great time and couldn't ask for more on a Sat night!
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