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  1. Maybe there's a support group. The WRs from the back half of my draft say hi. One of these guys was certain to be a poor man's Justin Jefferson by this point in the season: Terrace Marshall Jr. Callaway Elijah Moore ....and the old veteran dogs called upon to plug the holes they created: Crowder Shepard Tim Patrick I must learn slow because I have also added Rondale Moore and Rashod Bateman off the wire and their verdict is still pending.
  2. Anybody still on board? He's a roster consideration in my 14-team 1/2 PPR. Currently, the highest owned player on my waiver wire. The points are sort of there, but certainly not what was hoped. The fact that most of it has come on two hail marys doesn't inspire much confidence in any kind of a floor. I think he could be a decent flex play against Seattle. But from a longer term perspective, anyone still hopeful for 2021? Drafted him round 10 and he absolutely killed my weeks 1-2 starting lineups.
  3. Expecting a complete cluster of three unstartable RBs. Certainly hope that Ty'Son looks like the best back with whatever touches he gets, but probably giving the edge to Freeman for most fantasy points.
  4. Walked away from my weakest re-draft league and now have one full re-draft league and one empire dynasty league. I love them both and it's the perfect combination for me. I think I will go through a period of mourning when somebody wins twice in a row in Empire to force the league reset, even if it's me. Started in 2018 after only doing re-drafts and I now get so much more entertainment out of the NFL draft, free agency, and following college football. It provides the perfect amount of fantasy football during the offseason and definitely feel that it makes me much more prepared when it comes time for the re-draft. I don't even view prep as a thing for my re-draft league anywhere. The prep is basically managing a dynasty team during the NFL offseason. I have no interest in playing it half-way with a keeper league. It would seem like a major bummer not having all of the top superstars available at the re-draft. I guess my dynasty is essentially a keep 19-out-of-24. My only gripe is that I wish the rosters were either larger or that we did dedicated taxi squads to develop rookies and young players. I find that I spend so much time prepping for the rookie draft, and then in a year where I'm contending, I'm basically obligated to dump all of my 3rd-5th round selections in favor of DSTs or veteran RB stashes to give my team the best chance to win. I do get frustrated with some of the bad trades that go down in dynasty and some of the ethics on tanking from teams at the bottom of the barrel. From that standpoint, I will always appreciate the competitive nature of a good re-draft league where the worst teams don't have an incentive to finish dead last, and usually have plenty of incentive not to.
  5. I'm not sure that trading Gordon would constitute throwing in the towel, but I suppose that depends somewhat on how you feel about Mike Boone. Was that contract commensurate with a #3 special teams RB role? I thought he was looking at more of a backup role or #3 on a committee role when he hit free agency. He had some fans when he was running as the #3 on the Vikings. Does Fangio have more pull on GM personnel decisions than the average head coach?
  6. 14-team zero RBish draft for re-draft league Took Gordon late in round 5 with this expectation. Traded Pollard to get Javonte with this expectation. Forced to start both RBs last night with this expectation. Still crossing my fingers and hoping like heck for a Melvin Gordon trade before the deadline. If the Broncos D is going to tackle like it did last night, I don't know why they wouldn't be willing to sell Gordon for a pick once Mike Boone is up to speed. However, keeping mileage off of Javonte might be their answer to this. For my re-draft team, it would really be the difference between having a bad backfield and a half-way decent one, somewhat dependent on Gordon's destination. However, windfalls like these seldom seem to break in my favor. But yes, mark me down as someone that knew the 50-50 split would probably be a thing all season but still invested.
  7. A dynasty trade that went down the other day in my league was a contender sending out Diontae Johnson + 22 (late) 1st + 22 (late) 2nd to a rebuilding dumpster fire for James Robinson + his 23 1st rounder. I thought it was a pretty savvy move by the contending team. I think James Robinson is proving that he will not go away and consider the players a fairly even swap considering the contending team desperately needed another quality RB to go all in. I really doubt that the rebuilding team will be able to turn things around by next season, so I wouldn't be surprised if the contender just landed a top 2 pick in 2023 in exchange for a late 1st and late 2nd in 2022. This will most likely turn out to be a massive heist.
  8. I have been riding him in 14-team redraft thanks to a lot of back half draft picks that didn't pan out. As you said, this came close to working out last night, but no catches until the 4th quarter and now a couple of dud games mixed in with his consistent double-digit performance. I think I can probably move on with Jeudy coming back. I fully expect Patrick to continue to drive Sutton and Jeudy managers nuts with the TD vultures. He really seems like the first read whenever they get down in the red zone, and that was also true when Lock was at the wheel, or at least it sure felt like it whenever I was hoping for a Sutton score.
