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  1. As a guy who drafted Goedert his rookie year in the 10th round of a dynasty startup, the PHI TE spot is finally, at long last, all his for the taking. Do you think he can stay healthy and ascend to that top 5-6 / next tier of TEs that matters? If the answer is no, then this is probably the time to sell high. I'm planning to hold and hoping this becomes as lucrative as I dreamed years ago, but I have to admit that I'm a bit more skeptical of Goedert's stud fantasy TE potential than I once was. Always dreamed of an Ertz trade coming at a point when Goedert was killing it and making a clear statement that he needed to be fed the football. Instead he's on the covid list after a string of middling fantasy performances. Hopefully this proves to be the turning point.
  2. I have been holding on in 14-team re-draft. I don't know that I would've been able to resist the temptation to drop without the White injury and JJ Taylor not seizing the day, even though those are different RB roles. I still think he has a chance to make some noise this season. Maybe gets some run this week with the Damien Harris fumble and ribs situation. I like this stash better than any of the other players mentioned. Have him in a similar place as Ty'son Williams. I think both have a shot to get to the top of their respective depth charts without it taking an injury.
  3. Digging absurdly deep here but.... anyone else in deep bench leagues give a second of consideration to Derrick Gore? Don't get me wrong, Darrel Williams and then McKinnon first, but given their own limitations is it impossible that Gore gets a crack at 5 touches to show what he can do if the Chiefs do something that resembles more of a committee? Pre-season darling that didn't make the cut and was re-signed to the practice squad. Probably just a case of me watching this guy torch the Vikings in their preseason game. I don't know that there's anything to get excited about aside from a few preseason highlights from this year. Not a spring chicken and saw a 4.63 40-time somewhere out there. Seems to have bounced around to a few practice squads. In a yahoo league where I can just move on to the next FA injury stash RB in the 3 o'clock games, I might consider parking on him at noon just in case.
  4. I actually pulled the trigger, sending out Khalil Herbert and received Ty'son Williams and what's essentially 13% of the remaining FAAB max budget. Straight up, I'm definitely in the Herbert > Ty'Son camp. I know it's a dumb way to run a re-draft team, but the fact that I drafted K Herbert in dynasty has a lot to do with my willingness to do this. I think he's a great bench piece that can be plugged into lineups in the next 4 weeks. I think Monty is back after the bye and kills any re-draft value at that point, but maybe that won't work out as expected. I think there's some chance we haven't heard the last of Ty'son Williams as Baltimore's top RB. This is just a stat line analysis, which is perilous, but the week 1-2 stat lines would seem to indicate that he's the most dynamic RB talent on the Ravens team. Doing the same for Latavius Murray and the other vets, and you're looking at the stat lines of descending talents doing exactly what we would have expected. So what are the reasons for Ty'son being completely shelved? He fumbled a ball in week 2 that was recovered. The national telecast also pointed out one instance where he took a really bad running lane. Perhaps there are other sins that I'm missing, I'm not watching the All 22 for Ravens games. However, neither of these seem to be highly likely reasons to completely wash your hands of the back. So why sit him? Well, he is a young back that fumbled for starters. However, I really think the catastrophic RB hit that the Ravens took might have a lot to do with what we're seeing. To lose that 1-2 punch that quickly, it would make a lot of sense to assemble all the free agent RBs you can that have any chance of providing any value to the team. It would also make some sense to get their feet wet and make some in-game evaluations, hence the sit. Basically, I think it's at least possible that the Ravens mostly liked what they saw weeks 1-2, have identified Ty'son as their most dynamic back and are now protecting and prepping him for the NFL's "second season". The 17-week schedule, additional playoff spot, and the fact that the Ravens aren't losing any games as a consequence of playing their backfield of veteran grunts might embolden them to keep doing more of the same in the short-term. At some point later in the season, I wouldn't count out the reemergence of Ty'son. The fact that he has gone into hiding probably would attract some trade interest from NFL teams that are just as perplexed by the situation as a lot of fantasy GMs. I might be proven completely wrong and they hate his guts, but I think it's a theory that can't be completely dismissed. More than likely, the 13% FAAB is the star of the show.
  5. As someone who had Williams on their radar a long time ago thanks to Waldman, but was asleep at the wheel when it was time to bite, I have to admit that I have avoided all things Williams since he was picked up. Looking at this as an opportunity to get it for dirt cheap.... What transgressions has he committed? It looks like a fumble that they didn't lose in week 2. Also, I seem to recall the announcers calling out a really poor decision on which gap to hit (believe that was Sunday night vs KC, possibly week 1). Otherwise, the week 1 & 2 stat line looks pretty impressive compared to what Murray and the others have done. Are there other items that should be added to his list of RB sins? Just seems like the following are as logical as anything to explain why we're here following week 5: usual treatment of a young RB for a fumble evaluating a glut of veteran signees, while also not losing football games over any shortcomings at the position protecting what appears to be their most dynamic RB talent prepping a young RB for a role they had no designs on him playing, even if he has been on roster for a while
  6. I like this take. Seems like everyone is leaving him for dead, but I still think he's interesting as a bench stash for these reasons. They lost their prized 1-2 punch at RB in a hot Texas minute. Let's say they like the talent, maybe even consider him their most dynamic option but think he could benefit from some more seasoning, which is probably a reasonable take based on the early reveal. It would make a lot of sense to protect this guy early in a 17-week season, especially if you're winning games and the Dobbins-Edwards snake bites are still fresh in their minds. Like you said, it makes some sense to go so far as to sit him for a game and see if any of the veteran journeymen can be part of the solution. I just think there's a fair chance that he resurfaces in a meaningful way by the fantasy playoffs, and I'm not convinced it will take an injury in front of him to get there. For what it's worth, I'm kind of at a similar place with Rhamondre Stevenson. There's some talent there and it's a beatable depth chart. Both interesting redraft bench stashes, I probably lean Ty'son between the two.
