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  1. Over $2, nice. I'm still holding my bag at around $4 share. Half way there baby!
  2. It was a "conference". A "conference" that CYDY paid to be in attendance. I believe these "conferences" are run like 3 times a week.
  3. Well, Baltimore has very few legs right now, so it can't hurt!
  4. This should have legs. Houston doesn't care about winning this year, send him back to Baltimore.
  5. Well, I held CYDY stock when it hit $10.01. Kicking myself now.
  6. Damn, haven't looked at HGEN in awhile, not great news for them. Others here still heavily invested in HGEN? I never was.
  7. Man, I feel this. My daughter heads off to college next week and that leaves my HS Junior son. He is a runner and I just live for all of the meets, it is a social event with friends and he and I talk about running all of the time. When he goes it is going to leave a huge hole. It is great reading all of the posts about how it will work out fine, but sitting in this spot right now it is hard to believe.
  8. Invitation to Call with 13D Committee and Members of the Proposed Slate--9/6/21 at 6p.m. EST Opinion My name is Jeff Beaty, and I am on the 13D nominating committee (the committee). Our committee is made up of three people: me, Paul Rosenbaum, and Art Wilmes. We three are running the proxy fight against CytoDyn. We would like to do a call with the Reddit community to introduce ourselves and our proposed slate and to clear up misinformation that is being maliciously spread. I will also address some of the more often repeated misstatements here. As I disclosed in the materials required by CytoDyn, I am a shareholder and board member of IncellDx. As such, I am in a position to definitively state who from our proposed slate has any ties to IncellDx, and I hope this will stop the misinformation and fear-mongering that is unfortunately so prevalent. Bruce Patterson, MD--Dr. Patterson is the CEO and founder of IncellDx and the only member of our nominated slate with ANY ties to IncellDx. Dr. Patterson disclosed this information to Cytodyn in their materials. Paul Rosenbaum--Mr. Rosenbaum has no ties whatsoever to IncellDx. Thomas Errico, MD--Dr. Errico has no ties whatsoever to IncellDx. Peter Staats, MD--Dr. Staats has no ties whatsoever to IncellDx. Melissa Yeager--Ms. Yeager has no ties whatsoever to IncellDx. Arthur Wilmes--Although not part of the nominated slate, Mr. Wilmes is part of the committee and has no ties whatsoever to IncellDx. Some are also contending that Mr. Caracciolo and Dr. Pestell are key members of the 13D group (the group). It is important to note that the group is comprised exclusively of individual shareholders who have contributed financially to the nominating committee's efforts. The group is not in any way responsible for the strategy of the proxy fight. Both Dr. Pestell and Mr. Caracciolo have each contributed about 1% of the money raised to support the proxy fight. That is the extent of their involvement in the committee's efforts. All money raised has been from individual CytoDyn shareholders who are completely fed up with the lack of competence and credibility in CytoDyn's current management team. Any reference to dark money or big pharma money is a blatant attempt to manipulate shareholders and silence dissenting voices. On the other hand, Nader is frivolously wasting fast-dwindling company funds to remove shareholder choice at the upcoming annual meeting. We formed the committee because we see the potential of Leronlimab and believe the world needs and deserves access to this molecule. Our most pressing goal is to gain FDA approval for Leronlimab and start generating much-needed revenue for CytoDyn. We will achieve that with a phase 3 long hauler study. More details to follow, but we have had discussions with the FDA and have incorporated their advice into the trial protocol, which has been written and is ready to be filed. Other goals are fixing the beleaguered HIV BLA and focusing the oncology effort on individual cancers which have the highest expression of CCR5. We invite all of you to join us on a call to discuss our plans for CytoDyn and address any and all questions you have. Please email questions in advance to CYDY13Dcommittee@gmail.com. The call will take place on Monday, September 6th, at 6:00 p.m. EST. Instructions to join the call will follow. CytoDyn desperately needs leadership change, and now is the time to implement that change.
  9. I'm back. So hard to lose weight, but man oh man, so easy to put it back on. Was down to 220, but now at 247. Beer, soda and crap food. Today is day one. Goal is to lose 10 pounds in next 10 days and get 40 miles of walking in.
  10. The 13d response to CYDY nullifying the proposed slate of new board members. This is going to be ugly, a piece of the first page: The claims set forth in your Letter that our Notice Letter failed to satisfy the Bylaws requirements and is invalid are incorrect, false, misleading and indeed disingenuous. The Letter is a thinly veiled attempt to disenfranchise stockholders and blatantly entrench management in breach of the Board’s fiduciary duties. Set forth below are responses of the Nominating Stockholders to your Letter. Our responses are prefaced by the exact text of your claims in bold text. https://46b35ac1-d0f5-4c3f-8d8c-287522d4c6fb.filesusr.com/ugd/e76768_637b768a04474d2e82814145d2022c64.pdf?index=true
  11. Yep, Reddit already saying, "good riddance, more space for new partners!"
  12. https://ir.stockpr.com/cytodyn/sec-filings-email/content/0001193125-21-242051/d360427ddefa14a.htm Two board members resigning which leaves 2 employees and a gym owner on the Board. This is not good.
  13. And as usual after “the best CC ever”, down goes the price.
  14. More updates! How is the q&a? How is Nader's mother-in-law?
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