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  1. Saw it last night, have read the books many times. I .........liked it? I am not sure what I expected, but it was not what I expected. It was a beautiful movie - scenery, actors, etc. It was long and storytelly. I expected more action. It was slow. They did a great job with Paul and other characters, but I don't remember Jessica being so weepy and disheveled, I always thought she was a strong female character in the book. I left a bit disappointed and I had not been more excited for a movie to come out ever.
  2. There are lots and lots of glimmers and that is part of the problem. There are a few new board members on the ballot, I am still going to not vote for Nader, Kelly and Naydenov. Screw them.
  3. Well, one of my biggest nightmares has come true. 13D team denied the right to be on the ballot. https://courts.delaware.gov/Opinions/Download.aspx?id=325470 If I had bought in at Chet levels, I would be selling immediately. Now to decide if I am willing to sell at a 50% loss.
  4. Still waiting on the verdict. I know nothing about this, but the delay would seem to benefit the 13D group - many on the reddit boards are still thinking it is a slam dunk that 13D get kicked off the ballot. I really, really hope that does not happen.
  5. It is another one of those "conferences". 10-Q came out today, CYDY had $40,000 in revenue. To the mooooooon.
  6. Go Mariners! Went to the game on Tuesday - only 12,000 fans. Last night, 17,000. Can safely say that Mariner Mania has not hit Seattle. Going Sunday as well. First two game of the year for me.
  7. This has been a nice little run. Lots of potential movement, feels positive. Because of that, I know that they will let me down again.
  8. This guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greco_Belgica
  9. I last bought in at $2.17, so it is nice to see it above that number. Too bad those shares account for less than 2% of my holdings.
  10. Hard to know what is going on besides the 13d being smacked around. No news on LL, as far as I can tell. Seems to be a lot of positive energy around Brazil and Philippines.
  11. Over $2, nice. I'm still holding my bag at around $4 share. Half way there baby!
  12. It was a "conference". A "conference" that CYDY paid to be in attendance. I believe these "conferences" are run like 3 times a week.
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