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  1. Make the star bigger, please. Or a different color. Or something to make it different that the dot.
  2. I think I saw that they will be doing season 2 of Tucci in Italy.
  3. Well, here we go into March and acceptance/rejection time. My daughter is waiting on her #1, University of Washington. Fingers crossed.
  4. That is my worry as well. So glad things are looking up, but that is not great for CYDY for covid.
  5. Another hit piece, the author's 15th article on CYDY: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4407813-cytodyn-reliable-in-all-wrong-places
  6. Nov 30: 234.4 Jan 1: 224.0 Feb 2: 217.8 Feb 20:220.0 Totally fell off the wagon the last 3 weeks, was down to 214 and then I stopped walking, started drinking 2 beers each night, was having dessert and gasp, eating breakfast. Stepped on the scale today and recommitted to the plan.
  7. Loved the show. Tucci is great, has a Bourdain feel, really easy to like and he is funny. Wife looked over at me and said we need to go back, I said don't tease me.
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