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  1. Brian Quick...Steve Smith...Isaiah Pead...Chris Givens...You know they only get 7 draft picks a year right? Rams spent like 5 of them on offense and that's with wheeling and dealing and upgrading a horrible defense, which does help relieve the pressure on a QB that must always play catch up. Plus, rookies usually don't take the league by storm right away...not everyone is Randy Moss. There also weren't that many great young WRs that could develop with Bradford available in the free agent market.
  2. Who else in the league has a ceiling of 6 Tds in one game?Flynn's ceiling is not 6 TDs in a game. I would bet that it's the only 6 TD game that Flynn will ever have in his career.
  3. Are you my wife?As a Packer and Badger fan, I like both Flynn and Wilson. Wilson has the talent and so far he's shown he has the "it" factor. But how many 3rd round QBs start their first game in the NFL? Serious question, as I don't know. Ultimately I think the experience, albeit as a backup, gives Flynn the nod here. Time will tell as both are unproven. LOL
  4. I'm getting tired of Dez's little injuries all the time. It makes him less effective...but I can't let myself quit on him yet.
  5. His ADP in drafts since August 15th is actually still QB8 on MFL, after Eli. Romo, Peyton, and Rivers all within 10 picks of his ADP, which I dont think is unreasonable either. I feel like the people saying he's going in the 4th round in their leagues are more the exception than the norm right now.4th rd and rising. LinkI saw it with my own eyes this weekend ...twice 35th and 42nd overall in two real drafts. I'm interested in seeing where he goes in my draft next week. At that point he isnt even a value pick then, youre basically going all in on him blowing Eli, Romo, Rivers etc out of the water if not being a Top 5 QB.Re: next weekend's round of drafts. I wonder if in the 3rd preseason game, since both teams will have some sort of game planning in place, Ryan will look a little more average and his ADP will drop back into value land.Wishful thinking, but it's possible his value could sink just as quickly as it's ascended. Considering Ryan is the sure starter and he's shown enough in the first two games...will he even play a full quarter?
  6. Signed him for almost a minimum contract for 5 years and threw him on my practice squad in a league. Love how he's looking. The reason I took him is because he was able to master an offensive playbook at NC State and become captain...get drafted by the MLB and go to pro baseball...return to another school and master the offensive scheme and become captain right away. Athleticism, smarts, and leadership all in one package. He also has love for the game and stated that he realized that football was what he loved and that's why he returned to it. The only thing he's lacking is 3 inches.
  7. Please tell me where you saw any video of him.I guess you didn't see the first post of the tread. This guy didn't exist until two weeks before the supplemental draft.I'm not saying I know anything about him. But you saw a few plays from one game of a camcorder who records half of a TV with a grainy image and you deduced all that?EDIT: You also said that he was always single covered because of RGIII in any video you've seen of him...you haven't seen much video of him then...And neither have I...but I don't go around acting like I saw all of his tape instead of a few plays and not even a whole game.
  8. People thought Aaron Rodgers sucked in his first couple years. I'm in no way comparing Gabbert to Rogers, but so far he's looked vastly different from the guy people saw last year. He had so many things stacked against him last year: major injuries along the line, subpar WR's, terrible coaching (he had a WR coach as a QB coach). This Jaguars fan is optimistic.You forgot no off-season and a horrible offensive line.
  9. I forgot to add that it's a dynasty and salary cap league. So...Gronk had a significant amount of points more in 2011...Fitz's 2012 fantasy prospects don't look bright with Kolb looking horrible and Skelton not much better...Gronk is younger and has the cheaper salary...AND I have to throw in a WR or pick?
  10. A few days ago, was offered... Get: ARI WR Larry Fitzgerald Give: NE TE Rob Gronkowski +WR or future draft pick In our league, Gronkowski outscored Fitzgerald last year 355 to 309 points, respectively. I also get to start two TEs so Gronk and Graham all day! My WRs are Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, Victor Cruz, Jordy Nelson, Robert Meachem, Darrius Heyward-Bey, STL Steve Smith, Brian Quick, Mohamed Sanu, and Josh Gordon. I politely declined since I want to run a two TE set that will outshine the Pats' own.
  11. Please tell me where you saw any video of him.
  12. What? You get timed in the 40 with defenders coming at you or something?
  13. Am I the only one who puts the above items together and thinks that everyone burying Dez here might be rushing things just a bit? Well, yeah....she did it that time so now she is incapable of telling the truth, ever. Thanks for the link.OH, didnt Dez lie about something in college when it came to Deion? I guess we shouldnt believe him either...She lied to the cops...Dez lied to the joke known as the NCAA.
  14. You have obviously have never been to any Dallas mall, they have some of the strictest dress codes in the entire country. Its no surprise that Dez was stopped by security, if it was any other mall he likely shops without incident.Right, but when security comes over to tell you to hike up your drawers, the appropriate thing to do is apologize, cinch the belt, and carry on. And, there are a lot of other variations to that response if you don't want to be all goody-two-shoes about it. But, what Dez did is escalate matters well beyond what was necessary.Anyway, I know you're a Dez apologist here, so I'll let you continue with the contortionist act to explain away everything that he's done. All in defense of the Star, I get it.Dez's pants weren't sagging. His friend's pants were and when they were being escorted out of the mall the off duty cop decided to push Dez. Apparently, Texas has a lot of off duty cops that like to start physical altercations with big black men and then call foul.
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