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  1. @Capella in the hole and will be up very soon - sorry, not sure who's picking for cappy
  2. @flapgreen you've got about 15-20 mins left to take that guy you hate.
  3. This is one of those cases where I want to "react" with "thanks," "thinking," "sad," "love," "laughing," and "like" all at once. Please do not feel that my eventual choice reflects any limitation with respect to my "reaction."
  4. @Stuart_Little up at 12.04 @flapgreen on deck at 12.05 AA - and I got the pick, @psychobillies (thanks ) - in le hole at 12.06
  5. @jvdesigns2002 up at 12.03 @Stuart_Little on deck at 12.04 @flapgreen in the hole at 12.05
  6. Unfair that you were doing it for all that time GB. Plus people are actually typing their pick numbers now - most excellent of everyone :joebryantthanksyou:
  7. @jvdesigns2002 on deck at 12.03 @Stuart_Little in ze hole at 12.04
  8. Tyler Eifert was 11.14 @Bonzai up at 11.15 (and sort of in the hole at 12.02) @quartz on deck for two at 11.16 and 12.01
  9. @Stuart_Little up at 11.13 @jvdesigns2002 on deck at 11.14 @Bonzai in the hole at 11.15
  10. @flapgreen up at 11.12 @Stuart_Little on deck at 11.13 @jvdesigns2002 in the hole at 11.14
  11. I'm here but that's exactly who I would have taken. Thanks, brother
  12. @Binky The Doormat up at 11.06 Sorry, what is Raptors' currently operative aliaii?
  13. Sweet stars, could people juuuuuuust take the 10 seconds (2 seconds? 3 seconds? Okay, five seconds?) to type out the round number of the pick when they make it
  14. :reported: Sorry, but we can't have that kind of humor around here.
  15. Come on, @Stuart_Little and @flapgreen . Let's get those picks in!
  16. Anybody want to keep going? @jvdesigns2002 you're up at what I believe is 10.3.
  17. Ah, those are the people browsing the thread. Thanks for everyone's help doping that out. I really must spend more time here.
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