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  1. Picked up HOU weeks ago looking forward to this matchup, but MIA seems like the better play. MIA is on the road facing a better team, but they are the better unit, especially wrt to turnovers. Hope they can contain Mariotta. Would you go MIA as well?
  2. Thank you for the great advice here. Was down 50 points going into the 4pm games with Akers, PK Gay, and a QB left. Chose Hurts over Brees. Won by 8! What Hurts the most, is being so close . . . oh, wait.
  3. with Parker and Gesecki out, does this change things. How is MIA gonna keep NE offense off field?
  4. I have Brees and Hill. With Brees starting now, he seems like the play. Would you jump to Hurts or Trubisky bc of the risk of Brees not taking all the snaps?
  5. Would you chose MIA over SEA for your week 15 defense? They are at home and NE is inconsistent. Worried about SEA on the road against a resilient team.
  6. First of all, let's keep this to football. And celebrate Cam's night. Second, the Jets play in NJ, Copernicus. Third, why the anger with the greatest city in the world? Should I roll out the Montana jokes?
  7. Indeed. Still pulling for Conner, but not sweating it. Hope Cam is back to work in 10 days against the Jets!
  8. Thanks for the advice. I send good playoff karma your way!
  9. First round of playoffs and I am considering starting Akers over Conner as my second (RB) in a PPR league. My matchup is projected to be very close and am wary of being yet again disappinted by Conner. Plus he is coming back from an infection. I have read the Waldman columns and so know Akers is far from a sure thing. My gut says roll with Conner. What says the crowd?
  10. The Steelers-Titans postponement to Monday or Tuesday could still become a cancellation. Conner and Henry are my starting RBs. Have McKinnon, Hill, and Edmonds on bench. But starting any of these guys will lose upside on my two studs. And I need points this week. Unsure when we will know whether game is on. Advice needed.
  11. I am a slight favorite in my PPR Finals matchup and am considering diversifying my lineup. Given that Zeke is one of my RBs and Dak may be less than 100%, do I diversify away from Cooper and risk starting Perriman in PPR? I am leaning Cooper (dance with who got you here). Team is as follows: Lamar Zeke, McCaffrey M. Thomas, Cooper or Perriman Goedart (or Howard) Ekeler at Flex
  12. Hi Sig: I am a slight favorite in my PPR Finals matchup and am considering diversifying my lineup. I have three questions for you: 1. Given, that I have Zeke, do I diversify away from Cooper and risk starting Perriman? Perriman's hands and target shares worry me. 2. I think the better Tampa Bay play is starting Howard over Goedert at TE? 3. Finally, do I roll with Ekeler over DeAndre or Boone as my flex? My lineup choices in bold: QB: Lamar Jackson RB (start 2) : Christian McCaffrey, Ezekiel Elliott, Austin Ekeler, DeAndre Washington, Mike Boo
  13. My worry as well. If Ravens go up big and RBs have been punching it in, he could have his first pedestrian week at the worst time. Unless there is credible news that he will be limited, how can we sit him for a Tannehill or Fitz type QB?
  14. I have been offered R. Jones for A. Hill in a PPR league. I have a bye and am focused on my FLEX week 15 and 16. It seems like Jones is safer and has a higher upside. R. Jones v. DET (week 15) and HOU( week 16) A. Hill v. SF (week 15) and JAC (week 16) I have Zeke and McCaffrey at RB1/2and Ekeler and Hyde at FLEX for now. Is this a NO-BRAINER trade?
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