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  1. This is already feeling like another dead season for Mims in dynasty. I wish guys like this would just get traded young when they're not a fit for the new incoming system that has no allegiances to the player and didn't draft them. Instead he'll be buried on the depth chart for a few seasons and the much needed change of scenery will happen when his confidence is completely shot. Was planning to protect on a 25-man dynasty where I can only keep 19. However, protecting a higher end DST or K is starting to look like a better option.
  2. Yep, they're missing the boat by not having this in Bears, Vikings, and Broncos colors. I would have newfound respect if he was wearing this in the next vacation photos.
  3. I hope the Chiefs don't sour on him. I think he can pop the top off of defenses and catch that cheddar from Mahomes. Frankly, the other Chiefs WRs don't stack up. If there ever was anything that felt like WR2-by-committee, it's this year's Chiefs. I think Pringle and Powell are fine lotto tickets. Very short leash for Hardman and I'm not expecting anything. Ideally, I think you want to see what the start of Year 3 looks like without Watkins before pulling the plug if you drafted him.
  4. One of my top competitors in 1/2 PPR, 1QB dynasty offered: Raegor, Gus Edwards, 2022 1st, 2023 1st -for- Ju Jones, Singletary, Hurts I think it's time to cash out on Julio. Hate giving up Hurts upside, but Mahomes is my starter. Sutton, Higgins, and OBJ are all options to replace Julio in my lineup. Worth noting that these are likely to be late 1st rounders and the league is always at danger of ending if the champion repeats (Empire).
  5. Picked him up based on some of his early stat lines, despite not really hearing any analysts vouching for the talent. Seemed pretty underwhelming when he got his chance at the #2 with Julio out. I get the sense that he might be a career long #3 WR. I think it was Cecil Lammey who covered the Senior Bowl and had a lot of positive things to say about Frank Darby's compete level. I think that's the upside WR I'm more interested in taking a flyer on.
  6. I think Frank Darby makes his way into the late 3rd / 4th round territory of my rookie draft board.
  7. Dynamic young WR lining up across from Julio, nothing too splashy at the WR3 spot, somewhat comparable involvement from the TEs, it's not going to tell the whole story, but I think Ridley with and without Julio is certainly worth noting as an AJB owner. Yeah, TEN has a far superior ground game. Would you say this means that Julio's presence hurts AJB's fantasy production less than Ridley then? Quick googling found a December Athletic article on Ridley without Jones, but there were only 4 games at that point. Kind of what you might expect. Significant uptick in yards and targets wi
  8. I'm not sure if there's a way to find the splits of Ridley with and without Ju Jones in the lineup without going through all of the box scores (too lazy for that at the moment), but I think that would give a pretty good idea of how much this hurts AJB for 2021 given there was plenty of sample size for this. I know that some of the better podcasts have provided these splits in the past. Don't hold me to it, but I want to say that Ridley was noticeably better for fantasy with him not in the lineup last year. However, I also think there was a point in 2019 where I heard the exact opposite.
  9. Not ideal, but I think you can throw him in as a spot start and hope for the best if you're forced to. But it was painful trying to figure out what McVay would do from week-to-week before the Akers breakout. If there's no credible 3rd RB (not sure if this is truly the case when the season starts), it will be a lot easier. I don't think it makes any sense to run Akers into the ground and not get DH at least 7-9 touches every game. From what I can make of McVay, expect the outcome that makes no sense.
  10. Seems like the back to own behind Henry. He was sitting there on my waiver wire all of last year. As the Henry owner, I feel negligent not scooping him. I can't speak for the rest of my league, but I think I heard too many sources saying that he's just a scatback if Henry goes down. I interpreted this to mean that he's probably the most valuable TEN back if DH goes down, but he's sharing the backfield with Foreman, McNichols, and I think there was some fullback whose name escapes me in a RBBC. This year Foreman is out and Hill is in. I think I kind of look at backup RBs in a 24-
  11. I'm still a big fan. I think fantasy teams should be kicking the tires on him as a buy low. With no Malcolm Brown replacement coming in, he's truly one of the better handcuffs that you can own. Has some degree of "league winning" potential if Akers goes down.
  12. As a commissioner, I try to refrain from the vote so that the collective will of the league wins out without my interference. At least with generic things where I don't see a right or wrong answer for what would be in the best interest of the league. This guy brings a polarizing rule change to the table for a year where picks have already changed hands. He casts his vote, but when the result ends up 6-6, he unilaterally decides that his vote matters more than anybody else. That is so wrong. 6-6 means that your proposed rule change didn't pass, unless the league bylaws previously e
  13. Safe to say that is was the commissioner who was pushing for the change in the first place?
  14. I don't think it's going to be complete upheaval or anything close, but yes, it's one more factor that isn't going to help the endangered species of a bellcow RB. For situations where there's a clear lead RB, should we expect them to yield more snaps to the second back than past years? Possibly, maybe slightly. But I'm thinking (and hoping from a fantasy standpoint) that it's a marginal impact that doesn't register on the Richter scale. One thing that Waldman said that makes some sense to me is that you might see teams that are more willing to let an injured player sit for an
  15. I'm less offended by the move, but yeah, 6-6 with commish laying down the hammer is kind of bush league. At least it's a reasonable point system to convert picks to auction points. How did the guy with two first round draft picks vote? How did the guy who was going to have the top pick, but now will lose out on the most auction points to the guy that accumulated two firsts vote? Is your league bush league? Absolutely, and you have your self to blame. You're conducting a 2021 rookie draft via snake. That's sign #1 that you're entering into a dynasty league with poor leadership
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