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  1. If he's cheap, I love it.Let him return kicks and punts as well. Car has the offense that could utilize his skills. Lots of motion, speed sweeps and screens. sure. But Boldin seems better IMO. Could be. Would certainly be more reliable. Car needs explosive plays, though. Patterson would be a better bet for that, though a bigger gamble.
  2. If he's cheap, I love it. Let him return kicks and punts as well. Car has the offense that could utilize his skills. Lots of motion, speed sweeps and screens.
  3. So they aren't really serious about trading Joe Thomas. Would do it if offered a ton of picks, offer you can't refuse, type deal.
  4. Gio didn't run well between the tackles until this year. At which point I've said he has run well between the tackles. I've been very objective about this. I've stated Hill has played like crap most of this year and Gio has outplayed him. You're just making things up, now. Not only that, but you ignored most of my post. I guess it doesn't help the narrative. Carry on.
  5. Just had an offer of Romo. Did you laugh before hitting reject?
  6. The bias is ignoring the actual cause of why they struggled so you can craft it towards the Gio agenda. They won while the opposing QB threw 3 INTs? How about they won while THEIR QB threw 2 INTs. Dalton had a season low completion %, season low YPA, season high INT total, season low yardage total, season low QBR and was sacked 3 times. Pitt actually did something other teams haven't been able to do all year. They pressured Dalton effectively with speed rushers. They created a lot of mistakes. Then you follow up your post with snarky remarks like I wonder if they want to win. Really? This
  7. The Bengals offense had perhaps their worst game of the season by phasing Bernard out of the game. While there is something to division opponents being more familiar with each other helping the game plan, there is some truth to that I think, but it works both ways. The Steelers are NOT as good a defense as they played against the Bengals. Whatever the Bengals game plan was.. it was a big step backwards from what they have been doing all season. What was missing? Bernard. Offensive snaps for the 2RB from most recent game Hill 35 snaps 52% 15 rushing attempts 60 yards 1 target 1 reception 8 yar
  8. Dalton's pick in the end zone was a terrible throw. It was right at the S. Why are you ignoring that one?
  9. Yeah, don't do that again Winston. Love the effort, but; 1. You can't block. It looks awkward as hell. 2. Martin doesn't need your help.
  10. Relax everyone. I've identified the problem. Yes, he looks impressive every time he touches the ball. He already looks like the best RB in the game. Anytime he gets his hands on the ball it feels like he could break a big run. He's just that good. Simply watch the games and it's so obvious it will smack you across the face.
  11. Man what a difference a week makes. The schedule doesn't look as daunting now that Atl lost again and GB lost. Win these next 2 and Car is well entrenched in the driver seat of the NFC. Den made GB's offense look inept. I don't think the Panthers can do e same, but it at least reveled some serious chinks in the armor.
  12. Whaaaat? Micro fracture surgery. That would be brutal.
  13. What is a badly torn MCL. It's either torn or it's not, right?I have this talk with patients a lot. Take a Kleenex, since I can't demonstrate, tear the edge. That's a tear. Poke your finger through it. That's a tear. Now scratch it, that's a tear too. Now use that analogy for muscles/ligaments/tendons in the body. Technically, a pulled hamstring is a grade 1 tear. So no, there is a wide variety of tears Yeah, I thought they called those other "tears" pulls or stains, ect.
  14. What is a badly torn MCL. It's either torn or it's not, right?
  15. Take away his legs, and he'd have to run on his hands. He'd still probably be top 10. Actually, might get better. Lower center of gravity.
  16. Cook. Who was the last successful QB with a career completion percentage of 58%? He's never even broken 59% in a year. Is this some sort of spinoff of your how many guys threw X amount of picks last year when you tried to derail Winston?
  17. OK. No need to continue if you can't be objective. Continue your crusade in the Gio thread, then.
  18. The difference in the offense was clearly that Dalton had his worst game of the year. Hill looked good.
  19. This is what I'm thinking. I used my number 1 waiver priority on DMC last week Whoever is the RB when Romo returns will have value. McFadden already has value.
  20. Yeah, if they are saying it in the media, it must be true.Right before your eyes amigo if you are willing to look. Today is proof positive. Hill had more touches, however I don't know if today was a great endorsement for Hill going forward. Game flow dictates their usage. The offense has been much better all year with Gio as the primary guy. Today, Cincy had their worst game offensively and what was the one thing that was different? Gio was somehow forgotten about. This year when Cincy is down, in hurry up or looking to get better flow it has been with Gio. Hill had some nice runs today but
  21. He hasn't turned the ball over in the last 3 weeks. Dude is balling.
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