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  1. Looking at mocks and doing a few myself, it seems like (unless someone they really like on either line is available) a trade down in the first to possibly collect a 2nd rounder back would be the best move. Looks like a ton of o-line and d-line depth in the 2nd/3rd round so I would welcome a move down in the first unless there is a stud available at 14. Hate to say it but if one of the WRs falls, I wouldn't mind that pick as well because Thielen is getting up there in years and there is no depth at all at the position...
  2. I've been reading a lot about the Vikings needing an Edge rusher with their 1st round pick. If Hunter is healthy, I thought Wonnum played really well last year - no idea why he didn't play more! I'm thinking DT is a much higher priority for them than a DE. Am I wrong about this?
  3. I'm a South Dakotan who has a casual interest in Gopher athletics so will tune in to them and cheer for them if I happen to be on the couch while they are playing, so didn't make a point to watch him every game but saw about 3 or 4 of the games he played in this year. He didn't dominate like I would expect from a first round draft pick. Seemed to not get much separation and looked like he was a bit of a "body catcher." This is just in the games I watched so they could have been "bad" games for him versus his body of work overall but just didn't strike me as a "star." Nothing other than t
  4. From Dustin Baker on Twitter: Matthew Stafford v. Jared Goff, Last 50 Starts: Stafford-- 13,401 Pass Yds 79 Pass TDs 32 INT 65.1% Comp 94.7 Passer Rating 2 Rush TDs 15 Fumbles Lost Goff-- 13,898 Pass Yds 82 Pass TDs 42 INT 64.7% Comp 93.1 Passer Rating 8 Rush TDs 16 Fumbles Lost
  5. Nothing like the Caps giving up a shorthanded goal with a two man advantage!! 😪
  6. I agree with you. They need to build the lines and with all the QBs available in this upcoming draft, they may be able to have a high quality lineman fall to them and be "forced" to make the correct decision.
  7. I am torn a little bit because getting a first round QB that could be the future of the franchise on a 5 year (1st rounder) deal would be ideal to help build around what is there already versus the build around the QB that we have. I do think that once his contract is done, that Kirk will have outplayed his contract - everyone see him as overpaid but think he is putting up numbers that would get any other QB a much higher deal. With the salary cap going down, it would probably be best to draft the QB - but they would have to be sure he is going to be a good one and that is where the trouble li
  8. Ok, I'm bored and week 17 is meaningless... I will preface this by saying that I am a Kirk Cousins fan, but thinking about the draft, plenty of needs everywhere, but what if one of the QBs falls...Trask, Lance, and I really think Ehlinger will be a good NFL QB (but could maybe be had in the 2nd or 3rd - yes, would have to trade up into the 2nd). Would the Vikings be best served building the lines some more or taking the QB of the future if one is available?
  9. Vikings lost this one on their own, but I do have to say, some of those penalty calls were, ummm, bizarre...🧐
  10. I'm not an NFL scout but he doesn't pass they eye test for me...
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