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  1. Your show, @Binky The Doormat with your pick, then Raptors at 15.06 and 15.07 respectively @cheese sort of on deck at 15.08 @bucksoh sort of in the hole at 15.09 @Capella warming up in the pen (huh?) at 15.10
  2. Hey, it's R15 in a 256-guy draft. I'm impressed you know who he is.
  3. Street free agent out of Mizzou, arguably next guy up in Houston backfield behind Johnson now
  4. Wow, Old Mizzou grab from Kutta at 15.04, can't imagine why there's any run on Texans RBs 😢 @facook on at 15.05 @Binky The Doormat hitting the deck or whatever at 15.06 Eminence texting at 15.07 @cheese coming up at 15.08
  5. @kuttaup at 15.04 @facook on deck at 15.05 @Binky The Doormat, utterly absent, this guy, in the hole at 15.06 and ready to text 1-800-EMI-NNCE at 15.07
  6. Actually I was just being a jerk. He is good at fantasy as is Joe. I just sort of can't believe that after however many years of posting in the FFA going back to Old Yeller I'm actually finally doing a draft with some FBGs (with predictable hilarity everywhere). That was more what the was for.
  7. Hilliard was 14.14 @eoMMan up at 14.15 and in der Holen at 15.02 @jon_mx on deck for two at 14.16 and 15.01
  8. What a fantastic poll. And it's so cool that two regulars knew Ben Orr (or Hawkes in wikkid's case). I didn't, but man do I miss that guy; I was really sad when he passed away. I thought he was a terrific singer and an underrated bass player. I agree that he was a better bass player than Sting and suspect that Sting might agree.** (Coincidentally, I was listening to Every Little Thing last night and thinking about how Sting was never that expansive of a bassist.) On vocals, Sting is pretty hard to surpass, but Ben Orr's voice was really, really, really good. I agree completely that most people - myself included - know Ric's vocals better because he was more prominent on the MTV-era songs, Drive excepted. I remember going back as a kid and getting their earlier stuff on cassette and thinking that Ric sounded quite different on Just What I Needed and Bye Bye Love. Thanks for this poll, EB. **A lot of people think Sting has a huge ego but whatever the case, he's been pretty open over the years in press about how he has struggled at times with singing and playing bass simultaneously. His bass talents IMO were mostly concentrated in the areas of leaving space and atmospherics, which, since Summers and Copeland had similar styles on their instruments, makes The Police the most ethereral-sounding power trio ever.
  9. @Capella what's your team name on the Non Tim Leeg site so Flap can figure out who you are and begin roosterload? Vipers #1 Fan or Erik's Team?
  10. Sweet, I'll wait to change over to my hyperfunny team name until after you load the roosters.
  11. Your eye for detail is awesome - seriously. I spent about thirty seconds (at least) last night thinking of how I could hack that "clock on" notice and change it as flap is flapping
  12. M. Badgley was 14.11 @facook up at 14.12 @kuttaon deck at 14.13 @psychobillies in l'hole at 14.14
  13. That was cheese with a hit from his new album, Italian Ice (feat. Giorgio Tavecchio, PK, ATL) at 14.09 Raptors up at 14.10, unsure how to reach, fax, smoke signals, telegraph @Binky The Doormat - anybody seen THIS elusive character?? - on deck at 14.11
  14. That was Mike Gesicki, TE, MIA at 14.08 @cheese up at 14.09 Raptors' fleet of aliaiiiiiiiii etc. on deck at 14.10
  15. OK, I think spreadsheet, including BPA** and position totals for each team, is current **can't completely speak to false positives tho, i.e., someone marked DRAFTED when they're still available, but it looks pretty correct overall
  16. 14.07, Joe Flacco, QB, DEN to Capella @bucksoh up at 14.08 @cheese on deck at 14.09
  17. Sorry, that was 13 minutes 😮 @Capella - up at 14.07 @bucksoh - on deck at 14.08 Fresh respect for Joe Bryant for everything he does, avec staff or not - geez - loads of information out there - holy smokeshow
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