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  1. Well, Carr is the reason I made it this far in relief for Brees. Having my team be screwed before the weekend surely sucks though. Oh well, drink up
  2. Man, First Julio, then Gaskin, now Cooks....Get your ### out there Tim Patrick.
  3. Yeah, he has shown good vision, made the right cuts, and pounded between the tackles when needed.
  4. Could waiver scraps from 3 weeks ago be turning into an RB1? We could be watching his breakout game.
  5. Screw it!! Let’s get on the train!! Starting over Hunt/Hines/Gurley Hunt has underperformed since Chubb’s return. He hasn’t got the volume in the passing game. He has underperformed projections for the last few weeks. Hines has been steady with projections with the occasional game where he goes off. If he doesn’t go off, he has usually given 8-9 points. I may regret this if he has a big game. Gurley = Ugh My man Cam has set season high fantasy points in each of the last three weeks. Maybe the bottom falls out this week, but how many weeks do I want to wait??? Plus, i
  6. wonk wonk wooooooonkSo this is who I need to thank for underrating Forte and Sanders!! Just can't believe how people can be down on Forte, he is a great running back regardless of coaching changes and Sanders is a poor man's A. Brown. I was thrilled to see these guys consistently fall to me in my drafts.
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