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  1. These predictions are already off. The bears are the team people need to watch out for. Great defense and they can run the ball. They played the Saints close last time and will win this game. They'll go on to march through the playoffs and win the super bowl. That's a definite.
  2. The bears should feel extremely confident heading into this game. They're a team trending upward and looking hotter than anyone in the league right now. The Packers' offensive line injuries are going to prove devastating. Both teams have a lot on the line, but the bears want it more. They should win convincingly en route to their playoff berth and spot in the Super Bowl.
  3. The bears can win it all this year. They're getting hot at the right time. They're guaranteed to win out, and once they do, anything can happen in the playoffs. Going on the road for all /most of their games isn't a problem. Thanks to the corona, home field advantage is significantly diluted this year. They're playing extremely well right now, and that elevated offense, combined with one of the league's premier defenses, should result in long awaited Super Bowl Championship.
  4. Yeah, me too. It's like I've been chained to my screen eagerly awaiting the next post.
  5. 🤡 World. Entertaining stuff. But I will not join you. I own fantasy football teams. I own players on those teams. I buy, sell, and trade those players in the world of fantasy football. That will never change. But thanks for the thread. Top kek. 🐸
  6. Do you think people in countries that actually have slavery view the word "own" differently? Like if you participate in a fantasy draft in a country like China, India, or a slew of African counties where slavery is still rampant, like the Sudan, Congo, Mauritania, and Libya, and you head home after the draft, will there be a group of players hanging out in your living room? That would really add a whole new dimension to the game. It would certainly be more challenging. How would you handle add/drops? What about waivers? Do you have to feed these guys? And what if an owner checks out mid
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