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  1. Check pubs and taverns for mercenaries, or join the Companions. You should join the Companions anyway, they're badass.
  2. There is some good news, as the key injuries to Broyles and Whaley have allowed Kameel Jackson and Brandon Williams to get quality time. And the lack of goal line running after Whaley went down led to the emergence of the Bell-Cat. sweet. Very disappointing season though. No one foresaw the secondary having so much trouble. Even Phil Steele predicted a top 5 finish in pass defense. Factor in Corey Nelson going back on his spring progress, and Travis Lewis being hobbled, the only real stud Tony Jefferson could never really hold a position. He spent the whole year filling blanks in the D. The D
  3. Here's to a productive future for Blake Bell, I hope to see even more of the Cat when he's the starter. Only in short yards though. He's cringingly slow.I missed the second half, is it true Jefferson was lining up at DE? He's played in five of the last six games.
  4. lol dude it's not a debate, it's a message board. I used full game results because they play full games at a time. They do count the entire game, whether you do or not. "terrible regardless of his YPA" lol please expound on this. I didn't put words in your mouth, you said "really bad" didn't you? You said it again in this post. Your words. I just pointed out how stupid it was to use those words.For the record, I've watched every snap of every OU game, and it's obvious to me Landry Jones is never "really bad". I'm laughing as I'm typing this, because I feel stupid for stating the obvious. I don
  5. Landry's YPA: FSU: 7.4 Kansas: 7.6 T-Tech: 7.5 TAMU: 6.6 His season average per attempt is 8.6, top five in the nation. It's a full yard better than last season, if you want to talk about "growth". His qb rating is also improved. I'll give you the A&M game, it was a full two yards low. But the other ones aren't "really bad" by any stretch. To call him really bad is exaggerating. Let's be real. At his best, he's near top of the class, at his worst, he's still very good. Bring it back down to Earth, man...
  6. Ok, I may have agreed with this last season. He had a couple of awful games. But this year he hasn't been "really bad" at any point. The high throws are obviously still there (drives me ####### crazy), but he's had a great year, occasional inaccuracies included.
  7. Baylor ran the ball, obviously intending to run the clock out. The OU staff, knowing they've been good at stopping Baylor's run, and also noting the potential field position, decided to try to get the ball back. The coaches can't predict that RG3 would have 20-yard running lanes twice in a row, getting out of bounds both times, and Proctor would go blind for a play. Sorry, but retrospect can't claim this one. Coach's have faith in their players. The timeout was a good call. As far as Landry, can you explain where you see the inconsistencies, primarily?
  8. EmbarrassingThe embarrassing thing is the defense. A timeout is not the problem. Dude, you're not making much sense. The mistakes the defense was making saturday night had nothing to do with being on the field for a long time, or the coaches. They screwed up in every quarter. The linebackers had tunnel-vision and the secondary left their responsibilities, especially the safeties, and particularly Javon Harris. Stoops coaches the secondary, even when there's a designated DB coach, and he's forged very efficient units for most of the last twelve years. If you watch the game, you see the players
  9. Skyrim. For a guy who gets weak kneed over a Wii Zelda game, play Skyrim and you'll drown in your own jiz.This is exactly what I've been doing since midnight on the 11th. Playing Skyrim. and the jiz thing.Don't get me wrong, any game I may get will wait until at least 100 hours of Skyrim have been logged.
  10. I'd already decided I wanted Zelda skyward sword, then I just noticed GameInformer gave it a perfect 10... If my girlfriend doesn't come through with a Wii this christmas, we're breaking up.
  11. Great find!Thanks for this...picking it up now! Damn, checked this thread too late, all my local best buys are already out of it. Wanted to get that too.I think it says the "Today Only" deals are only online, which kind of sucks, because they'll sell out even faster. I missed it too Played Saint's Row the Third at a friend's house last night. It might be the most ridiculous game ever imagined; in a good way. Besides that, it's been all Skyrim all the time for me.
  12. I recently acquired the Ico/SOTC combo as well. So far I've only played Shadow of the Colossus, but it's truly awesome. Simple but fun, and epic. And as far as I can tell, it's one of the first games to sport such a large free-roaming world.
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