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  1. Pretty sure teams like to keep personnel in bubbles mostly, so RBs hang out with RBs,....etc... I doubt Allen would be in danger. I would be more worried about moss or devin
  2. Ya. I’m starting him in my flex. TB will most likely stuff the run.
  3. He’s their emergency QB. May be an option for many on here if they are looking for a what the heck flex.
  4. Just snagged Booker.... lol. May Play him in my flex. What a crazy year.
  5. It’s on fellas. If i want to lock up this backfield do we think Justin Jackson is the backup to own once healthy?
  6. It’s happening gents. I predict he goes bananas with Herbert. https://mobile.twitter.com/Twitch/status/1331641472110657538
  7. Anyone starting the lizard king this week? You can’t run on Tampa so i expect mahomes to air it out.
  8. I dunno, he could be hot garbage, this is his schedule once he returns: IND CHI IND CIN YIKES..... that is a brutal 3 game stretch.....CIN should be fine, but that is week 16
  9. Fire up the Ekeler train, looks like he is ready to roll. Good analysis here from some doctor: https://youtu.be/h0MdlUPBKLs Sounds like the squatting video shows he is ready to rock. I'm expecting big things, the Chargers are looking like an incredibly explosive offense, and this is with Kalen Ballage as the lead back. The Bills run D has been abysmal, then LA gets a bunch of relatively easy Ds after that: NE ATL LV Den
  10. Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn't Tuesday typically always been a rest day for smoke this year?
  11. Well, he needs to be designated to return off IR first right? Then they have a 21 day window to activate? Ugh, I pray he is ready, traded claypool for him two weeks ago and am facing the claypool owner this week, need him bad!
  12. It’s obvious he’s got an extra kick on his throws. A few drops today that looked like players not expecting the ball to be thrown that hard, Michael Thomas and Kamara. He looked good and could have had a much better game.... I’ll stick with josh allen next week but am holding Hill
  13. I was worried about CLE game but it really doesn’t seem too bad. 10 mph winds and light rain (0.5”). winds were 30-40 mph last week
  14. Been waffling back and forth on this. Only other option is Stafford. Starting Hill as i think his floor is pretty high based on rushing potential. Will be following pregame tweets closely.
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