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  1. Title game and I have several WRs with pretty good matchups. It's a good problem to have, however I'm wrong about half the time in these decisions. Any suggestions would be appreciated! 0.5 PPR. Stefon Diggs vs. GB AJ Brown vs. NO Terry McLaurin vs. NYG Breshad Perriman vs. HOU All pretty good matchups, but still difficult to choose the right two. 😖
  2. Hmm....trying to gauge Juju's value right now. Would you rate him higher than someone like John Brown of the Bills or lower?
  3. What do you guys think about Mack Wilson now that Kirksey is on IR? Also, any updates on Devin White? He was dropped and was thinking about picking him up.
  4. Nothing very insightful here, but a nice reaffirmation for those who believe Darkwa to be the best RB on the Giants. Practicing today bodes well for his chances this weekend.
  5. Really looking forward to Adams getting back on the field. From the way Rodgers spoke about him, it sounds like a big part of their offense is missing without Davante in the lineup. I like the sound of that. Limited practice today has the arrow pointed in the right direction.
  6. Ok, rickyg...you just persuaded me to take a flyer on him once again. I have a soft spot for him since he helped propel me into the playoffs in 2013. Let's hope Arians it true to his word and Floyd gets much more involved moving forward.
  7. According to Evan Silva, Torrey Smith was to fill the Andre Johnson role in Kubiak's offense. Count me as one of those individuals who wrongly assumed that just because Torrey was playing the role of AJ in Kubiak's offense, that the numbers would parallel. Shame on me. While Torrey will eventually get his big game or two and win you a couple of weeks, he will do nothing but disappoint the remainder of the time. It's time to move on for me.
  8. I gave him a second chance based on his matchup last week and he didn't produce. Going into week 11, I'd rather hang my hopes on a Ryan Fitzpatrick or Josh McCown to get me into the playoffs....as crazy as that might sound. Don't overemphasize the match ups. He has done poorly against all competition as of late.
  9. Some people have limited options. I was forced to play him with D. Moore on bye. Others saw what a surprising effort he put out vs. SF last week and thought..."maybe". Of course in hindsight it was a bad move and chances were not good prior to the game that he would do well, but I was hoping for about 8-10 pts in a 0.5PPR. Oh well....better days ahead!
  10. He's got some pretty good matchups after his bye week. Hopefully he's all healed up by then. There's still a few good games left in Fitz this season.
  11. There's literally no reason to think that. It was a nice, round number though. Gotta give him that. Except that 80 = Amendola. Not a good number when you're discussing Patriots injuries.
  12. Trying to do the same exact deal now that a Pierre Garcon deal was rejected. At 3-2, I can't afford to wait for him and his offense to get rolling. Perhaps the 5-0 team can.
  13. I traded for him in 2 12 team PPR dynasty leagues over the last week or two.1. Gave Smitty for Ingram and 2012 1st.2. Gave LeShoure, Ryan Williams, and Torrey Smith for IngramI think you're of the right mindset here Eastwood......buying low. I've seen too many games watching Ingram torch SEC defenses to believe that he's incapable of translating his game to the NFL. Please, no Tebow comments.
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