  7. Offered Ty'son for Herbert. 14-team league with pretty deep benches, so both players still belong on rosters. I think I have to stay with Herbert. Anyone prefer Ty'son? I still think he has a fighting chance of mattering before the season is over.
  8. Still feel he's roster-able as a bench stash in my 14-team redraft given trade possibilities or another injury. I still think he has a fighting chance to factor in by season's end. I was offered Ty'son for Khalil Herbert. Which guy do you think has a better chance of mattering ROS? If the assumption is that Montgomery returns to reasonable health by the end of the fantasy season, I think Ty'son might be the play, but don't get me wrong, I don't have grand expectations for either. They're simply more intriguing than the waiver wire RB alternatives. Thoughts?
  9. Love it if you have Kyler, Rondale Moore, or someone of that stature to be the Half Man. The other is an all-time classic. I even added Reggie Wayne to the middle the year I had it, but he was on his last legs at that point.
  10. Generally change it up every season in re-draft. About half the field seems to keep the same name. Started as Complicated Fellas, but when I didn't get Rodgers, I went to whoyagonna call? GUSBUSTERS!! in honour of my injured 4th round RB selection. Logo is the Ghostbusters logo with a medical knee cart. The Emperor Has No Close in empire league. It's supposed to be a perpetual dig at the current defending champ, but doesn't even make sense since you don't become the emperor until you win the league. Another is going to be 'Bishop Sycamore (OH)' if it loses any more games.
  11. Mahomes owner with zero backups at the moment. A rebuilding team just dropped Matt Ryan and I gotta go get him because A) he has a Jags matchup when Mahomes has his week 12 bye -and- B) I have a good team that can still make a run if Mahomes goes down. Torn as to who I should drop: Tony Jones - IR (ankle) but projected for 3-4 weeks. Value can still go through the roof if Kamara goes down. Jaret Patterson - Ownership % says this is the call. I have Gibson but not McKissic. I feel like Patterson could make this a split if Gibson goes down, and I don't have the utmost faith in him staying healthy. Worth noting that Jermar Jefferson and Kylin Hill are free agents, who I view similarly to Patterson in a vacuum, if not for the protecting my starting RB angle. David Johnson - Would like to hang on to him through the trade deadline. Am I nuts? Bryan Edwards - Probably have to keep him, but the Raiders passing hierarchy is starting to tempt me.
  12. I'm with you on Cooks by a wide margin. This should be Anderson's time and he's doing nothing with it. Terrace Marshall gaining experience isn't going to help.
  13. Wow, I need to start looking for Quick Hits instead of the full length waiver wire episodes. I think there was more content in those 4 minutes than some of the 40+ minute weekly podcasts. Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of Cecil and Bloom. Great analysis. I most appreciate their ability to get into deeper league bench guys that the other podcasts won't touch with a 10-foot pole. It's why it's always so shocking when their waiver wire show comes out and they give their disclaimer about why guys like James Robinson might be available in shallower leagues and why Zack Moss and Devin Singletary have both made the "shut 'em down" list. Their waiver show seems targeted to casual owners in an 8-team All-Star league, when most of their other content seems geared to an audience (such as the Shark Pool) that's interested in deeper bench re-draft guys and stressing over dynasty taxi squad stashes. With that said, Dr. Gene will always keep me coming back. Eventually they do touch on some of the guys that are actually available at their lower tiers, just wish their metrics (ownership %?) would shift lower down the food chain.
  14. Ding, ding, ding. If you're in a deeper league where Damien Williams was already rostered, or if you don't want to pay FAAB through the nose, I think the shark move is throwing a couple of bucks down on Herbert and seeing what it looks like. I think there's a fighting chance that he's the more valuable fantasy back by the time Monty is back. I wouldn't be surprised if the DW role ultimately turns into an expanded version of where he was at and this becomes a pretty even split for fantasy purposes. Don't get me wrong, Williams is clearly the play and my week 5 expectations for Herbert are modest. But I think there's free lotto ticket potential here in a lot of redraft leagues.
  15. Cut him in re-draft a couple weeks ago in a 14-team / 6 bench. Having him in dynasty helped me to pull the trigger, but I'm actually starting to question if he's a better stash than adding another RB lotto ticket. I'm pretty sure the answer is yes based on what he has flashed, but clearly there's some deficiency here beyond Carr really likes Waller and Renfrow. What is it? Is this just a case where we have a big man that can't get separation, combined with a QB that won't throw it up for him to make a play unless the game is on the line in OT or late in the 4th? That along with Waller, Renfrow, and a fomer 1st rounder? If that's the case, are we waiting for a scenery change? Or do we eventually expect Edwards to toss Renfrow aside and Ruggs to flame out? I really don't see any reason to believe that either of those happens in a substantial way.
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