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  1. I am leaving the keyboard for like 15 minutes. So when cappy shows up the second after I hit "Submit Reply" on the Premium, Fully Five-Star, 2019-certified Bored Software, please don't go into a tizzy. TIA
  2. @cheese up at 15.08 @bucksoh on deck at 15.09 @Capella in the hole at 15.10
  3. Right. I've successfully resisted so far. I'm waiting for the full-on sirens and lights e-mail from Joe B.
  4. Desert island, I think I take with me Sting's solo catalog . . . so much fantastic stuff there and covering a variety of styles. In fact, I know I do. But yeah, Summers and Copeland were amazing players, and in very different ways.
  5. I want to know the salary cap ramifications of this. Was his contract guaranteed? That's forfeited in case of retirement, right? Has to be.
  6. Well, Luck would have played seven seasons if healthy. Was including the lost season in the count.
  7. Whoa, that's a really good comparison. Didn't think of that. Luck played seven seasons, wonder how many Barry played . . . checking . . . looks like 10. Both around 30 at the time.
  8. @cheese with the second pick of the post-Luck era at 15.08 @bucksoh on deck at 15.09 @Capella in the hole at 15.10
  9. I think he just did via the sheet. He has Goff anyway; he was actually pretty well-insulated.
  10. I've been the editor mostly today I think but that wasn't me Well, Raptors is in the perfect position to do something about this . . . could be worse . . .
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