  9. Bijan Robinson, Bigsby, Gibbs still the big 3? Any others looking like they're destined for 1st round rookie drafts? I'm going to have to backfill D. Henry at some point. Antonio Gibson is also looking a little less of a sure thing moving forward. I'm sitting on two late 1sts in 2022. I'm thinking that trading for 1sts in 2023 might be a good long play, or just going after distressed value guys like Miles Sanders and CEH on rebuilding teams and loading up on depth. Of course it's very early. Maybe late 1st ends up being a prime spot for some of these 2022 RBs. However, I kind of imagine that all of these 2022 RBs will end up overdrafted and overvalued based on scarcity.
  10. I'm not expecting any RB to be drafted in Round 1 of the 2022 NFL draft, but it could happen late. I still think the top guy in round 2, or one of the round 2 guys with the best landing spot is still the most likely answer to the 1.1 in rookie drafts. At this point I don't think any of the top WRs are doing enough to take the 1.1 but can't rule it out if one of them balls out, wins the underwear olympics, and gets an amazing landing spot.
  11. I'm thinking the same thing in my 14-team flex spot. My alternative is Melvin Gordon against the Browns tonight. That would probably be the chalk, but I have a feeling Rhamondre gets double-digit touches against the Jets and is more likely to break one.
  12. Trade talks are heating up in my dynasty league with some teams ready to put a fork in this season and sell assets for future picks. I would like to get some idea of what a 2022 rookie draft might look like at this point in time in a 1QB 1/2 ppr. Would anyone care to hazard an early mock rookie draft, or provide their critique of the following? Round 1 Isaiah Spiller rb a&m Breece Hall rb isu Treylon Burks wr ark David Bell wr purdue Garrett Wilson wr ohio st Chris Olave wr ohio st Zach Charbonnet rb ucla Drake London wr usc Kenneth Walker III rb msu George Pickens wr uga Jahan Dotson wr psu John Metchie III wr bama Round 2 Jameson Williams wr bama Zonovan Knight rb ncsu Malik Willis qb liberty Kyren Williams rb nd Jerrion Ealy rb miss Brian Robinson Jr. rb bama Matt Corral qb miss Joe Ngata wr clemson Zamir White rb uga Jalen Tolbert wr so al Trey McBride te co st Carson Strong qb nv Round 3 Jalen Wydermyer te a&m Romeo Doubs wr nv Kenny Pickett qb pitt Ainias Smith wr a&m Zay Flowers wr bc Eric Gray rb okla Sam Howell qb unc Dontay Demus Jr. wr md Isaiah Likely te coastal car Justyn Ross wr clemson Desmond Ridder qb cincy Pierre Strong rb sdsu Who should move up, who should move down? This would seem to represent a pretty uninspiring top half of round 1 compared to recent years. I'm not sure if my early rb placeholders up top have been unseated? I'm thinking Walker probably needs to show more in the passing game and maybe doesn't even belong in the 1st round of dynasty rookie mocks yet. Perhaps the same can be said for Charbonnet's ceiling, but it's hard to believe there won't be at least four RBs taken in the first round of rookie drafts, even with a weak RB class and a deep WR class. Do any of the 1st round WRs have what it takes to jump the top RBs to claim the top picks? Do you think a TE or QB ultimately crashes the 1st in 1QB and non-TE premium?
  13. I'm also leaning towards 2023. Two late firsts for 2022 and I think offering those up in trades to mediocre teams looking to fast-forward development in exchange for their 2023 1st might be a good play, maybe working those in as "sweetener" . If you're set at WR, I'm not getting the sense that the 2022 1st round is offering great value at RB or even QB in super-flex. I don't think there's any TE candidates either.
  14. I would expect fantasy points to go something like 65-35 to McKissic early. Upside for Patterson to get to a 60-40 in his favor if he really shines with the early down role that he is given. However, I'm not betting on him overtaking McK at any point, especially the way WFT's season is going. If I'm gifted my choice of either RB, it's easily McKissic even if it's not impossible that Patterson overtakes him. With that said, any 12-team fantasy leagues that just have Patterson hanging out on the wire, I can't imagine why he's not worthy of a bench spot right now.
  15. Is six weeks not a good month? FWIW, this was actually the timetable suggested by Jesse Morse / Fantasy Doctors, but I have no power rankings on internet fantasy football doctors to know who to trust more. If the pain of the stress fracture is what caused him to exit the game, then I don't understand why it doesn't make sense to try 3 weeks and then be prepared to tack on another 3 weeks if it would be beneficial. If after reviewing the MRI, and we can trust WFT not to completely bungle this kid's long term health, then maybe Dr. Gene has the better beat on this and maybe we're overreacting to a negative game script and what we saw from Gibson vs. KC. I'm not going to lie, as a dynasty manager with another option in my starting lineup, I'm concerned that WFT is going to WFT.
