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  1. Same guy as before.And if, for instance, we wanted to know who that guy is, his name would be......Rod Smith. http://www.dallascowboys.com/team/depth-chartSo he's not even listed on the depth chart now? WTF? as a FA, no he is not. They moved quickly.Damn, just realized he was released... Guess that's what I get for actually doing work.
  2. Same guy as before.And if, for instance, we wanted to know who that guy is, his name would be...... Rod Smith. http://www.dallascowboys.com/team/depth-chartSo he's not even listed on the depth chart now? WTF?
  3. This one?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiJ4-ZFcRPA&feature=youtube_gdata_playerThat's a funny one. I blasted him for it years ago and of course people thought I was being over critical.BTW here is the speech I'm referring too. http://youtu.be/wiqLwrpbxkw
  4. Dalton was bad. Eifert was terrible. Green was good but for the fumble, which was really just a great defensive play
  5. Yeah seems like a near layup of a play for Car given Cam's legs. All they really have to do is run a simple boot with a run/pass option featuring Olsen. It's put defenses in a real bind having to focus on one or the other and just take what they give you.
  6. If the guy before you took Julio, you couldn't have had him.
  7. So, if Hurns is out is the opportunity there for Lee... Who is finally healthy?
  8. It's called the get cute game plan. It rarely works but Cinci is just so talented they can pull it off.
  9. Both Foles and Bradford suck. Both are/were among the worst starting QBs in the NFL. Can we move on from that now?
  10. Disagree, lots of competent QBs could.
  11. Guy was awful yesterday. He missed several easy throws and wide open (by NFL standards) guys. Watching the game it seemed obvious he was the one of the primary reasons they lost. The other being a D that suddenly gives up a ton of big plays. I'm not sure why they didn't just lean on Gurley more at the mid-point of the game and second half. It was literally their only chance.
  12. averaging 83 yds per game (more than megatron, cooper, hurns, hilton, sanders etc). was hurt to start the season. and is 22. Evans aint killing nobody, he's pretty spectacular. admittedly, the drops last week were brutal. dropped ONE this week He did drop one this week, but boy it was a third and 14 that was right on the money.He's also getting almost no separation on his deep routes (most of the time) and is constantly getting forced too close to the edge and not giving his QB hardly any margin for error on deep balls, particularly the deep sideline throws. Winston keeps forcing it to him, th
  13. Manning owner in one of my leagues had to take a -10.6 this week... Ouch!
  14. He had a few of those rookie mental lapses this week, but again was impressive for the most part. Evans is killing him. That guy has been terrible this year. The post game speech.... Damn. It's easy to see why teammates love him.
  15. WTF are you talking about? Winston has been outstanding and Evans is hurting him far more than he is hurting Evans. Evans has the 2nd highest drops in the NFL and a 9.6% drop rate. TB as a team has the 5th highest drop rate.
  16. Yeah, he looks awesome. THat was a terrible drop there though. I am being extremely sarcastic, he looks like ####. One drop?It happens. Marshall just had one that caused an int. Yeah, because those "drops" were remotely the same. Actually, that might not even go down as a drop because ricocheted off Gilmore before it got to him. Probably goes as a pass defenses. Let's also not forget his ill timed jump earlier that looked like a drunk guy missing a door handle on his way out of a bar.
  17. He must know his defense is going to give up like 50. So, lots of KO returns.
  18. Shelf Life (in dynasty).I love Gurley as much as anybody. I think he is flat out awesome. But, in dynasty, give me a stud WR any day. With the injuries that eventually come to ALL rbs (name one great Rb that hasn't had a decent injury in the past 2-3 seasons), it's a no-brainer to me. Say you drafted Larry Fitzgerald back in 2004. You still got him and he's been great his entire career except the years he had wasteland QBs. Even then, he always had AT LEAST flex value. Look at the guys that were taken ahead of him. SJAX (great but often injured and hasn't been a factor for three years),
  19. I find it hard to inderstand how a team rebuilding gives away a RB who is arguably already the best in the NFL at 21 years old.
  20. I refuse to acknowledge that trade as typical Gurley "value."
  21. I'd take him over anyone in that group but Carr. Carr looks like the real deal and also has great weapons moving forward.
  22. This guy played well yesterday, shockingly. Had Torry Smith not dropped like 3 easy passes, it would have looked far better on the stat sheet. The late pick was ugly, but other than that it was very solid game.
  23. The fact that McFadden is played every snap on Sunday should tell you everything about the way the coaches feel about Michael's ability to contribute. That and Smith entered the game early, while CMike never did at all.
  24. One of yesterday's TD's was a HORRIBLE pass. Just awful. Two defenders were there. One of them muffed the catch and bounced it off his hands to Delanie Walker who rumbled all the way down the field. I'm not bashing Mariota. Agree that he's going to be super good. But if that 4-TD mark is meaningful to you, go watch that one then decide for yourself.That was the most awful/lucky TD pass I think I've ever seen. It was a pathetic throw. That aside, I didn't see the game. How'd he look otherwise?
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