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  1. There is indeed a thread on this somewhere (though I think it was inside a pet peeves thread or something similar) and I posted that I knew some FBG or other would make such an argument - as if the worker would get laid off if the carts were all properly put away. Oof.
  2. Absolutely genius commentary on Landry. I cut my teeth as a kid Cowboy fan when he was nattily patrolling the sidelines, and you just nailed him with your analysis. Great job overall, too. Props!!
  3. This thread reads so fast when you make certain adjustments. 👍 Strangely just as informative, too.
  4. Ahhhh. Another, er, adjustment to the thread and I believe it might just be readable now.
  5. I made an . . . adjustment to the thread/board about two weeks ago and it greatly increased my ability to read and enjoy the thread . . . .
  6. Oh, I'm so very sorry to hear this, Tom. All the very best wishes to him and you and his family.
  7. Well . . . for very sound reasons we can't get into too much of a debate about this here rather than another forum, but just so I understand, is the main reason for the difference in pandemic-controlling success between this country and South Korea (which incidentally also managed to hold a national election this week) really that much of a mystery? Or are you just looking forward to reading about it whatever the cause may be?
  8. Surely you could have come up with one spanning the subject matter, while avoiding suspension.
  9. Just tell me that the hosts' plan isn't to release a pandemic to kill off the humans. Not what we need right now, right? If they seem to have some other plan I'm in. I mean, I'll watch anyway, but still.
  10. Disgusting, inhumane and cruel. And no surprise that even in China, these horrible "wet markets" continued to exist because they catered to the rich and powerful. That's a very informative video (thanks, Chet) that should put to rest any nonsense about this having been a bioweapon that got out of control.
  11. Maybe all the times UMCP lost in embarrassing fashion instead, which would provide many more hours. The 2001 Gone in 54 Seconds game and the same-year Final Four choke job against Duke are really fun to watch and could provide some excellent entertainment. Just thinking out loud.
  12. You'll like this suggestion - the season of The Amazing Race they have in the can and have been holding.
  13. Yes. The federal government is going to have to act with measures ranging from propping up state UE funds to some sort of UBI.
  14. TP is made, amazingly, in the U.S. Seriously? The virus is everywhere. There haven't been reported cases because of failures in testing. I wouldn't base your travel decisions on that factor. Also, sitting in a plane is not a great idea.
  15. They will be making the food available at a location offsite or delivering. MSNBC announced this was being discussed nationwide among various school districts.
  16. Yup. I think it was going to be cancelled anyway, but this and Duke's actions seal it.
  17. Just read the last several pages after getting up. Great posts and insights from everyone except Wingnut. What a fun Super Bowl. Just a blast from beginning to end. Congrats so much to the Chiefs and their fans. Classy team and organization with a terrific fan base and a great and unheralded sports city collects another championship following after the Royals. Mahomes is incredible with that arm and poise. Their defense didn't get much ink but their gameplan was perfect and a couple of guys like Bashaud Breeland really stepped up. Also I believe it's possible to win after paying your young QB and I will be interested to see how they handle that. Picking up unsung gems on D and the o-line will be important. So will the ability of whoever succeeds Reid whenever that happens. Bieniemy seems like the real deal. Loved that spin move he came up with. Aikman & Buck called an excellent game (I already shouted out the sideline duo) and Vinovich and his crew did a very, very good job. (Vinovich's low-key but still authoritative presence is perfect for an NFL ref.) I love Kittle but that was clearly OPI. I admire that the side judge/field judge (I'm assuming) who tossed the flag wasn't afraid to do so in the Super Bowl. Great game. Congrats to KC, the city and their fans.
  18. I thought he did well. It's a really tough task. Not only that, but Chris and Erin are fantastic sideline reporters in what can obviously be a thankless job. They completely blow away everyone else including most notably Tafoya and Salters.
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