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  1. Yeah, you're right. I actually couldn't watch that one live and destroyed all DVR record of it after I heard about the result, so I didn't see it and thus didn't have it in mind. On edit, not a blowout tho.
  2. Hey, boys - this was a lot of fun. Thanks fo flap for running it, the draft was fantastic, and congrats to all the playoff makers. Enjoy my donation!
  3. I've been around a long time. Dallas fan since I was 9 or 10. The last SB was when I was in grad school. This is the most embarrassing Cowboys game I've ever seen, in part because it's just an absolute joke relative to the team's talent on both sides of the ball. Garrett has to be fired tomorrow, no later. Another thing - the Cowboys need to change their defensive scheme so that when their WLB gets hurt, the entire defense doesn't just automatically collapse. For years this would happen at the time of Lee's annual injury. Now, after losing LVE, the defense might as well not even be taking the field. Making Trubisky - Trubisky!!!!!!!!!! - look like a Hall of Famer.
  4. Suspended for Stating Favorite Hat Just Fell in Toilet?
  5. Honestly one of the worst episodes in the show's history. Normally you need a strong vote-out segment to counteract the despicable LUUUUUUURVE interruption, but here, the viewer had no idea what was happening either before or during tribal. If you're going to keep allowing these whisperfests, subtitle them. Everyone's wearing a mike. Not that hard. Terrible cast. Very bad season.
  6. Did anyone lose real money on this? I mean, did anyone give cstu money, and he made off with it? Just trying to get a bead on the outrage. Thx.
  7. Yeah, while Duke suffered its most embarrassing loss in a long while - which is to take nothing away from a better-prepared, better-coached SFA team - honestly, this UNC edition is terrible. Naturally they have a huge ranking off the name alone as they do every year, but let Anthony get his and contain the rest of the team and they are more beatable than they have been in years. Shocking dearth of talent. Paltry OOC schedule, too.
  8. Janice's fate was incredibly satisfying, much like Vera's.
  9. I started on acoustic and ditched it for an electric almost immediately, but that's because I'm a little less into the singer-songwriter stuff than amplified play with other instruments. Plus, you can always pick up acoustic techniques and styles later. I agree with bb to start on a Strat or a Strat imitator. My first electric was a Strat knockoff by another company and it STILL looks and sounds great 35 years or so later.
  10. First and foremost I blame the producers. Dan should have been removed from the game immediately earlier in the season, let alone after the early events of this ep. "Given a warning?" Ooooh! Scary! He's an obvious creep and there's no way he's innocently oblivious. The defenses of him here are depressing. Whenever something like this happens on Survivor I always wonder how much they trip over themselves to exploit an issue of social relevance for ratings and buzz.
  11. That actually takes place at the Lars Homestead, after Owen and Luke buy the droids.
  12. A fresh epidemic: announcers calling quarterbacks by their first names during game calls. "And now you see this strange decision by Baker . . . ." or "look at what happens during this rollout by Jameis." Just stop it already.
  13. Impeached, 100%. Convicted, I went with 30%. And that may be giving McConnell too much credit.
  14. Oh, no. I'm so very sorry to hear this. What a beautiful pup. May she rest in peace and I'm sorry for your loss.
  15. I will look at a WR for RB trade as well. Send offers. (I'm the 2-0 team with an FFA-inspired title.)
  16. I thought about this for a bit and I think you could do good acoustic renditions of both "Bye Bye Love" and "Magic" with one guitar if you arranged the part to cover some of the keyboard parts (and Orr's prominent bassline elements) as well. Two acoustic guitars would sound really good.
  17. You and some others here may be interested in this. https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/anthropology-in-practice/follow-up-the-reasons-people-dont-return-their-shopping-carts/ This is a follow-up piece. The original article - linked at the start of this one - isn't necessarily worth the read; it got a little too jargony for my taste. (It also seemed to suggest that anyone returning carts is driven by a desire to fit in and conform to societal norms, instead of . . . well, frankly, just being a nice person regardless of what anyone else thinks and expecting nothing from it.) But the follow-up piece, complete with comments from all sides of the "debate" reacting to the original article, is excellent. Some of the cited comments are priceless, including at least one guy who employs some sort of pseudo-economic quasi-libertarian justification to explain why he - proudly! - doesn't return carts. In the time it took him to type that, I wonder how many carts he could have put back.
  18. Return corral! Thank you! Turns out that's exactly what it's called. Now I can be more articulate about my pet peeve. Yeah, that is not as bad because at least they made the effort, but it sounds like it's almost better that they didn't.
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