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  1. KJ Osborn has looked really good in camp. Has the inside track to WR3 right now...although I'm not sure that makes him fantasy relevant because Irv looks unreal right now and will be the third receiving option for this team (and a TE steal in fantasy). Westbrook hasn't been practicing yet (off to the side workouts) but the WR depth is better now to cover for injuries that may show up (feel bad for Bisi). If the QB can stay off the COVID reserve list, I am cautiously optimistic about this being a special season...
  2. I might be in the minority here but I like Purple Daily on Skor North. Zulgad gets a little repetitive when he finds one thing a week to harp on each day but at least they will point out what needs to be done (even if they are wrong) instead of just painting everything rosy.
  3. You don't make that kind of offer to go up and get a "franchise QB"
  4. I'm thinking with the neck injury, he is done...they were probably going to cut him anyway. They found someone to take a chance on the guy for cheap...not a bad trade, IMO. I didn't think he played all that bad when healthy but the guy had a ton of injuries.
  5. Count me as one that doesn't get the obsession with the schedule release...
  6. Love this guy!! ***Bonus points on the video with some Kay Adams included!! 😍
  7. I really like what they did in this draft...I am a little shocked they didn't take a CB. Bynum was listed as one but they introduced him as a safety. Hopefully that means that Hughes will be ok and who knows about the Gladney situation.
  8. I love what they have done! Didn't include Darrisaw as I didn't think he'd be available in a trade down and would have preferred AVT as a guard but getting Wyatt Davis later than I thought he would be available more than makes up the guard position. Huge to get those two plus Mond for the #14 pick (basically). Mond isn't the QB pick I wanted but glad they took someone. He will add excitement to the offense if he ever sees the field. I think they need to get a WR, Safety, corner and D-tackle today. Also, need to draft some more O-line help. Honestly, wouldn't be upset if they picked a kicker...(did I just say that???)
  9. Here are guys that I would be excited about the Vikings drafting at some point in this draft (in the appropriate round, of course - and ignoring obvious studs that won't really be available): O-line: AVT, Cosmi, Leatherwood, Kendrick Green, Brady Christensen, WR: Demetric Felton, Marquez Stevenson, Anthony Schwartz RB: Jermar Jefferson, Kylinn Hill, Chubba Hubbard D-line: Jaelynn Twyman, Payton Turner, Jordan Smith D-backs: Shaun Wade, James Wiggins, Ambry Thomas, Keith Taylor LB: Tony Fields, Monty Rice QB: Trask, Mills
  10. I'm liking him as a target for the Vikings in the 3rd/4th round. If that is his destination, I think he has some fantasy potential in the short and long term.
  11. He has missed time the last two seasons because of neck injuries...some talk that it might be a career ending type of thing but nothing for sure. He seems to play well when on the field but that has been not nearly enough because of injuries.
  12. Has anyone heard anything about Hughes and if he is available to play at all?
  13. I'm guessing Hughes is done with his neck issues. I didn't think Harrison Hand played poorly last year so he should be on the list as well. And now with the addition of Xavier Woods, the secondary is actually quite solid...now, about that O-Line...
  14. Is he going to play tackle or guard? Although I really don't mind the signing for the vet minimum...
  15. Hill is a "decent" back-up if he needs to fill in for a week or two...they don't have a starting left guard right now and Riley Reiff signed in Cincy so they are down from last year and they were about the worst o-line in the league last year. Barmore would have made sense until they signed Tomlinson...gotta be o-line
  16. With the Vikings signing Dalvin Tomlinson and getting Danielle Hunter and Michael Pierce back this year, along with the late season flashes that DJ Wonnum showed at DE, I think the Vikings HAVE to go O-line in the first (Darrisaw or Vera-Tucker at 14...unless they trade down a little bit and take one of them a little later in the 1st...
  17. LOVE the Tomlinson signing!! Now, some O-line help, please!
  18. So, with Barr restructuring, they actually have some money to play with during FA...which line are they going to address? It has to be DT or OG...I'm thinking OT in the 1st round now. Ideally, one of the QBs is available at 14 and they either trade back a bit and pick up a 2nd or they take the QB and move on from Cousins after this year (although I am a Cousins fan and want him to stay).
  19. Looking at mocks and doing a few myself, it seems like (unless someone they really like on either line is available) a trade down in the first to possibly collect a 2nd rounder back would be the best move. Looks like a ton of o-line and d-line depth in the 2nd/3rd round so I would welcome a move down in the first unless there is a stud available at 14. Hate to say it but if one of the WRs falls, I wouldn't mind that pick as well because Thielen is getting up there in years and there is no depth at all at the position...
  20. I've been reading a lot about the Vikings needing an Edge rusher with their 1st round pick. If Hunter is healthy, I thought Wonnum played really well last year - no idea why he didn't play more! I'm thinking DT is a much higher priority for them than a DE. Am I wrong about this?
  21. I'm a South Dakotan who has a casual interest in Gopher athletics so will tune in to them and cheer for them if I happen to be on the couch while they are playing, so didn't make a point to watch him every game but saw about 3 or 4 of the games he played in this year. He didn't dominate like I would expect from a first round draft pick. Seemed to not get much separation and looked like he was a bit of a "body catcher." This is just in the games I watched so they could have been "bad" games for him versus his body of work overall but just didn't strike me as a "star." Nothing other than that.
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