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  1. Soooo, anyone care to share about the details? PM me if you do not want to comment here.
  2. Is Chet dead? Did he bag all this #### and sell? Maybe that was the special PM that he has never responded to.
  3. At least you took profits. That is more than a lot of us might be able to say if it crashes hard.
  4. Good timing, I was just looking, too. You are able to buy it on Kraken. Edit: But not if you live in NY or WA
  5. CC summary from Reddit: Philippines allows 100 patients per hospital (400 shots per hospital), 1000+ hospitals. Revenue starting next week from the Philippines One hour TV show on Saturday Philippines data can be used with trial data Global distribution plan: May be receiving pre-orders? Canada should be finished by June, answer by July BLA submission for HIV: Submission of CMC by July? Final BLA submission date is still in question. HIV Prep: start trial this year in Brazil, once a month shot, 700mg Cancer: filed Pre-Breakthrough with FDA a
  6. But, but, but Bernie Sanders has sent a letter about LL! https://www.reddit.com/r/CYDY/comments/n5lfn8/bernie_sanders_letter_to_fda_cant_verify_100_but/
  7. But there is a conference call today! Great progress! 2 more weeks!
  8. Looks like a qb for you - Fields.
  9. Just looked at average temps by month. December is the coolest at 87.1 and, holy hell, 9 other months average over 90 with right now being the hottest at 97.3. Damn.
  10. All the safeleagues are drafting today. I'm in a few SF, TE premium 1. Lawrence 2. Fields 3. Lance 4. Pitts 1.01 Lawrence, Trevor JAC QB 1.02 Harris, Najee PIT RB 1.03 Pitts, Kyle ATL TE 1.04 Lance, Trey SFO QB 1.05 Fields, Justin CHI QB 1.06 Chase, Ja'Marr CIN WR 1.07 Wilson, Zach NYJ QB 1.08 Etienne, Travis JAC RB 1.09 Williams, Javonte DEN RB 1.10 Smith, DeVonta PHI WR 1.11 Jones, Mac NEP QB (R)
  11. Nice bump today. Any insight on why? Or just the same old BS?
  12. Damn, still waiting on the list. Hoping to get moving soon!
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