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  1. I don't understand the diabetes drug ad with the stocky gentleman who spends the entire commercial, in a wide array of settings, preparing and/or eating large quantities of food.
  2. Joe - I'll just address this to you even though I expect no response - you're a truly nice guy and your news and notes and substantive product are outstanding. Given all that, it's baffling how every time there's an update, not only is it unneeded and a downgrade, but it always has myriad problems. I wish you had better technology advice. Other message boards I frequent manage to stay the same or, if they do upgrade, actually improve, and without weeks of bugs. Oh, well. Thanks for being such a quality person.
  3. There are days when I wander into the FFA and learn amazing new things. There is also, e.g., July 22, 2021.
  4. Oh, that may be right. Often it's business travel (now picking up again) so it's not as great a concern, but I think if I put a bunch of regular card activity on a Delta card, I would start earning enough miles to upgrade or even get flights for vacations. Mostly looking at a return to Europe, where I've been lucky enough to go some small number of times. But there's no way I'm putting a steady stream of business charge activity on an Amex. Unfortunately, I also dislike all other US airlines except Alaska and JB. I don't think either flies to Europe.
  5. I just read up on the thread and enjoyed it. Anyone know if there is a way to accumulate miles on Delta other than a Sky Miles Amex? Amex went to total hell a few years ago as far as customer service and I haven't used them, or my Sky Miles card, ever since. It would be nice to rack up some miles for Delta flights, however.
  6. I think Rio is by far the best song of those listed. The other choices aren't bad, but I'd add Jump, Time After Time, a Huey Lewis song (take your pick), In the Air Tonight, one of several possible Journey songs, Owner of a Lonely Heart, Can't Fight This Feeling, Take on Me and surely Every Breath you Take or Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. Surely Free Fallin' or something from Tom Petty too. So much good music from the 80s, as loads of new artists came on board and many 70s bands adapted to the new sounds. Not to mention some really impressive metal as well. I'm hopeful that the quality and quantity of new music will swing back around to this level soon. Using real drums and ditching click tracks and overuse of autotune (not by every artist, but by at least SOME of them) would be nice steps.
  7. Sounds like a plan! I'm sure you'll follow up promptly.
  8. I love the wizards in here that have assuredly read the entire bill and concluded that it's all pork.
  9. Thanks, tim. I'm always playing like crap when your tourneys roll around (10 straight losses on CT currently) but I enjoyed it. And beat fred 4 out of 6 times.
  10. Oof. It's a nice, sweet, good-natured holiday. Everyone who observes it is not some serial abuser who packs any and all kindness into one day a year. If you don't want to celebrate it, don't. Let those who do, robustly or otherwise, go on about their business. Honestly, this place sometimes. 😂
  11. Noooooooo. Got it right away GB. Thought it was funny too. And PS I played like hot garbage in that game so I deserved a shot anyway!
  12. Sure. I've been playing shuke now for maybe a year and am playing ragincajun regularly too. Great fun. Send me an invite if you want. Aerial Assault on chesstime.
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