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  1. Since you guys seem to have your finger on the pulse, is the Phoenix market REALLY so deep into the crapper that someone is seriously offering me 17% less than what I paid for my house 10 years ago? Zillow (yeah, I know) had it valued at ~160% above purchase price at its peak, comps were coming in recently at ~80% above. If it matters, south-central Phoenix (zip 85042), 5br/2ba (originally 4br, previous owners enclosed a patio for a 5th br, call it a "bonus room" if you will), 2000sf, 11000sf lot, dining room, living room, family room (previous owner enclosed a 2car garage, added a carport),
  2. Home of the Mexican Drug War...no thanks.Napolitano isn't governor anymore, so the new gov can close the border like her constituents want! Then again, Napolitano is now the head of Homeland (in)Security, so now we'll have open borders, and then the MDW can spread into every state evenly and it won't be as concentrated in AZ. So...buy my house! They don't need 117 million people to ride it. All it'll take is one person riding it 117 million times. HTH * Phoenix got their own boondoggle light rail system (went live this past December, I believe), and it was already projected to lose money b
  3. Good, maybe it'll force people to move out, head to Phoenix, and then buy my house!
  4. Anecdotal evidence is cool and all, but the numbers suggest the Phoenix market isn't picking up at all, in fact it's getting worse according to the Case Shiller report released yesterday:Wow, it really must suck to always look at things through doom and gloom glasses.
  5. A radio caller, a waitress in Scottsdale, said that she's been seeing a lot of Canadian customers lately. Last night she asked one what was up with all the Canucks, and he said they're getting Visas to come here to buy houses, with the US eventually becoming a "New Canada". So, it looks like the Phoenix housing market will be picking up, however Woz and LHUCKS will need to watch "Bob and Doug McKenzie's Strange Brew" so they can work on their accents. :hosers:
  6. Googling, all I can find is that the last six coaches have won their first time out, with the last loss coming in 1929. So, they're at least 6-1.
  7. Can we keep the political filth out of this thread? Thanks.Hmm, start a business without regard to taxes which will most certainly increase. What could go wrong?!
  8. Can't Stop The Music (Village People!! )GreaseSaturday Night FeverHigh School MusicalOk ok.Maximum Overdrive (AC/DC )
  9. So how do I get a part in a show such as this, where I get to grope the hottie's boob?
  10. I don't mind the wife so much as I can't stand any scene with the daughter. Just horrible.I think they are leading her up to being killed. She keeps getting nosier and bolder with not listening to the "stay here, don't move" type stuff. I know I won't shed any tears if she gets caught in the crossfire. In fact, I think it would be great to see Vic go vigilante again to get revenge for his daughter.And now she's narcing on daddy. Yeah, sure sounds like they're setting her up for something.
  11. Someone needs to tell the MPAA that nudity <> a bare hip and a back half of a boob. Mackey's daughter has aged about 6 years and the show's timeline is about a year or so? lol
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