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  1. He should have had over 400 yes and like 3 TD passes if anyone on that team could catch. Looking at you Mike Evans. He continues to impress. Some of the throes he made were incredible.
  2. I absolutely agree that a lot of guys are holding onto him when they should be pursuing better available players. Fortunately I am not in that situation, I have good depth at RB and WR. Michael is definitely the last guy on my bench (#7 RB) but I don't see anyone all that compelling to drop him for. Next week, however, that may change because my kicker (Lambo) will be on the bye so Michael may end up hitting the wire for another kicker. He's my #7 RB, I am not all that attached to him on my fantasy team.Holy crap, 7 RBs? How many roster spots do you have? I'm in a lot of leagues and I don'
  3. This guy is a shell of the player we saw lasts year. Extremely disappointing. Gotta wonder if he's healthy. Maybe just content.
  4. If you don't start Hill tonight. You petty much never will.
  5. Gurley named to this pseudo mid season All Pro team. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000572707/article/position-rankings-midseason-allpro-team
  6. I just don't understand how so many people bought into there not being a lot of competition. This has been a RBBC nightmare from the very start. Now you have Bell looking like the best RB on the team to boot.
  7. Can we stop talking about numb's team and back to Gurley?
  8. News flash, a QB struggles behind one of the worst offensive lines in all of college football.
  9. That is one of the more amazing things I've read all year... DHB that is. 2x clocked over 23 mph? Holy freaking crap!
  10. Yes, it's called benched for Cousins. I'd take Cousins every day of the week over Gabbert.He's just trolling. Thinks I'm a Skins fan... Which is still pretty funny.
  11. Mort just reported it didn't happen. I guess they ran out of time... Worked all the way up to the deadline.
  12. Den and Car could easily find a way to justify giving up 2 1st for Thomas. He's that good, right now. They both have a massive need. The thing is,mother are both winning without him. So, I'm not sure how you justify it. Giving up 2 1st is a lot. It greatly impedes your future IMO. Even if they are late 1st. its up to them to weigh this. Do they really NEED a player like Thomas to give them a shot at a Super Bowl? Sure he helps, but how much does he help the odds? Does that increase outweigh the impact of your future growth? For me, no.
  13. Why not? He isn't really that talented of a back to be scooped up. I think he WOULD get picked up as a 3rd back somewhere if his mental health was good, but it clearly isn't. Would be shocked if someone took him.There were just a slew of RBs injured and out for a long time. Not that talented, but he was a starting RB just a few weeks ago. There are teams who need RB depth badly. Of course we don't know his mental state or the suspension details. So there's that.
  14. I agree, there are always cut offs in any draft. Those cut offs are dependent on the talent pools and depth. Every pick later in the draft reduces the potential of reaching those cuts offs of talent. Some years, a high 2nd may end up being about the same as a low 1st based on the talent available and your board. That's why teams generally trade down. For all the teams that trade down though, there are teams that trade up. So, the value is subjective, as are the cut offs. Simply put, your just always better off having the higher picks regardless of cut offs because your cut off isn't the same
  15. Benched for Gabbert. Is there anything lower? http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000572076/article/niners-bench-colin-kaepernick-blaine-gabbert-to-start
  16. Wow, that is weird. Can't imagin he's a FA long, unless there is she serious crap going on personally.
  17. Is a team really being stupid if there are a very good team and they give a 2016 and 2017 1st (both projected late 1sts) for Joe Thomas, especially if LT is a weakness for them? I think so, yeah. He's over 30 and won't be dominant for much longer. I guess it's up to the teams to decide, though. If you think you can win a Super Bowl by adding him that is worth a lot.
  18. So basically, Thomas isn't for sale. Unless of course you are offering something stupid in value. Then of course we are listening.
  19. Funchess was a 2nd, but the depth would've been a lot better in Carolina - more OL depth, maybe more DL depth too. Funchess cost what, 2nd, 3rd, 4th? Right... Brain fart.
  20. I couldn't help but contemplate what this team might look like had Andre and Gore decided to bring their Championship hopes to Charlotte instead of Indy. I'm guessing maybe they are too, lol. Could have then drafted an Olineman in the first instead of Funchess, who's looked terrible.
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