  16. Have someone tell Rivera and the WFT doctors that Gibson is to sit 6 weeks then. Hopefully that's enough rest to get production during the fantasy playoffs. His fantasy managers have championships to win. **Looks like Jesse Morse / Fantasy Doctors gave a take on this, and he was definitely sounding the alarm on this situation, actually gave 6 weeks as the timetable to get things right. Also, underlined the idea that AG's tibia bone is like a cracked egg right now and if he keeps playing through this and it gets to the point where the "egg breaks" this could spell really bad things for the rest of AG's career. Definitely an alarmist take and I don't know how credible this guy is, but if the fracture is this bad, shut him down asap. I would like to think that WFT doctors and coaches with the MRI image can make the right call here, but are we sure we can trust them to look past 2021? Dr. Gene also chimed in on the waiver show. Didn't go in to detail but was a lot less concerned than the above takes. Still labeling the situation as day-to-day / week-to-week, thinking WFT is probably going to go easy on his workload in the coming weeks to get him to the bye.
  17. So.... are we to assume MRI results were negative at this point? WFT beat reporter, please report to aisle 1. I'm prepared for and would actually welcome him sitting out week 7. I wouldn't even hate a 3-week stay on IR if there's a healthy Antonio Gibson on the other side of it. I would think anything longer than that would indicate something came back bad on the MRI. I don't have a DST at the moment and my most droppable bench player is Jaret Patterson. I don't think I can do that until there's some kind of clarity on this situation.
  18. Don't think he has any business occupying a roster spot on my 24-man dynasty, but if there are any whispers before an actual signing I would give it some consideration. If he just signs on somewhere out of the blue, I probably lose the race to the waiver wire and I'm okay with that. If anything, maybe an end-of-season add on the chance that he finds Jesus and someone gives him a chance in the offseason (our rosters go into lockdown from week 18 until the August draft). However, I'm pretty sure I can find 5 offseason stashes with more compelling upside at this point.
  19. If you play in a league shallow enough where Gibson's shin wasn't enough to command a pre-emptive pickup, I think Jaret Patterson is either going to command a healthy FAAB bid or will at least be a worthwhile $2 stash moving forward, pending the MRI results.
  20. Kind of mad at myself for not taking the profit and selling high given his meteoric ascent in dynasty. He might not ever touch 1st round startup value again if he misses major time now that he has an injury history. At the same time, tough to sell when there's Ron Rivera wants to make him CMC 2.0 chatter. Hoping he can get the shin and toe right and do some damage in the fantasy playoffs if he misses time.
  21. Yes, this is a good one to add to the top of the list for why he's in the dog house, if he's truly in the dog house instead of being kept on ice for an end-of-season run. Pass protection would make sense as a larger concern given that I don't think there's much of a fumbling history in his college career. Waldman actually did a breakdown of his week 1 performance. Although he didn't say that Williams was bad in pass protection, he did highlight a couple of plays that he painted as typical of a young RB getting his feet wet in the NFL where he was slow to recognize where the pressure was coming from. If things went off the rails against KC or DET, then that's a plausible reason for why you bury the most explosive looking back on your roster (in addition to the fumbles).
  22. I think Murray, Freeman, and Bell are all early season cannon fodder. I think the Ravens are going with a Squid Games approach to the early season RB duties, except all of the combatants are the Old Man. Credit Murray and Freeman with some nice stat lines in Game #6. I think Williams shares the rock with the Squid Games winner down the stretch.
  23. I'm really hoping for something like what we saw from the Browns in Chubb's rookie year, but realize a Gordon trade is extremely wishful thinking. I think they would really have to like where Mike Boone is on his return from IR to even consider it.
  24. Thankful to have him on a dynasty team that has other WR options. Parked firmly on the bench until he has a game that makes me regret it. Trying to figure out if I should take a run at him in redraft.
  25. it's a mindset that might result in me needlessly wasting a roster spot for most of the fantasy season, but I still think there's some new age stuff going on here about breaking the season up into sections. Right now we're in the first season, and we probably don't turn over into the "second season" until the Ravens have an urgent game when it comes to making the playoffs, winning the division/homefield, or claiming the 1-seed/bye. That doesn't mean I'm expecting them to make him a bellcow by the fantasy playoff season, but I'm going to take a leap of faith that he resurfaces before this is all over. I'm in a 14-team redraft and went light at RB in the draft, so I'm probably more desperate than most to manufacture something at the position. I wouldn't fault anyone in a typical 12-team league to say that whatever might lay on the other side of this, if anything, isn't worth holding.
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