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  1. So that was our fearless leader at 13.12 with Ka'imi Fairbairn, PK, HOU Up next we have @Stuart_Little at 13.13 Followed by @jvdesigns2002 at 13.14 Then @Bonzai at 13.15 Clock is now off (unless I miss my guess, please correct me as warranted) and we're picking in order as available on our own time from now through the end of the weekend which I assume means 10 AM EDT Monday. Spreadsheet is updated (well, the draft order anyway).
  2. Good call; I think the clock is dead right now; sorry for continuing to write OTC and stuff like that when THAT WAS NOT CORRECT. Stupid, sorry IIRC what flap said we're going through the weekend with no clock. So your plan works fine.
  3. 13.11 by Aerial Assault, Nick Foles, QB, JAX (oof) @flapgreen OTC, 13.12 @Stuart_Little on deck deck deck deck with Manny Mota Mota Mota Mota, 13.13 @jvdesigns2002 in the hooooooooooole, 13.14
  4. @CapellaOTC, 13.10 Whoops, Wasn't This a Dynasty League? Guy Aerial Assault auf den decken, 13.11 @flapgreen in ze hole, 13.12
  5. @bucksoh OTC, 13.09 @Capella sur le deck, 13.10 Last Place Contender Aerial Assault dans l'hole, 13.11
  6. OK, so this @kutta at 13.04 @facook on deck at 13.05 @Binky The Doormat in der Holen at 13.06
  7. Thanks, sorry I disappeared for the last hour, unexpected work kerfuffle
  8. @eoMMan up and OTC now at 12.15 - - - - - - - - - - - and in the hole at 13.02 @jon_mx on deck x 2 at 12.16 and 13.01
  9. @kutta OTC at 12.13 @Binky The Doormat ex rel. @psychobillies on deck at 12.14 @eoMMan in the hole at 12.15
  10. @facook OTC at 12.12 @kuttaon deck at 12.13 @psychobillies via @Binky The Doormat in the hole at 12.14 jon headed to a nice dinner
  11. @Binky The Doormat on now at 12.11 @facook next at 12.12 @kutta in the hole at 12.13
  12. PIT DEF was 12.08 C. Edmonds, RB, ARZ was 12.09 Up is whoever is picking for Raptors at 12.10 On deck is @Binky The Doormat at 12.11 In da hole is @facook at 12.12
  13. Up is @bucksoh at 12.08 On deck is @cheese at 12.09 In el holo is whoever is picking for Raptors at 12.10
  14. So that was Stafford at 12.05 from flap My pick - 12.06, Alexander Mattison, RB, MIN Up is @Capella at 12.07 On deck is @bucksoh at 12.08 In the hole is @cheese at 12.09
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